A/N: The following story can tie into my DPV series, but can also be a stand alone story for those not currently enjoying that tale.

For those who have been reading my DPV series: This takes place not long after RRR, but before Disassembled.

For those who have not been reading my DPV series: What's wrong with you? I mean, seriously, what's up with that? Anyways, this takes place a few months after Season 4 of X-Men: Evolution. Bobby is a full fledged X-Men now and he and Kitty have been dating just under a month.

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The Misadventures of Kitty and Bobby


To most of the people walking through Central Park in the early afternoon, they saw a couple of teenagers in love. Some found that comforting or endearing, reliving memories of times when they had been with someone special like the teens were currently. Some found themselves jealous they didn't have what the two had. But there was no denying that they were happy just sitting on a park bench with each other. The boy, young man really, had short brown hair that had been blown out of place a bit by the wind. He wore a blue t-shirt with the word "Iceman" in block letters inside the Top Gun logo and a pair of khaki cargo pants. He had one arm around his girl, and the other was using a spoon to take bites of a cup of ice cream she was holding. The girl, young woman really, had straight brown hair cut into a bob with long bangs that framed her face, accentuating her brilliantly blue eyes. Her red blouse matched nicely with a pair of black jeans and black heeled boots. She was leaning into the crook formed by the boy's outstretched arm and was holding the ice cream between them so they could both eat. Passersby not only could sense the endearment radiating off both of them to see they were enjoying themselves, but also the smiles on their faces. The girl in particular was having trouble eating as she was currently laughing so much that she missed several times with her spoon and wound up wearing quite a lot of it on her face. The boy helped her by wiping some of it off with a napkin.

Not all the looks at the two were looks of shared happiness at the prospect of young love. Occasionally someone would recognize one or both of their faces from television and would sneer at the two mutants polluting the park. A few of them even would make rude remarks, but Bobby Drake and Kitty Pryde simply ignored them. Today was their day off from the troubles of being mutants fighting to protect a world that hated and feared them. Bobby's arm had finally healed after dislocating his shoulder in a recent battle, school was out for the weekend, all was quiet on the superhero front, and so he had taken his girlfriend via train to the Big Apple for a day not only of sightseeing and relaxation ("Well, as relaxed as you can get in New York," he had told her), but as a way to get away from the mob of mutants living in the Xavier Institute that prevented any sense of privacy. They had spent the morning after the hour long ride to the city visiting the Statue of Liberty, eating some lunch, and then just enjoying a nice walk through Central Park, holding hands without a care in the world, sharing stories from their lives, as Bobby was doing at that moment.

"And then," Bobby said, laughing along with Kitty, "Beast comes out of the Danger Room soaking wet, caked in flour and chicken feathers, and he says, he says 'I think you may have missed one of the instructions.'"

"Oh jeez, I have no idea what Logan would have done if we pulled that on him," she laughed. She tried to take another bite of the ice cream when the vision of a feathered Wolverine flashed into her mind, and a fresh stream of giggles hit her, resulting in more of the ice cream missing her mouth. It veered straight up and hit her in on the tip of her nose. Her eyes crossed for a second as she looked at it, then erupted in laughter again.

Bobby, still chuckling to himself, took another napkin from the large stack he had sitting on his lap and wiped her face yet again for her. He leaned forward and kissed her nose with a smile. "What did they put in the ice cream that made you laugh like this?"

She slapped his chest. "You're the one that keeps telling me stories of all the crap you pulled when you were a New Mutant." She leaned up and captured his lips with her own for a quick kiss. "I'm having a great time though. It's so nice to get out of Bayville for a little while, especially with everything that's gone on lately."

"Never a moment of peace, is there?"

"Nope. But not like you want it any. Three days without a fight with the Brotherhood or someone else and you get all mopey and bored."

"I'm most entertaining when I'm bored."

"And destructive. I swear, the Professor would throw you, Kurt and Alex out if he found out about half the things you guys have done in the last month alone."

"The prank war did get a little out of hand."

"A little?"

"Okay, a lot. But don't forget, you were involved as well missy."

"Whatever," she said, ignoring him and returning to the ice cream.

As she polished off the rest of the ice cream, he checked his watch. "We have a few hours until the train leaves, what do you want to do?"

"Duh, museum. You promised you'd take me and we've put it off long enough. Though I admit, the ice cream distraction was good one."

"Hey, I want to go to the museum too, but there're plenty of other things to do in the city and I know you'd spend all day there."

"I know, it's cutting into valuable makeout time."

"Yeah, that's true. Wait, what?"

Kitty just laughed at the confused look on his face. "That's what Dani said. She said you'd want to keep me out of the museums because I'd be too distracted to kiss you." And then firmly kissed him.

She pulled away just as he began to wrap his arms around her waist. "Museum."

He sighed in mock frustration. "All right all ready. Which one do you want to go to?"

"There's one on ESU's campus that has an exhibit right now of their past experiments. So much cool stuff they've done in the last few years, we have to go see it!"

"Okay, ESU it is. My cousin Mary used to go there. Couldn't handle the big city though and moved back to the West Coast after her first year," he said as they stood. Kitty grabbed her tiny backpack from the bench and together they walked back to the edge of the park to catch a cab.

Other than it being the cleanest cab they had taken so far, the cab ride to the University was uneventful until they reached the side street leading to the campus, where traffic was at a standstill.

"Great," Bobby said, laying his head back to stare at the terrifyingly stained ceiling of the cab.

"We're actually not that far, let's just get out and walk," Kitty said as she pushed open the door and left the cab. Bobby gave the driver some money and slipped out through the open door. He could hear some sort of alarm in the distance as they walked down the street. To their right was the campus itself. Even on a weekend there was a constant flow of students moving from one building to another, while others simply lounged in the grassy courtyards they could see at the end of the sidewalks leading into the school's interior.

"So which building are we looking for?"

Kitty reached into her bag and pulled out a map of the campus that she had downloaded from the Internet. It took her a moment of turning in, glancing around at street signs until she pointed at the building up the street and said, "I think that's the back of the building we need, the entrance should be over on the other side."

"I've always wanted to go to ESU. Their science program is on par with MIT, and Beast said that in the last few years they've had better results in a lot of different fields," Kitty babbled as they made their way down the street. "What about you?"

"Experimental science isn't for me. I'm decent with a computer though, I could do something with that. But I always figured I'd stay in Bayville, especially since I was bumped up to the A-Squad. Haven't you ever thought of staying?"

"Sure, but I don't know if I want my life to always be about the X-Men. Yeah, I've come to like it, but there's a lot out there I want to experience, and some of that's normal stuff."

She looked over and saw what she had come to know as the "Bobby is upset but he's not going to show it no matter what face." She squeezed his hand and gave him a reassuring smile. "That's still a year away for me. Plus, if I were to come here, you could come and visit me all the time. ESU is only an hour away."

He couldn't help but smile the "Bobby is scheming" smile, as she thought of it. "It'd be even quicker if I take the jet for a joyride."

"Yes it would be," she laughed.

Somewhere in the distance they could hear sirens heading somewhere in this direction. "Wonder what's going on?" Bobby said, craning his neck around for some kind of trouble.

"It's New York. There's always a siren going," she answered.

"And you want to live here?"

"It's exciting?" she said with a shrug.

"Yeah, I guess so. Maybe there's some high speed chase going on we can stop. That could be exciting."

"Maybe, but remember the Professor told us to stay out of trouble."

"Actually, he told you to keep me out of trouble," Bobby said with a smirk, "but come on Kitty, we're going to a museum that's showing off models of old science experiments some college kids did. What sort of trouble are we going to get into?"

"Great, now there's going to be trouble. There's always trouble when you open your big mouth like that!"

"Come on, look at this traffic, there's no high speed anything around here."

They were nearly at the edge of the museum when the wall facing the street exploded outwards, showering the street in a rain of brick and mortar that smashed into car windshields and the side of the neighboring buildings. Bobby and Kitty dropped to the ground to avoid the wall remnants that sailed in their direction, Kitty instinctively phasing both of them.

"Bobby Drake! This is all your fault!" she yelled at him over the sound of smashing glass and the occasional car alarm.

He glanced up to see that the chunks of the building had stopped flying, so he pulled himself off the ground and helped Kitty up. "Man that was cliché even for us. Are you okay?" he asked, looking her over.

"I'm okay. Sometimes I really love my powers."

"Me too," he said, looking towards the smoking hole in the side of the nearby building. "Guess the Professor can't blame us if trouble lands in our laps. Let's see if we can help—"

He was cut off as a long, three pronged metal claw grabbed onto the remains of the wall from inside the building. Even over the car alarms he could hear a strange, almost hissing noise and the crunch of brick as the claw clamped down. A second claw came out of the hole and landed on the sidewalk outside. It too clamped down and he could see the metal digging into the concrete. The claw was attached to a metal tentacle that flexed as it pulled back on the anchored grip. The next to immerge from the hole was a man in a brown trench coat. His disheveled hair fell down across his eyes, which were covered by thick, black glasses. But what Bobby and Kitty noticed most was that his booted feet were a meter of the ground. He was being propped up by the two metal tentacles, one end of each digging into the brick and cement, the other seemingly protruding from his back. A second pair of tentacles was twisting hypnotically in the air above him, like two cobras rising from the grass, looking for something to strike.

The man turned back to the hole, them and began to yell in a slight accent. "Get moving Lizard, there is no time to waste!"

A second figure came from the damaged building, this one quickly darting out and glancing around the street. It was the cross of a man and a crocodile, a green scaled monster with a toothy snout, predatory yellow eyes, clawed hands and feet and a long, swishing tail, stuffed into the tattered remains of a pair of slacks and a white lab coat. In its arms it carried a strange metal device that looked to be a gun of some sort, the type mounded to a turret.

The few students on the street that were peaking their heads out from cover took one look at the two standing amidst the rubble and ran. Those in the backed up cars had already taken off after the blast, leaving behind their cars. Kitty and Bobby had stood some distance a way. The two hadn't noticed the teens yet.

The wail of the police sirens was louder now, and they could see one car rounding the corner and screeching to a halt before it crashed into the line of cars abandoned after the building exploded. The two officers threw their doors open, using them as cover as they drew their guns. "Freeze! Put your hands in the air and step away from the building!" one of the police yelled through the car's loudspeaker.

"They never learn," the man with the metal arms muttered. The two tentacles not supporting him reached out and latched onto a car that was still idling in front of him. They pulled upwards, lifting the sedan launching it down the street towards the police. It blocked several of the shots fired by the cops before the officers scrambled for cover away from their car. The flying car smashed into the hood of the police cruiser, sending both cars tumbling backwards before something on the thrown vehicle sent out sparks and exploded. The mutants, though some distance from the explosion, ducked behind one of the cars on their end of the street.

"I get the impression that those two are probably bad guys," Bobby muttered to Kitty.

"Ya think? We should do something before someone gets hurt," Kitty said, tightening the straps on her small backpack so she wouldn't lose it.

"What happened to staying out of trouble?"

"Please, you're loving this already."

"Just a little bit. I'll take the lizard guy."

She nodded. "Let's see if those arms still work when I phase through them."

The two teens stood up from their place of cover and ran down the street towards the two villains. The one with the tentacles caught sight of them and turned to face them. "What is this? Mere children come to confront me? There is only one prepubescent menace I care about and neither of you are him." He turned back towards the end of the street, throwing another car at a second police car that was attempting to maneuver around the flaming wreckage before beginning to move towards an alley across the street.

"How about you stop throwing cars and let the nice policemen take you away," Kitty said, arms crossed over her chest.

"Before we make you sorry you ever woke up this morning," Bobby added with a smirk. He could hear Logan in his head yelling at him for standing around and bantering with these two, but between Kitty's ability to avoid their attacks, and his ice powers against a cold-blooded enemy, he was feeling pretty confident.

Stopping in mid stride, the tentacled man turned back towards them slowly. "Do you know who I am you insignificant bug?"

"Can't say that we do," Bobby said.

The man's voiced raised in anger, his tentacles waving in agitation. "I am Dr. Otto Octavius, one of the planet's greatest minds! You, children who think they are safe because of their age, do not have the slightest inclination of what I am capable. My metallic beauties will break your bones while partner in this crime devours your flesh for your insolence!"

The Lizard opened his mouth and let out a hiss. "Letssss kill them and get out of here!" With one arm slinging the gun device over his shoulder, Lizard made a lunge for Bobby with an outstretched arm and razor sharp teeth bared. Octavius's two upper arms came thundering down like hammers at Kitty.

Dodging to his right, Bobby iced his body up as the claws of the monster tore through the air where Bobby's head once stood. Putting his hands together he focused on freezing the air in front of him and sending a beam of ice into the white coated creature. The force of the blast sent it crashing back into the remnants of the museum wall. It rolled once before pulling itself onto three legs, the fourth cradling the stolen science equipment close to its chest. It scurried towards Bobby again, and was again met with an ice blast that drove it back.

Rather than dodging Octavius's attack, Kitty merely phased and allowed the two metal limbs pass right through her. She grinned at him as he attempted to move the limbs and a look of terror and frustration crossed his face. She stepped forward through the angled arms and delivered a punch to his sternum, unphasing her hand at the moment of contact. He folded forward and she raised her other arm, her elbow making contact with his chin. Moving around his body to sweep out his legs, she was caught off guard as one of the disabled arms suddenly twisted towards her and wrapped around her waist. She was quickly lifted almost four feet of the ground before she phased through the tentacle and landed in a crouch on the ground. The tentacle remained frozen in the air as if it was still holding her for a moment before it began to twitch and resumed moving.

Octavius coughed and held his stomach as two of his tentacles lifted him off the ground and walked him several feet back away from Kitty. "Mutants," he coughed. "I find your powers quite fascinating girl," he said, his voice becoming stronger again as he regained his breath. "No doubt you disrupt electrical currents as you pass through objects, a truly remarkable specimen to study, even for one who is not a geneticist. But how unfortunate for you that my creations are designed to withstand such power failures."

"Still can't hit me," Kitty said, stepping into a fighting stance and preparing for his next attack.

"As I said before, you are nothing to me. I have come for the Neogenic Recombinator and you cannot stop me." He smirked at her. "Besides, I don't need to hit you."

A tentacle shot out towards Bobby, who was putting the finishing touches on encasing the Lizard's lower body in ice. "Duck Bobby!" Kitty yelled out at him, and he dropped to the ground instantly, glancing upwards to see the metal arm shoot through where he just was and hit the trapped Lizard in the face. The impact knocked the creature back, shattering the ice and sprawling the green scaled man out on the ground.

Bobby's relief from narrowly missing the attack ended abruptly as the second of the Doctor's left-hand tentacles snaked its way around Bobby's ankle and lifted him up off the ground. Bobby attempted to freeze Octavius but his shot was blocked by a second tentacle, which undulated and cracked the ice that formed around it. A third tentacle came from underneath him and grabbed his head in its metal claw. "I suggest you hold still or you might get hurt," Bobby heard the Doctor say. "Same goes for you girl. Lizard, grab the Recombinator and let us leave before the police get through our little barricade. We must—aahh!"

Kitty had watched as a tiny pale ball soared through the air and hit Otto in the face. It exploded on impact, becoming a mass of gooey substance that covered his glasses and cutting off his vision. Seeing her chance, she ran and leapt at Bobby, phasing them both through the metal arms and into the ground on the far side. Pulling themselves out, Kitty unphased them as they settled on ground level again, and she watched as the Doc tried to pull the sticky mess off his face. She wondered what it was, or where it could have come from when she heard it, a young but confident voice ringing out over the expletives of the tentacled man and the groaning hisses of the dazed Lizard.

"Sorry I'm late folks. I had Taco Bell for lunch!"

Kitty and Bobby both looked over as a figure landed in a perch on a mailbox that had been twisted and bent in the carnage. He wore a red and blue skintight costume with spider webs etched on in black, a black spider sitting in the center of the web on his chest. He wore a full, face covering red mask that continued the web pattern, except for the extremely large, black rimmed white eyes.

"Oh my god, it's Spider-Man!" Kitty said, unable to mask the joy in her voice at actually seeing the elusive hero.

"That's right, fair damsel in distress. It is I, you're friendly neighborhood Spider—holy crap you're made of ice!" It looked as if the already large eyes of the mask opened wider with the shocked reaction of Spider-Man, whose head pulled back as he pointed a long finger at Bobby.

"Uh, so?" Bobby said, shrugging his shoulders. "That guys a lizard, you're in pajamas, that guy has four metal arms."

"Yeah, but dude, that's stuff I see every day. You're made of ice!"

The conversation was cut short as Octavius yelled louder than the other two. "Spider-Man! You will rue this day. I shall break you where all others have failed!"

"You realize that you've failed just as many times, if not more when you think about it, than the others, right Ock?"

Spider-Man began to move seemingly before his enemy did. Just as one of the tentacles began to dart out towards the sound of his voice, he leapt high into the air, arching over the attack in a half flip. He was upside down as the tentacle reached where he had been crouching. Kitty and Bobby watched in awe as Spider-Man stretched both his arms forward and dual streams of the pale substance shot out of his wrists. It impacted with the extended tentacle and pushed it downward against the mailbox, spreading out like a web and binding the metal to the top of the mailbox. Spidey continued to soar through the air, pulling his arms in to his chest to avoid another tentacle, tucking his legs and rolling in the air to dodge a third attack, and ended by kicking downwards on Ock's head. Flipping again as he pushed off the now stumbling doctor, he twisted his body in the air to land on the ground with a flourish, crouching low to the ground and facing Ock.

Octavius caught his balance by thrusting a tentacle forward into the ground, then spun to face the wall crawler. He had managed to remove some of the webbing from his face, and sneered when he saw the masked hero. The arm that was webbed to the mailbox flexed, ripping the box from its moorings. Another grabbed the box and pulled, tearing through the webbings that attached it to the first arm. It then arced forward and threw the mailbox like a discus at Spider-Man, who flipped backwards, sticking to the damaged wall of the museum as the mailbox smashed through the bricks below him.

The entire exchange, from Spidey's first dodge from atop the mailbox to now had taken only a few moments, a terrifying dance at dizzying speeds. Ock again lunged with his tentacles at Spider-Man, destroying what was left of the brick museum wall as the agile man dodged and ducked the whirling metal limbs.

"Wow," was all Kitty said as she watched the two spar, Spider-Man moving nimbly through the limbs, landing punches here and there before retreating back.

"Stop drooling," Bobby said with a smirk in his voice, his face, if she had bothered to look, recognizable to Kitty as a clear example of the "Bobby is upset but he's not going to show it no matter what face."

"I'm not drooling, just look at the way he moves. Like he knows what's coming."

"We should help him."

"No!" Kitty said, putting her arm out to stop Bobby. "He knows what he's doing; we'd just get in the way."

"We can't just do nothing. It's a super-villain!"

"I gotta thank you Doc, this workout program you designed is doing wonders for my figure," Spider-Man said as he jumped over one lower sweeping tentacle and twisted his upper body limbo style under a car door that had been ripped off and thrown at him. Before he touched the ground again he sent a rope of webbing at the spot where one tentacle connected with Octavius's back. But as soon as the web made contact, Ock twisted his body, jerking hard on the line still being held by Spider-Man and pulling the hero into a pair of waiting tentacles.

Grabbing his dazed opponent, Doc Ock wrapped the two tentacles around Spidey and lifted him off the ground to eye level as they began to squeeze the life out the wall crawler. "You cannot defeat me Spider-Man. Your powers alone are not enough to stop Dr. Otto Octavius!"

"Too bad you forgot about us!" Bobby said from behind Otto, who turned his head just in time to see Iceman hit him with a beam of ice in the lower back, right where the four tentacles were fused onto his body. He cried out as the cold penetrated through the metal to his skin, the limbs hold Spider-Man loosing enough to let the masked teen slip from Octavius's grasp. Frost, followed by fully formed ice appeared around the joints, spreading down each tentacle and parts of his back. The weight of the added ice caused him to drop to his knees, immobilizing him.

Kitty rushed over and helped up the rising Spidey. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine, little winded," he said, holding his ribs. He looked down at her, and she just smiled back up at him. "Can I help you?"

"Huh?" she said airily.

"You're staring."

"Huh? Oh, sorry! It's just, like, you're Spider-Man, the real Spider-Man. And you're totally real, and not made up like some people say and I'm babbling, aren't I?"

Under his mask he couldn't help but smile. "It's okay, you're cute when you're babbling."

He turned back to look at Ock, whose tentacles were now encased in a solid block of ice. The doctor tried to walk forward towards them, but the weight of the ice was too much and he only managed to drag the mass a few inches before collapsing back to the ground. Just to be safe, Spidey began to web up Ock's regular arms and legs as well.

"This is not the end of this Spider-Man! I will free myself from this icy prison and destroy you once and for all! And you!" he said, turning his head as much as he could towards Bobby. "You, mutant, have made a terrible enemy this day! There is no where in this world that you can hide from the wrath of Doctor Octopus! I will have my remmph!"

Octavius's rantings were cut short by a wad of webbing covering his mouth.

"Sorry about that, he doesn't always know when to shut up." Spidey turned to look at the two of them when something dawned on him. "Hey, wait a minute, I know you two. I saw you on television. You were fighting that big robot and then that Juggernaut guy at that damn."

"Yeah, that was us," Kitty answered. "I'm Kitty Pryde, this is Bobby Drake. We're X-Men."

"Nice to meet you. You guys were awesome in those fights. And thanks for your help with these two," he said, waving his hand at the tied up Doc Ock and the still knocked out Lizard. "Seems all my rogues were out today, Rhino was tearing up some warehouses down on the river and I still can't get the smell of fish out of my nostrils. I have no idea why he was tearing up fish canneries." He cocked his head to the side and Kitty and Bobby heard the sirens as well. "Well, looks the like the cops have decided to find out what happened to their missing cars, and since I never know if it's going to be the ones that like to take shots at me, I'm heading out. Thanks again!"

"Wait," Kitty said. "Can't we, like, you know, hang out or something? It's not every day we meet, well, someone like you. You must have all sorts of cool stories and, um, stuff."

"Come on Kitty, I'm sure the guy has better things to do than hang out with us," Bobby said, trying very hard to hide the annoyance he found in the looks Kitty was given the masked man.

"Well," answered Spidey, "three costumed villains in one day is pretty rare, I doubt there would be a fourth. And since I've only met one other super powered teen, which isn't enough to start a club and buy those secret decoder rings yet, why not?" He shot a web line to the top of a nearby building. "Grab on tight, we can crash on that roof for a little while." They held onto his shoulders, Bobby only after Kitty gave him a pleading look, and with a push of his legs and a pull of the web, he had them on the roof in no time.

They sat down against a wall, Spidey sitting literally on the roof access doorway. Bobby, who had unfrozen himself at this point, wrapped an arm around Kitty's shoulder as she leaned into his side.

"So what brings you two lovebirds to New York? Don't you live at some top secret mutant paramilitary commando base in Bayville?"

"Just down to see the city for the day," Kitty said. "And the institute is a school, a place for mutants to learn how to control their powers and integrate into society without problems."

"But you guys have jets and laser cannons and underground training facilities and a budget that's clearly a few gazillion dollars more than mine."

"We learn to use our powers for good, and the whole X-Men / hero stuff helps show not all mutants are bad guys," Bobby said. "I'm surprised the Professor never picked you up on Cerebro and contacted you, even just to meet you. He likes to keep tabs on all the mutants he finds."

"Oh, that's why, I'm not a mutant."

"What?" Kitty asked with a shocked look on her face. "Then how did you get your powers?"

"Sort of a long story," he said, shrugging a bit. "See, I was—"

Gunshots rang out bellow them and all three of them jumped to their feet. Rushing to the edge of the building they could see the Lizard back on his feet, the Neogentic Recombinator in his left hand, his right lashing out at police in one direction while his tail knocked down a few others. He crouched down and grabbed one officer not lucky enough to get out of the way in time. Lifting him up off the ground the Lizard threw the cop at a group farther back and then quickly darted off, heading down the alley on the other side of the building. The teens ran along the roof following him from above. He ran down the alley and through the busy traffic on the other side, weaving through and over a few of the cars, ducking into the next alley.

"Crap, he's getting away!" Spider-Man yelled, diving off the building and shooting a line across the street. He swung forward, letting go just as he started moving back up in his arch and sent out another webline.

"We can't let Lizard hurt anyone else, come on!" Bobby said. He grabbed Kitty hand and they jumped off the building too, landing on a bridge of ice Bobby had formed in the air and attacked to the side of the buildings. With one hand forward and the other holding Kitty's, they slid after Spider-Man. For five blocks they weaved in and out of buildings until Bobby saw Spidey drop down and land on the ground in an alley. Creating a slope in the slide, they met him on the ground.

"He went into the sewers. Always the sewer with this guy and me without my sewer suit," Spidey said as they joined him next to an open manhole. "You two up for this?"

They looked at each other, than both nodded at him. "Let's take this guy out. Whatever that Neogermanic Recombobulator is, we can't let him get away with it," Bobby said.

"Neogenic Recombinator?" Spidey exclaimed. "Oh crap, I didn't know he took that! Sewers and crazy genetic disruptors, this is just turning out to be the most wonderful day in the history of the universe! why did I even bother getting out of bed today?" he continued to mutter as he crawled head first into the manhole.

"Okay, that's a little creepy," Bobby said as the other man went upside down into the sewers.

"He's so cool," Kitty said as she watched Spider-Man. "We're actually on an adventure with the Spider-Man. Dani's never going to believe me! And he's got such a nice butt."

"Hi. I'm Bobby, your boyfriend. Forget about me?" he said with an exasperated look on his face. "Octopuses, lizards, sewers and other guy's butts. Not what I expected this date to turn into," he said, turning back to the hole in the alley.

With a giggle and a wink, Kitty slapped his backside. "Don't worry, you've got a nice butt too."

"Damn right I do. Now let's go be heroes."

She laughed again and kissed his cheek. She dropped into the hole, making her way down the ladder with Bobby following close behind.