Hello once again.

I was just in the mood to type so heres a short one-shot.

It's a bit sloppy and needs some...lots...of work.

anyway...here it is...


Never Seen...

"Oi, Sakura-chan! Good morning"
The pink-haired girl dashed past the blond without so much as a glace, running over to her favorite boy in Konoha.
"Sasuke-kun! Good morning! Did you sleep well"
Never Heard...

"Ano, Sasuke-teme"
Naruto murmured to the other boy's back as the lifted boxes and placed them on the bed of the wooden cart.
"I didn't mean what I said earlier... about hating you...I'm...I'm sorr"
"Kakashi-sensei! We're finished"
"Good work, Sasuke. Collect our pay from the store owner and missions are done for the day"
"Yes, sir. c'mon dobe"
Never touched.

"Team Seven, this is our employer for this mission." Kakashi-sensei spoke.
The short blading man shook Kakashi's hand then moved down the line to Sasuke and Sakura.
"Thank you, Thank you for coming all this way from Konoha"
The man reached the end of the line, Naruto.
He stared at Naruto, his eyes glaring intensely and frighteningly at the whisker like scars running down the boy's cheeks.
The man's hand pulled away before Naruto could shake it.
He turned and returned to the front of the little line, speaking to Kakashi. Ignoring Naruto for the remainder of the mission.
Never Loved.

"Ew! Gross! Me date you? You must be insane"
The pretty redheaded girl Naruto had had an interest in for a little while, recoiled from him as though he were covered in dirt and worms.

These are the words that define your life... when you are born Uzamaki Naruto.

Sorry...it's crap... I just wasted 5minutes of your time... T.T