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Two spirits stood around a small table. The first was a tall and very lean character covered in eloquent jewelry and linen bandages that formed the outline of his body. The second was a heavily muscled spirit decked out in thick armor and weaponry. A mace hung by his side. The table only had one thing on its surface, a piece of parchment, on which was a long scrawl of neat tidy characters that spelled out the standard written language.

"I make the humblest apologies to you, Hotep Ra." The armored spirit sat in his accustomed throne. He gestured for the other being to sit as well. A lightly dressed slave child brought in a chair for 'Hotep Ra'.

"For what Lord Pariah?" Hotep Ra asked with an out of touch voice as if he was thinking of something else.

"My main general has recently been apprenticed to the accursed Prophets." Every being in the immediate area could tell that The King of Spirits hated the group of ghosts. "It is this reason that I give my apologies to you, Hotep Ra." Pariah's eyes flashed a deeper red and the slave quickly ran from view waiting his next call. "He will be here shortly." One of his black gloved hands clutched the handle of one of the finer pieces of metallurgy in the royal weapons vault, the mace quickly flared green with magic in a silent threat.

"Yes," Hotep Ra agreed, even though he had no idea if the statement was accurate or not. His gaze was locked on the mace at Lord Pariah's side. "As I am sure that you are aware, I do not have infinite time here." The confirmation of information was assured by Pariah Dark with a nod. "I must get back to my own country. After all. The Book Of The Dead has not permitted me any more than one Sun Cycle to explore outside of my own realm."

"May Anubis have mercy on your soul when you return," Pariah Dark said in almost forced empathy. Hotep Ra responded, not even noticing the falseness of the previous statement.

"Ibis is the one who will not be pleased with my leave." He paused for a minute, thinking about his response. "She is the one who I fear, not Anubis." His one visible eye lost its focus in thought. "After all, Anubis is the one who sent me to address the peace treaty between your kingdom and the Great Empire of The Pharaohs. He said this with a great amount of pride. "To do so I need to confer with your general. What was his name again?"

"I believe that you mean Grim."


At that moment Grim was running along the back trails of the forest toward
the palace. The scythe didn't help him run any faster than if he hadn't brought it in the first place. One of the tree branches came out of nowhere and hit Grim in the head. His head hurt and he was starting to feel the beginnings of a horrible headache looming up on him in the near future. Through the pain he kept running toward the palace and he tripped on a root. By this time Pariah's Keep was in sight. He continued running along the path. Grim did not even notice the breeze that carried some sand away from behind another of the trees Within moments Grim was just outside of Pariah's Keep.

Grim grabbed a hold of the handle to the left door. He had to yank on the handle five times until the door flung open just fast enough to knock him off balance. The skeleton got up and ran inside. The intricately carved doors slammed behind him with a large crash. Some of the stairways faded out of sight to prevent him from going the wrong way in his haste. The door to the throne room burst open to let Grim in.

He quickly came down in a deep bow, the scythe in front of his body keeping him stable on the floor. "I am sorry I am late." Hotep Ra gave Grim a good looking over then settled for a light glare. "Lord Pariah. The fault is all mine. I."

"This is Hotep Ra," Pariah gestured toward the mummy. Pariah gave the walking, talking skeleton a look over, though not for the same reason as Hotep Ra.

"He is here to discuss a peace treaty between our two great nations of spirits. " Pariah stopped for a dramatic pause. "You, as the Head General, are a predominate part of the main basis of the treaty. As much of it has to do with our reserve army. As well as our limited navy. The Lord Anubis has already written the treaty in addition to signing it. Hotep Ra, the right-hand man of Lord Anubis, has as well. In order for the treaty to be of any effect you need to sign it." Pariah finished explaining things to his general.

"Lord Pariah, have you signed it?" Grim lifted his head for the question. He did not get scolded for this and stood.

"I have. Yours is the last required signature." Pariah gestured toward the piece of parchment.

"Lords, what does the treaty say as the agreement?" Grim asked another thoughtful
question. Hotep Ra looked taken aback at the question. He immediately stopped glaring and gave a thoughtful glance at the parchment.

"If we go into war then you help us. If you go into War then we help you." Hotep Ra's answer was concise and very brief.

Grim now had more questions and he blurted them out. "What of our national resources?" Hotep Ra's first impression of Grim had changed. He now considered him with a wary glance, plotting on how to use him in his grand scheme. "What trade do you suggest then? Surely what you have decided for the army and the navy will not work here." Hotep Ra's thoughts toward the skeleton were now turning to a more concerned path. If played wrong he could disrupt everything.

"Grim, I order you to sign the treaty with threat of the enactment of our previous agreement." Pariah had just unknowingly given Hotep Ra invaluable information.

"Yes, Lord Pariah." Grim submitted to Pariah's request.

"I thank you greatly." Hotep Ra took the parchment and quill from Grim's white bony fingers before he could finish scanning the treaty. Grim gave him a glare, keeping in mind the last sentence of the treaty, written in small print so that it would be overlooked. "Now I must go. I will leave a slightly abbreviated copy of the document here for your later use." He then untwisted the bandages from his body leaving nothing but ashes there. The ashes and the pile of bandages flew out of the room in a hurry.

"Goodbye. May we hope to meet again in the near future." The last line floated in from the window, just as an awkward silence filled the room.


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