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Summary: When Galaxia and Orochimaru join forces, a few of the Moon Country's ninjas are sent over towards Konoha to help. What trouble arises on this little journey and what rivalry will form? (FF7, FF8, FFX included) (Spoilers!)

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-: The Silver Moon of Konoha :-

Chapter 2: He's Your What ?


"This is so boring!" Rikku whined. Yuffie nodded in agreement.

Vincent's crimson eyes shot open, "Someone's coming." Tidus, Yuna, and Aeris emerged from the bushes and trees.

"Hi guys!" Yuna greeted with a wave.

"Oh oh! Yunie, ya wanna spar?" Rikku asked eagerly. Yuna nodded.

Rikku un-hooked her double daggers and got into her custom battle stance. Her back was hunched, her knees bent, and her elbows bent so that the daggers were infront of her.

Yuna took out her pistols, and Tidus leaned against a tree. Rikku ran forward and slid underneath Yuna, hoping to knock her off her feet. But Yuna merely jumped to dodge it. Rikku came up behind her and swiped at Yuna with her daggers, giving her a long scratch on the back of her leg. Yuna in turn, spun around to shoot a bullet at Rikku. The bullet scraped Rikku's arm and hit the tree that Tidus was leaning on.

"Hey watch it!" He cried, holding his head.

Rikku tapped Yuna by where her pocket was and Yuna reached for her pocket, but noticed that it was empty. "Rikku!" It seemed the blond had stolen Yuna's gil during the battle. Rikku grinned, shaking the bag of Gil in her hands. Yuna tapped an orb, on her bracelet, that had a sword in the center and her out fit melted off to be replaced with another. Yuna swiped her sword at the blond who used her daggers to intervene the attack.

"Hey no fair! Your weapon is bigger then mine!" Rikku used a sweeping kick on Yuna, causing her to lose balance and Rikku to leap off to the side. Rikku tapped an orb on her bracelet and her outfit melted off only to have another appear. A machine gun was in Rikku's hand and Rikku's lips curved to form a grin. Taking out two items, she mixed them together to form a bomb before tossing it at Yuna. Yuna leapt up to dodge the explosive and a loud boom was heard.

"What're you guys doing?" a voice screeched. Rikku paused in mid-attack and Yuna landed on the ground in a crouched position to come face-to-face with Ino.

"They were sparring." Yuffie piped in, laying lackadaisically on a tree branch.

"It looked like you guys were trying to destroy the scenenary." Kiba grinned.

"Everyone's already here?" Aeris looked around.

"Yep!" Usagi chirped. "So lets get this show on the road!" She winked.

"Well how should we start?" Tenten asked.

"Well... I'll run quick scans over all of you and see what I can do." Out of no where a blue mini-computer with a golden sign of Mercury on its surface, fell into Ami's waiting hands. Konoha's ninja gaped in shock. Aeris and Michiru looked over her shoulder, nodding to themselves every once in a while. Ami touched one, out of the three earrings so that a blue visor appeared over her eyes. You could see gold symbols and letters scroll over her screen. Ami nodded to herself and touched the earring again, the visor disappearing.

Snap! They jumped.

Ami shut her computer and glanced at all of them. "Well, after scanning all of you, I think we could all merely split into groups."

"Groups?" Naruto repeated.

"Aa." Ami nodded, "Each of us will work with each Team and that Team will also help us on learning their ways of a shinobi."

"Then it's settled!" Selphie cheered.

"So what team goes with who?" Sakura asked.

Aeris rubbed her chin, "Well from the encounter with Setsuna's Team and Team 7, those two should definitely not go together. Cloud, your team and Vincent's team will be working with Team Gai." Cloud nodded.

Lee clenched his fist, "YOSH!" Vincent looked at Lee with distaste. Tifa giggled at his over enthusiasm.

Ami glanced at the rest of the teams, "Team 8 you'll be going with Irvine and my team." They nodded but Zell protested, "I thought we were going to name it Zell's team!"

Seifer smirked, "No one wants to name their team after your name, Chicken Wuss." Zell was about to jump him but Makoto gave him a punch to the head to knock him out for a while.

"Thank you, Makoto." Seifer winked.

Makoto blushed, "No problem."

Michiru coughed, "Seifer, your team and Zack's team will be working with Team 10. Understood?"

They all nodded, "Then go with your partners."

-: Team Gai :-

"Alright then! Should we start with Materia?" Yuffie rubbed her hands together.

Vincent nodded, "It'd be best to start with the basics."

"Hold on!" Rikku tapped a sphere on her bracelet and her outfit was quickly replaced with her original costume.

"How do you do that?" Tenten asked in curiosity.

"Hm? Oh, these are called dress spheres." Rikku replied, pointing at the spheres that took up the slots on her bracelet. "This bracelet here is called a Garment Grid. It holds the Dress Spheres that I want it to hold for me. It can only hold up to five. Each dress sphere gives me different abilities."

"I see." Tenten nodded.

"A-hem! We've got work to do." Tifa interrupted.

"I'm sure Tsunade informed you all on how Materia works, right?" Cloud began, Team Gai nodded.

"Good it saves us from all the boring stuff. Now! I'm pretty sure that you guys don't have weapons or armor that holds Materia, right?" Usagi smiled.

"No, we've never heard of Materia until Tsunade-sama explained it to us." Lee shook his head.

"Alright, then we'll give you some." Yuffie pulled out a bag filled with weapons and armor.

"Why don't we just install Materia slots in their armor?" Vincent suggested.

Rikku shook her head, "Too much time. Besides, Michi-chan, Ami, and Aeris are busy with their job. We'll ask them later."

"Ok, guys! Take off all the weapons and armor you've got on you." Usagi ordered. Tenten took the longest when getting out all of her weapons, Neji gave them his small pack of weapons, Lee gave them his weapons but not his weights.

"Please Lee! We'll give 'em back to you!" Tifa begged, she was nearly on her knees!

"Iie! I can't! Gai-sensei said I could only take them off when I'm protecting important people!" Lee stood rigid, hands at his side, and nose in the air.

"C'mon green giant! Just give us the darn weights!" Yuffie cried. Tenten and Neji watched in amusement as they tried to get the weights off of him. Before they knew it, a long and thick sword was pointed at Lee.

"Give us the weights..." Cloud stood infront of a shocked Tifa, Usagi, Yuffie, Rikku, and Lee. Vincent just stood their emotionlessly, he knew Cloud was going to lose his temper sooner or later.

"Cloud!" Usagi bomped him on the head, making the boy rub his head, "Ow! What was that for?"

"You don't just point things at some one! Baka!" Yuffie joined in.

"Please Lee! We'll give you fifty pounded weights if you give us yours." Tifa tried to bargain with the boy but he still refused.

"Mine weigh more than that!" Tifa nearly lost balance, 'Jesus! How much weights does he carry!'

-: Team 7 :-

"Can we eat? I never got to eat my ramen!" Naruto whined, clutching his stomach. Squall had a vein popping out and it was pulsing violently, Rinoa observed. Yuna shook her head, knowing that Squall couldn't stand another Zell or Tidus.

"Shut up Naruto!" Sasuke growled.

"Make me Teme!" Naruto taunted.

Aeris groaned in frustration, "Shut up the both of you!" Sakura yelled, punching them both.

"Alright, you guys just give us your armor and weapon. I'll install some Materia slots for you in them." Sakura handed Aeris her gloves and weapons, Naruto and Sasuke gave Aeris their weapons, both still glaring at eachother.

"Sakura, though you don't seem to be as good as Tifa in Taijutsu, she'll lend you a pair of her beginner gloves. Naruto I'll ask Zell if you can borrow some of his weights to increase your speed, and Sasuke I'll ask Auron-sensei if you can borrow some of his armor." Yuna offered. They nodded.

-: Team 8 :-

"Now, Hinata, I'll ask Lulu-sensei if you could use her old Dolls to attack with Magic and Chakra, Shino, Kiba, you'll both be using armor." Ami informed them.

"So we have Hinata using Dolls for a weapon and Bangles as armor. Shino will be using Armlets and Kiba, you'll be using ArmGuards." Michiru said.

-: Team 10 :-

"Hm... I think Ino would do best with Ribbons and Rings." Minako observed, Makoto nodded.

"Shikamaru can use ArmGuards and Chouji can use Armlets." Haruka said.

"Alright, give us all your weapons and armor." Seifer ordered.

Ino's blue eyes narrowed, "What for?"

"Because I said so." He smirked.

"No way!" Ino argued

"Ino, just give us all your weapons and armor, we're gonna upgrade 'em. We'll try to give them back to you in a week or so." Paine sighed. Ino grumbled before handing over her weapons, Shikamaru did it with a sigh, and Chouji handed his weapons without a complaint.


"Ok ok!" Tifa breathed in and out, while the others, excluding Vincent, were scolding Cloud about how he shouldn't have pointed his sword at Lee. "Please Lee! We'll make your weights heavier if you give them to us." she tried. Lee tapped his chin in thought. 'Well.. At least he's thinking about it now..' Tifa sighed.

"Yosh! My flames of youth will burn brighter if I accept! I have no choice but to accept your offer, Tifa!" Lee gave his nice-guy pose to Tifa who merely blocked her eyes so that she wouldn't go blind.

Tifa, who wore weights herself, nearly collapsed when she felt how heavy his weights were. "Oh my god." She groaned. "A little help?" Usagi noticed this and quickly ran over to Tifa to help her.

"Jesus Christ! How much do these weigh?" Usagi lifted them with much difficulty and heaved them up before dumping them on the ground by Tenten's weapons. A crater was seen beneath the weights and Tifa and Usagi sweatdropped at this.

"Ok! Here's the thing! Lee, we'll let you use Tifa's gloves, weights, and Rikku's old Claws." Usagi announced, "Tenten, you'll be working with all kinds of weapons, like combat gloves, claws, dolls, blitzballs, spears/lances, long swords, blades, rods, staves, guns, you name it! Along with all kinds of armor. You'll also need weights so that when you're carrying these weapons it'll be like nothing, and when working with these it won't slow you down. Neji, you'll probably be working with Blades or Long Swords and bracers. Everyone here is going to need to learn how to work with weights. Sleep with 'em, eat with 'em and go to the bathroom with them." Usagi smiled.

"Next, we have Materia!" Yuffie said in excitement.

"All of our weapons and armor have materia slots. You'll probably be using your own custom weapons, or Tenten and Haruka can build some weapons and armor for all of you." Vincent then said.

"We'll then teach you how to use Materia and Magic that we use." Cloud explained.

"Well, since all of you use weights, we can teach you how to work with all kind of weapons and and how we use Chakra." Tenten suggested. They nodded.

"Then lets get things started!" Rikku winked.

-: Team 8 :-

"We'll teach you all how to use Chakra like we do and Genjutsu and Ninjutsu." Hinata smiled shyly. Selphie squealed in excitement.

"Hey, is there a lunch break yet?" Zell moaned.

"Fine! We'll go to eat you stupid baby!" Rei growled.

"Finally!" Zell cried and earned himself a smack on the head from the Fire Goddess. Michiru, Ami, and Aeris giggled.

-: Team 7 :-

"Alright! Lunch break!" Tidus exclaimed. Yuna glanced at him.

"We haven't even started yet!" Rinoa protested.

"Well it is 3:00 and we did agree with the others to meet at that place... Ichiraku's, I think." Hotaru agreed with Tidus.

"Alright fine." Rinoa sighed.

Naruto whopped for joy, "Ramen, ramen!" He exclaimed.

"Naruto should lead the way, he know that place by heart." Sakura informed them. Yuna giggled before nodding.

-: Team 10 :-

"Alright, lets head for Ichiraku's!" Zack stretched.

"Ichiraku's?" Chouji repeated.

"Yea. You know where it is? Where suppose to meet the others there." Haruka glanced at Chouji.

Ino snorted, "Chouji can sniff that place out better then Kiba and Akamaru."

"Well then! Let's get going! I skipped breakfeast again." Minako held her growling stomach.

"You still on a diet?" Seifer snickered.


-: Team Gai :-

"My Tiddie senses are tingling." mumbled Rikku, though everyone heard her.

Tifa rolled her eyes, "What's Tidus doing?"

"He's heading towards Ichiraku!" Rikku exclaimed, "Let's go! They're gonna eat without us!"

"How does she know that?" Tenten asked Usagi. Usagi smiled, "Rikku's been great friends with Tidus since they were little. They're like brother and sister."

"Ohh." Tenten nodded in understanding, "So, is there something going on between you and Cloud?" Tenten nudged Usagi.

Usagi glanced at her, "No. We're just twins."

"Y-you guys are-- are-- TWINS? As in BROTHER AND SISTER, TWINS!" Tenten cried.

"Yea, can't you tell?" Usagi smiled.

-: Owari :-

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