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Hate What You Love

Chapter One: Rivalry and the Flower Hippy

Five Years

Feet are stomping.

Feet are coming near…

The fluffy pink slippers of an elderly woman scratch against the ground, the grippers on the bottom of the simple cotton slippers are worn, not doing their job by helping the woman not skid and slip carelessly against the freshly polished wooden floor.

Little Kiba is hidden under a table, his little, almost minuscule button nose pressed tightly against the ground and his eyes trailing the pink fluffy slippers and the floor sweeping night gown.

He wheezes as he feels the long nightgown kick up some dust, powdering him in the face as he tries to hold back a cough.

"Kiba! Playtime's over!" A husky woman's voice cuts sharply into the air, "It's bedtime!"

Kiba clasps his hands over his mouth to keep himself from exploding into laughter. A small bundle of white curls near his feet, trembling as well, trembling from trying to control its laughter.

"Akamaru, "The little five year old peeks his head out from the table, placing his soft palm on top of Akamaru's snowy head. "Do you think she's—"

He freezes as he feels a large hand clasp over the back of his head, pulling his messy rug of hair back with strong fingers. He yelps as his back connects with something rather hard, and with a groan he listens to the start of a long lecture from his mother.

"Inuzuka Kiba! What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Kiba meets his doom as he whips his head around, sweat dropping to see his cranky and worn mother clad in her long baby blue nightgown and fluffy pink slippers.

"Hello." Kiba yelps as his mother leans down and grabs the shell of his ear, dragging him towards the stairs.




"Daddy! It's still light!" Little Ino jabs her finger towards her window, sticking her bottom lip out as her father leans forward to check out the window.

"You're right princess."

He leans down to kiss her forehead.

"But just because it's still light doesn't mean it's not bedtime." The father seats himself on a small wooden stool by his daughter's bed, placing a single finger on her forehead.

Ino looks at her father in frustration, her little angel face sharp and full of a pout.

"Well, I'll make a deal with you!" The small stubborn child crosses her arms and squeezes her eyes shut, "Tell me a story or I'm not gonna go to no dreamland!"

She sticks a pink little tongue out.

Much to her surprise, her father bursts into a fit of laughter. Clutching his stomach, he bellows out in raucous fits of chuckles, only taking breath in between to snort rather loudly. Ino opens an eye and growls.

She leans forward, her tiny hands bundled into fists.

Her father stops laughing when he feels a flurry of fists attack the right side of his head, and he's surprised it hurts. She has pretty bulky arms for a five year old.

"Okay, okay, Daddy'll tell you a story."

Ino pulls back and smiles.

"I'll tell you the great story of the Yamanaka and the Inuzuka." Inoichi says, flipping a long blonde strand behind his shoulder and posing dramatically.




"Ano sa, ano sa, tell me a story!" Kiba hops in his bed, his blue boxers rubbing against the edge of his cotton sheets.

His mother sighs, and she walks over to her son, placing a hand over his forehead. Kiba immediately freezes over the sudden affection and slowly sinks into his sheets.

"Tell me a story!"

His mother plops onto the small bed, cringing as she hears the bed groan under her weight. Kiba doesn't seem to notice, he's so attentive on whether or not his mother's going to tell him a story.

Kiba watches in surprise as his mother's sharp features go unexpectedly soft, her usual rigid, set jaw relaxing and her acute ebony eyes fading into a light grey as she turns to look down at her son.

"I'll tell you how your father died." Inuzuka Tsume speaks slowly, placing a hand over her lap to talk to her son.




The Inuzuka clan and the Yamanaka clan had always hated each other.

No one remembers when this silly and absurd rivalry started, or how it started, for the matter, but some say the reason could be as simple as a dog from the Inuzuka clan stomping on a flower pot of the Yamanaka's or as complicated as a murder between the two large clans.

Ino blinks in confusion as her father talks to her sternly. "Don't go near those Inuzuka's, they're almost as dirty as those dogs they carry around."

Kiba growls in union with his mother as she speaks to her son. "Those Yamanaka's are flower loving hippies, if you interact with any of them, you will seriously get a disease or something."

There was a flash of red.

Whether it was blood, of the bright colors of the Inuzuka, neither side knew. All they saw was red.

The two clans had called on a battle after having an argument over who would be the representative for the Great War that was spread fast and quick over the wind and the fire.

The Hokage suggested that they have two, one from each clan, but they wouldn't allow it. There pride and ego was puffed up as big as it could get, and sharing such a grand and aerial level with each other was absolutely absurd in their minds.

So they decided on this.

A great battlefield was saved for the place they would fight, the same place where several dreams and lives were shattered.


A hand shot forward, commanding the lead dog to charge forward and attack. It was already hours into the battle and the last remaining people that were still standing were losing charka and losing hope fast.

Inoichi was covered in blood from the previous girl he had just slaughtered, and the strange thing was, he wasn't feeling so hot.

This battle was going nowhere, and if he didn't kill the head of the Inuzuka soon, bad things were soon to follow.

Shoving a kunai between his teeth, Inoichi began up the steep hill, trying to get past all the mini battles that were raging through.

Inuzuka Karada stood frozen, his head held high sniffing the air as he sensed a Yamanaka near. He clutched the end of his dog's collar, growling to command him to follow the scent. The large yellow dog nodded it head, leaping over a rock to follow the strong and almost unnerving scent of the nearing Yamanaka.




"I saw that Inuzuka, and suddenly I felt all my emotions pour out, "Ino's father dramatically clutched his chest, and then speaking in a deep, masculine voice, he continued. "I caught him in a transfer and killed him in one blow."

Ino furrowed her eyebrows deeply, "That was mean! Why'd you do that?"

Inoichi looked at his daughter with a worried look, "It was what I was supposed to do!"

Ino furrowed her eyebrows even deeper, "I thought you were a brave man."

"I am brave!"

"But Daddy..." Her little chubby hand reaches forward to brush the blonde locks of hair from her forehead, and she leans forward to look her father in the eye, the bright orbs bright and brimmed with a certain kind of anger and almost raw determination.

Her father's blue eyes meet hers, and they swallow themselves in silence, just staring at each other, feeling the room become so deathly still that Ino can feel her father's chest throb from his heartbeat.




"A pregnant woman shouldn't be on battle field, that's what I learned." Inuzuka Tsume leaned forward to look her attentive son in the eye.

"The moment I saw that damn Yamanaka come near your father, I screamed, telling him to move before anything happened."

Kiba clutched his blankets tightly, his long nails digging into the fabric and causing the fabric to thin between his small chunky fingers.

"But he didn't hear me; his pride was more important to him then his life."

The woman looked down at her nails, trying to hold back tears.

"I would've died for your father; I would've taken my life straight out of this body so that your father could live."

Right around now, Kiba was shaking in tears, his little black pupils glazed over in wet, salty water and his body trembling as sobs fell from his face at a rapid rate.

"Why didn't you? Why didn't you save him?" Kiba slammed his tiny fists onto his mother's lap, ramming his fingers between her leg muscles and sobbing into her shirt.

Tsume stood motionless, letting his sobs slowly absorb the room before brushing her son off.

"Because you would've died as well."






Inoichi heard the harsh bark of a dog behind him and he whipped his head around to find a huge yellow dog, teeth bared and fangs pulled out.

He prepared himself for a blow, but the dog curled right around him and bounded towards the slaughtered man that lay dead on the ground.

The dog's cry still rings in his head to this day.




To be continued...