"Then what's your type?" Few feet from them, Sasuke secretly watched how Hinata picked some flowers "Weaklings, so there's an excuse to protect them all the time" Sakura blinked at his answer. SasuHina


Nope, I don't like Sasuke or Hinata. Both of them weren't on my list. But Uchiha Itachi is my darling that's why I would love to own Naruto.

Chapter I – The plan

The sun was a fiery golden ball glaring down intensely, shining like there's no other day to brag his superb heat. Except the sun, thin clusters of clouds play in the blue sky flourished with few birds soaring high despite the heat. Sasuke stopped finally thinking this was too far for them to catch up. Hell, running and hiding from girls was really a waste of time and usually it causes halt for his training. Sometimes, he thought, maybe this was a factor why his sadistic aniki left the village. Majority was female.

Deciding to go deeper inside the forest, he hopped down to another branch where he spotted a clearing, a nice place to continue the delayed practices. With a smooth twist of feet, Sasuke landed on the green carpet.

Two snow orbs flickered at him "S-Sasuke-san?"

The Uchiha stared nonchalantly. A sign of relief escaped from his lips before a smile crept through. Well, well, well. Never thought I'll see my angel here.

Three minutes of silence befell betweenthem but for her, it seems like an eternity of guessing games of what to say. For some, it was a perfect chance to get a bishounen. Unfortunately for Hinata, this was part of her agoraphobia.

Unsurprisingly, Sasuke cut the stillness "Are you… on a practice?" There were a bundle of picked flowers on her hand and as Hinata noticed how Sasuke fixated his eyes on them, she instantly kept them behind her.

"Yes, I was but decided to have a break. Really I-I was to continue when you came" Hinata replied, a hint of fear that he wouldn't believe played on her eyes and voice.

Sasuke placed his hands on her shoulders, startling the heiress of the Hyuuga "Oh, great. That means we can train togeth—"

Suddenly, out of nowhere, pair of arms came fluttering around him, pulling Sasuke away from the perfect moment. Sakura giggled, glad that she finally saw the Uchiha without any girls managing to follow.

For a moment her jaded eyes narrowed to the Hyuuga. Oh, well. Its just Hinata and its not that Sasuke would like her type. Nope. Not even in the next century. "Hi there, Hinata-chan"

There were no followers but with the skill, Sakura was equal to hundred girls. Anyway, Sasuke thanked the above for Naruto wasn't snooping around Sakura or it would be a total disaster to put that Hinata was here.

"Such a nice place for our training, Sasuke-kun. How sweet of you" Sakura tried not to pinch his cheek as she said that.

"I've just decided not to train anymore so just train with others," He retorted while pulling away from the pink-haired monster's suffocating embrace.

"Hontou? What a coincidence!" Sakura stared "Actually, three seconds before you said that, my subconscious screamed not to train too. We're really soul mates in that case" She hugged Sasuke tighter.


Sakura had a big forehead to depend to and it was useful. This girl wouldn't really leave me. Sasuke thought finally giving up. Maybe this wasn't the time for both of him… and Hinata.

On the other part, Hinata watched them surprised that this was how Haruno Sakura show… or more likely shower her love. If I become like her… would Naruto eventually love me?

Finally everything was back to normal. Hinata returned from collecting flowers. Sasuke rested under a shade of a tree while Sakura leaned close to him. It was irritating but he kept Sakura like that for the sake of no further more annoyance. Secretly, he watched how two yellow butterflies started to fly around the Hyuuga heiress and somehow he knew it wasn't a bad day at all.

"Sasuke, can I ask something?" Sakura suddenly said still resting on his shoulders.

"Just hurry up"

"Does girls with pretty face counts on you?" Her question came and Sakura flipped back her pink hair emphasizing it was herself she was describing.

"No" His quick reply stopped her before she could start fantasizing Sasuke.

"I-I see" She stammered "What about the girl's appeal?"




"Strong ones?"

A pause and Sakura found it odd.

Sasuke turned to Hinata, watching the yellow butterfly as it landed on her delicate finger. She smiled and it seems an angel come to drop by as innocence filled in the air around her.

"Definitely no" He answered.

Sakura raised a brow and stared at him "Then what's your type?"

He stood up and rubbed off the dust on his shorts. Averting back to Sakura, he reply "Weaklings. So there's an excuse to protect them all the time"

Sakura blinked at his answer seeing she can't find the sense of his answer. He came to approach the playing Hyuuga.

"See you around, Hinata" And with that he was gone.

It was no question when Sasuke left Sakura took her exit too. Hinata placed down the flowers. Now that there was no one around, she should continue her training. She wasn't used to practicing with others nor watchers.

Rushing through the branches, Sasuke tried to formulate a plan— a perfect situation to put him and Hinata together and then he could eventually say she was all he wanted and nobody else. Suddenly he stopped as he landed to another branch.

Smile slowly crawled onto his face as the plan began to appear "A mission would be a great idea"

Starting his pace again, Sasuke made his way to the Hokage's tower.


Two teams. Six genin.

Tsunade cleared her throat as she stared at these young skilled ninjas. She didn't know what was going on but she accepted the Uchiha's offer. It wasn't bad at all and knowing Sasuke, there would be an important reason of doing this… at least she think there was because an Uchiha would always be an Uchiha.

Clearing her throat for the second time, she placed two scrolls on the table "Collaboration of Team 7 and Team 8. B-rank mission"

Shocked expressions filled their faces except Sasuke who remained usually cool. Sure they don't have an idea why two teams were summoned simultaneously.

"Baachan, why would there be a need of collaboration!" Naruto unquestionably was the first one who exclaimed his urging curiosity. Hearing the very unrespectable approach of Naruto, he received a solid knock on his head from Sakura.

"I was wondering too Hokage-sama. If two teams are needed in a single mission, why not send few chuunin instead" Kiba proclaimed and Akamaru in accordance barked twice.

For a moment, Tsunade stared to Sasuke. The Uchiha simply looked away. She predicted this would happen, so why did she ride along? Maybe because when Uchiha Sasuke arrived yesterday, knocking right on her door's office for the first very time and asking for a favor, she can't resist. His charms might have helped to make her agree somehow.

"Because we are testing each group's capacity. And by doing the collaboration, we'll see who's the weaker team, who's the stronger, the burden, the independent and of course, the dependent"

Hinata gawked at the last word. Dependent?

Naruto and Kiba visibly eyed each other, electric currents forming between the intense contacts. He can't take Sasuke as a rival right now. This wasn't rivalry between individuals but as team. But maybe in the future it would change, if Sakura would count.

Mission outside means camping out with Sasuke on the night. Sakura giggled on herself.

Sasuke remained uncaring of the situation, pretending this wasn't his wild idea. He only have the mission arranged but the next move, he didn't know what was. At least the path for him and Hinata was at sight… somehow. Shino squinted to the Uchiha behind the glasses. He can see behind that usual attitude an unusual person.

"You should leave ten hours from now without any delay. Take care of yourselves" After more words from the Yondaime, scrolls were handed to Naruto and Kiba.


"You're that burden Hokage-sama was talking about, freak!"

"What! I'm not and I think baachan forgot to mention low-class ninja because he's here right now"

"Yeah, I think too because its you— Uzumaki Naruto"

"It's not me. It's you I was talking about. It's you. It's you. IT'S YOU. IT'S YOU, KIBA!"

"Shut-up, Naruto!" And he received another knock on his head. Sakura scolded the poor fox boy for the nth time since they left the village two hours ago. Hinata stared with sympathy and Sasuke on himself bit his lips. His future with Hinata was far from sighted with the dobe in here. Another plan is needed. But what? What in the middle of a B-ranked mission? He should have knew this would turned out to be of nothing less than being with Team 8 rather than being with Hinata alone.

Kiba laughed as he stared at the poor blonde. Checking out for his own team, he assured Hinata, in Naruto's case it would be fine to be hit by Sakura even for the hundredth time. She just smiled back.

"What do you think we take the rest here?" Sasuke proclaimed in the group.

Finding it was Shino standing as the leader of Team 8 Sasuke waited for his affirmation "I think too. Sun is starting to set down and it would be hard to move in the night" He nodded.

Kiba and Naruto started building the tents while still arguing about an irrelevant topic. Sasuke checked the their spot for any unusual thing. They were inside a forest anyway and were already far from their village for anymore gaming. Shino was sitting on a log while trying to ignite a fire. Sakura and Hinata were both out collecting twigs for more fuel.

Minutes later, the girls arrived and the tents were already up. Sakura proposed to cook for their food. Actually, it was to show off in front of Sasuke. They all ate around the bonfire, the glow of the fire brightening six faces as the moon and few distant stars replaced the sun.

"What can you say about the food, Sasuke-kun?" Sakura asked enthusiastically.

"Great!" Naruto exclaimed on top of his voice.

"You don't need to shout out loud, idiot!" Kiba retorted as he placed away his finished food.

"And I wasn't asking you" Sakura added.

Hinata was the last one who finished the food "It was good, Sakura" She smiled.

"Okay… Thanks. So what about you, Sasuke?"

The Uchiha stood up "I think we'll talk about the mission tomorrow morning. For the meantime, we need rest and I propose Hinata and Sakura would sleep on a separate tent and the rest would be on the other one. I'll be the watch for the night" Sasuke explained.

Disappointment painted around Sakura's world and Hinata understood her. She knew everyone would want to be close with his or her love ones. Everyone else approved except Naruto who disagreed, as it seems Sasuke was giving proposals like he was the leader.

Sasuke sat on the log alone. Everyone was on their tent taking their rest. He pulled out a kunai from his pouch and played it between his fingers.

"This is nonsense. I'm more than having a backbreaking training by taking a B-ranked mission than being with her and confessing"

He balanced the kunai on a single finger, balancing it by putting small amount of chakra. There was a sudden noise from behind and Sasuke in surprise lost balance of the metal, causing a cut on the same finger.

"G-Gomenasai" Hinata bowed in apologize "Gomenasai" She repeated trying not to stammer and bowed again.

"It wasn't your fault" He picked up the kunai and returned it back to the pouch "So what's wrong?"

Hinata shook her head "I just can't sleep and so I thought if you… uhm… want some… uhm s-some…"

Sasuke resisted not laugh. He tapped the log accentuating her to sit beside him "Of course. I don't mind having a conversation"

She smiled first before sliding beside Sasuke. Now, he was taking back what he said. If this was nonsense, would he knew behind that shy type was a friendly one urging to have someone to talk to.