Staring at you sleeping.

I could've watched you forever.

Not a sound from the pavement.

We could've been the only people in the world.

Just us in our little dormitory,


Has the moon lost her memory?

The moon saw me

Staring at you sleeping.

I smiled at the curve of your side,

The frown of your dreams,

The air rushing from your lips.

She is smiling alone.

I can't remember if I was happy to be with you

Or sad that I was without you.

In the lamplight

Leaves of autumn danced.

Staring at you gave me feelings I couldn't rest with.

So I left and stood in the cold night.

The withered leaves collect at my feet.

I'm so lonely

And the wind begins to moan.


Elphaba. You were mine

I miss you.

All alone in the moonlight

I wander.

I can smile at the old days

Days when you called me beautiful.
When you whispered in my ear,

'You're beautiful. My Glinda.'

I was beautiful then

Would you think I'm beautiful?

I remember a time when I knew what happiness was.
And thinking if it keeps light in my life.

Let the memory live again.

Every streetlamp

Glares green with the light

Of the city.

They glare on our love,

Seem to beat a fatalistic warning.

It was a warning we should hear.

Someone mutters,

'You don't belong together.'

And the streetlamp sputters

Reminding us of the business of the day.

And soon it will be morning.


I wake thinking



I must wait for the sunrise

Maybe there's something waiting for me.

I must think of a new life

Maybe, since you're gone,

We can create the world you always dreamed of.

And I mustn't give in

To you. I can't succumb to mourning.

I'm better than that.

When the dawn comes

I'll be moving on.

I still love you.

But I can live without you.

Tonight will be a memory too

Just like the past.

I'll put the past behind me

And a new day will begin.

Burnt out ends of smoky days

Leave us alone in the dark

The still cold smell of morning

Is forgotten.

In a small inn,

We were alone.

We could be the only people in the world.

A streetlamp dies

The dawn greets us

And we greet it, determined,

In love.

Another night is over

Time is passing without us.

Another day is dawning.

Touch me

I still long for your touch.

I want you.

It's so easy to leave me

You did. You left me.

All alone with my memory

I've remembered enough.

It's time to move on.

Of my days in the sun.

We'll create the world you dreamed of.

If you touch me

Well, you won't. I don't need to think of that.

You'll understand what happiness is

I knew happiness.

You never did.

You were always bitter.

I'm not going to be held back by that.

Look, a new day has begun.