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Fifteen Years




There was a scream.

There was a crash.

And there was nothing…

Harsh breathing and jarred gasps echoed painfully throughout the almost barren alleyway. Flies were buzzing obnoxiously through the garbage reeking air, only once in a while their small miniscule feet swimming and bathing through the heavy gore that danced over the concrete ground.

Fragments of bones stuck far out from flesh, white skeleton screaming against the dark skin that it so cruelly pierced through.

Limbs were strangely angled in awkward positions and dirt was collecting in his throat, sticking almost viciously onto his mouth with a stubborn lump. Pain was tearing and screaming down his stomach, but mocking and tingling as it spread out to his fingertips.

Purple and red bruises seemed as though they were thrown over his body, the awful colors pulsing along with his heartbeat…


"Holy fucking shi—Kiba?"






"Shikamaru! Why are you so freaking LATE?"

Various hits showered upon the poor ebony haired nin, his retorts and cries of pain easily ignored as he made a feeble effort to counter and block. The platinum blonde gave a single huff of disappointment as she held her fist back, waiting for the usual excuse.

"I fell asleep..."

"Kiba's in the hospital."

The Yamanaka fell over.






"So lemme get this straight…some Inuzuka cousins of yours found out you were raping a hot girl and they decided to screw you over?"

That was as close as the truth the blonde was going to get.

Kiba let out a raspy sigh, the muscles that stretched over his face looking crumbled and worn as he tried to press out an offended growl. He immediately stopped when he felt the side of his brain scream in agony as it pulsed against the edge of his skull.

"Naruto…I have a headache…"

The fox-like boy let out a hoarse laugh, mouth parting to let out a bellowing cackle that seemed to call out death as it entered Kiba's ears. The blonde took to pulling on his long strands of sunshine stained locks, his face looking almost guilty as he saw Kiba's face of absolute horror from his outrageously loud laugh.

"You really do have a headache…"

Kiba's left eyebrow twitched violently as he took to grinding his fingernails into Akamaru's fur, the small bark that erupted from the dog going by completely ignored…

Naruto gave a nervous chuckle out as Kiba's face was crossed over in pure insanity…


The two boys looked up, one confused and the other thanking kami-sama he was still alive and not eaten alive by a huge Gastuuga. Kiba smiled as a timid girl tiptoed herself in, head hung low and a red stain crawling over her overly pale Hyuuga complexion. Behind the bashful Hyuuga stood another, the tall Aburame, his trademark hood and inexcusably tall neckline coming into view for the two young nins.

"Hello Kiba-kun…Naruto-kun—Akamaru—"

The large snowy mass of dog barked.


"Shuddap Aka'!"

Kiba clasped a hand over his aching head as the echo of his dogs bark lingered freely through his system; he let out a girlish squawk as the large dog hopped from the small hospital cot, the weight shifting tremendously under Kiba and a large claw embedding itself into his bandaged and currently bleeding shoulder…


The dog let out another bark, and Kiba hid himself under the pillows.

Hinata giggled as the dog gave her several puppy licks and smooches and Shino let out a grunt of appreciation as Akamaru angled forward to sniff the Kikkai nin. Naruto peeled himself from the wooden chair that stood almost stoically next to the sea of white that surrounded it.

"So Kiba…aren't you gonna say hello to your ever so faithful teammates?"

A grunt.

"So Kiba…are you gonna say bye?"

Two grunts.

"So Kiba…how about the chocolate that Hinata brought?"

The Inuzuka emerged from the mountain of hospital pillows, his face a bit red and flustered and he let out an excited yelp. "Chocolate!"

Struggling to hoist himself up, he motioned out an outstretched hand to let Hinata forward. Hinata giggled as the young man grabbed the golden wrapped box like a small child, his soft features on his face suddenly lighting up and taking effect.

Naruto let out a happy squawk of laughter as he watched Kiba look at the box.

"Well, have fun, I'ma go get some ramen with Sakura-chan…"

"Naruto-kun…Sakura's on duty…"

"Then you come and help me drag her out!"

The boisterous blonde tugged rather harshly and sharply against the delicate and fragile Hyuuga's wrist, and Kiba was afraid it was going to rip off. He watched as he threw her over his shoulder and began down the hall, his laughter screaming and bouncing against the white, white walls and white, white floors.

Kiba set the chocolates to his side, deciding it best to save them for later.

He settled himself rather comfortably against the hard cot, reclining his aching back and letting sighs shake the room around him.


The Inuzuka nearly fell off the cot as he snapped his head up, fear shaking his slit pupils and caution ripping over his body. His fear and abrupt alert quickly transformed into frustration as he saw his teammate standing there, back straight and posture as perfect as ever.

"God dammit! Why are you so freaking quiet! Make some noise once and while so I know where you are!"

Silence wafted over…



Is he trying to fucking murder me?

"Why are you here? Go play with your bugs or something!"


Kiba froze.

A glassy emotion threw itself over his slit pupils, and with a single slam of his fist he lurched forward, ignoring the tearing pain that laughed over his slender body and the dragging bandages that slowed his movements. The metal clang erupted from trays from previous meals clattered loudly against the white floors as the brunette launched himself angrily over at his childhood rival…

"Is here."

The ripping over hospital sheets echoed loudly throughout that half barren room, gore and splintered limbs stuck out from tanned skin, and harsh breathing mocked the still air that surrounded them.

The Aburame left the room, long jacket whipping safely around his body as he slammed the door shut to leave him with the blonde girl that he favored so dearly. The brunette let out a growl of pain as he clambered to his feet, pain laughing at him as he hoisted himself painfully into the god damn cot…

The blonde slowly inched herself into the room…the sandals that adorned her feet scratching loudly and eerily against the hospital ground…

Kiba's whole body was trembling and shaking along with the severe pulsing of his heart and along with the sharp breaths he was taking. He opened his mouth to snap out a retort, to snap and squawk out curses until she would leave…


The slender blonde placed a pot on cot, the red material the pot was made from looking awfully strange in the midst of the extreme contrast of white the hospital seemed to bathe in.

Kiba snapped his neck to advert his sharp eyes towards the blonde.

"What the fuck is this?"

Ino felt a vein throb almost immediately at his rude words.

"A cactus. It symbolizes endurance…"

"A fucking cactus does not symbolize endurance."

And with that, the Inuzuka huffed and threw himself under the covers.

"Then what does it symbolize?"

A sudden impatience wafted over her, how could he act so childish when she was trying to be as serious as possible? How could he simply turn his back and act as though her care and attention for him was nothing? It made her angry, made her blind with a furious rage that the boy could be so damn charming one second and then go right back to being the stupid jerk he'd never not be.

With an angry stomp of her sandaled feet, the young kunochi threw herself forward, purposely choosing to slam fingers and palms into a largely bandaged area of his body. Her slender fingers broke out into a flurry as she began to beat on his bloodied and worn chest, her mouth blowing out into curses and angry shouts and the blood over his chest staining her hands crimson.

Amazingly, the young nin didn't cry out in pain, he simply stared at the blonde, eyes struck bloodshot and the curve of his lips twitching ever so slightly.

An almost stoic look was placed onto his tanned features as he eyed her curiously, the pain tearing down his body so strong that he felt numb…

Ino was kissing him.


Kissing him feverishly, her full lips and moans so full of lust and so laced with want that it made Kiba's head spin. She was kissing him, kissing him in public, her salvia mixing in brutally with his as he stood there, stunned and not returning the head spinning, blood boiling kiss.

Ino was kissing him, even after all the trouble it caused him. Even after all the trouble it caused him. Even after all the trouble it caused her.

In a strange haste, Kiba bent forward in the slightest of ways to return the kiss, but stopped when the door flew open.

And the trouble walked in.




"What! No! I refuse, I absolutely refuse!"

Shouts of inferior anger and loud slams of fingers and palms bludgeoning the edge of a table sounded harshly throughout the small room. A beautiful blonde fought and struggled against the strong arms of the elders that sat about her, anger and hate slipping over her soft features and turning them sharp and harsh in contrast to her usual behavior towards the elders of her prominent clan.

The elderly man simply laced fingers within his hand to create a simple fist, the look crossing over his worn wrinkled face stoic and deadpanned as ever. The young new generation Yamanaka growled imposingly at the elder.

"You must follow the consequences after you break a law."

"That's bullshit! There's absolutely NO law against falling in love!"

Several gasps danced about the room as the bold statement the young blonde had just let go bounced about, still lingering painstakingly in the large half deserted space. It was incredible, how could a Yamanaka ever fall in love with one such as an Inuzuka?

"No, there is no such law. But there is a law about trying to molest an Inuzuka."

A twinge of pain and guilt bite horribly into Ino, making her falter a bit as she took to lingering and dangling under the sharp and strong arms of the Yamanaka clan member's with a slight pang of guilt ridden over her face.

"I kissed him! I didn't molest him!"

"Not according to the elders."

"They weren't there! They never witnessed such a thing!"

"Oh, but your father did. Are you saying your father is a liar?"

Words of aghast and shock filled and chorused about the large room, the constant buzzing of the many members that sat about all filling Ino up with a demon of anger, an anger so foul and so curdled thick with animosity that she let out a loud bellow of curses.

"Yes! My father's a liar! He's lying! Lying! Lying! Fuck it, hang me, boil me…I will not, under any circumstances marry under an arranged marriage."

"That's too bad."




A sad smile wafted over the young brunette's face as he watched in a strange twisted fascination, the girl entering the room. The Inuzuka let out a small grunt of approval as a skinny, but well-built woman entered the room; head hung low dangling a bit in a way that made Kiba think that maybe her head wasn't attached to her shoulders.

All thoughts were pushed aside when the woman lifted her face, revealing a simple, but pleasant face.

"This is your wife-to-be."

Kiba let out a nod.

"Hello. Tenten."




"For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

-William Shakespeare