River of Love

By: Chibi Silver Neko

Summary: First attempt at Shigure x Tohru. Shigure has always been fond Tohru, whom he calls his 'little flower'. But what happens when his brotherly instincts slowly turn into love? Shigure x Tohru fluff.

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Chapter 26: Moving On…

She sat there lost in thought during the ride home. He could smell the sadness off of Tohru. In less then one day, Tohru had learned that her grandfather had died at the hands of her cousin--one of her own family. Tohru's turquoise colored eyes narrowed as they overflowed with sadness and tears. Shigure's heart ached at seeing his lover this way.

'Why?' That question rung in his mind as he turned his gaze away, 'What did Tohru do to deserve this?' The Inu nearly jumped out of his skin as her heard his lover whisper his name.

"Shigure..." Came her soft voice. Shigure looked over and smiled gently at her, "Hai, Tohru-chan?" He asked gently. He watched as the eighteen year old leaned into him, gripping his arm like a small child.

More tears; she closed her eyes in attempts of holding them back, "Do you think Grampa was happy?" Her question tugged at his heartstrings and her melancholic tone hurt even more. Shigure slipped his free arm around his girlfriend, drawing her close to him.

"Of course he was, Tohru. You're grandfather only wanted your happiness, just like your mother. Both of them," He began, "are looking down upon us right now, smiling proudly at how much of a beautiful young lady you've become over the past two years."

Tohru sniffled at her lover's words and she began to cry, burying her face into his chest. But oddly this time, she was crying tears of happiness. Tohru always one for putting the needs of other's before her own. She only cried for a few minutes before she turned her gaze toward her Gaurdian.

She smiled through her tears, "Shigure-chan, thank you…I…needed that." She said, "You know, I think you're right. Grampa is up there with mom and dad, smiling…"

Shigure's face lit up a bit. It wasn't often that he would hear of Tohru's father but then again, Tohru was only a small child when he had died. "Your father…?" He questioned. Tohru smiled more, the last of her tears gone, "Hai, mom was only about my age when she became pregnant with me, and dad was just a teacher…"

"It was bad for both of them because mom was just a student and dad was a teacher, but mom also had no family…so I guess that scared mom…" Tohru added, there was a strange sadness as she spoke about her mother and parents, "I don't really remember dad very well but I remember he was always smiling and so polite. He never let anything bother him, not even his family who disliked him for marrying someone like mom."

As she continued on, a memory flashed in Tohru's mind. It was one that she could recall real well. One where she and her parents were on a picnic. She was only six years old then. Her parents were both smiling and full of love. Shigure smiled at what appeared to be Tohru lost in a happy distant memory. She looked so peaceful. "Tohru." He whispered quietly, snapping her back to reality. Tohru looked back at him in slight puzzlement.

Shigure smiled more. He leaned forward and brushed his lips over hers, "I hope I can be a great as a father as yours was." The novelist whispered in her ear. Tohru's eyes widened and she smiled warmly at her lover, "But…you will be, Shii-chan. I just know it!" The expecting mother threw her arms around him and returned his kiss. How the two couldn't wait until the baby to be born but until then…they would wait.

Mom…Grandpa, Dad…

I wish the three of you could have met Shigure and the other Sohmas. They're wonderful people, and…Thank you helping me move on…


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