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Her petite hands carefully held up the painting, and a small smile spread across her face as her sapphire blue eyes glimmered with pride. A sizzling warmth rested in her chest as she gazed blissfully at the illustration that had come by her artistic hand.

She had made a masterpiece.

The dim sunlight streaked through her glass window, bathing her artwork with a soft, ivory glow. The elegant illumiance danced all over her painting, and she could feel each of its blissful jumps in her chest as she beamed happily.

She had created many lovely paintings, so many of him, so many times before.

But all of her other paintings could not compare to this one.

This painting was the most beautiful one.

She had captured him in this painting...his heart...his soul.

She had captured his brown-blonde hair bathed lightly with a glow that shone from the setting sun, his flawless skin blushed a mixture of bright yellow, pink, and ivory, the faint dimples in his cheeks, his warm smile of bliss.

It was a masterpiece. A painting of his beautiful face. But what intrigued her most was mainly those shimmering eyes of ocean blue that were glistening with warmth. It seemed like she could drown forever in those soft pools of blue. Those beautiful orbs seemed to shimmer with a happiness that only Roxas could hold, a happiness that made her happy as well.

She tapped her chin thoughtfully. Now, what could she possibly call it?

She smiled, walking towards a blank wall that was completely bare. She carefully hung the painting on the wall, stepping back to inspect her masterpiece and smile in satisfaction.

The light coming from her glass window struck the painting in such a way that it sent highlights running through the illustration, making his face seem even more beautiful.

She dipped a paintbrush in aquamarine blue paint. She looked at the painting intently, her hand reaching out to stroke the tip of the paintbrush on the bottom of the painting.

Naminé loved this painting of Roxas. It was like a piece of her heart. But she loved Roxas even more...because Roxas made up her entire heart.

Roxas wasn't there with her right now. But she felt like he was. Because whenever she looked into the warm eyes of blue of the Roxas in the painting, she knew that Roxas was always with her. No matter where she was, no matter where he was, he was always with her.

She could always feel the warmth of his heart, his soul, as if he were a part of her. When she woke up from a beautiful dream she had just dreamt of him the previous night, she would see him right in front of her, and she would smile. When she went to sleep at night, she would place her hand over her heart and feel his presence within her. He was always with her, and for that, she was glad.

Naminé lowered her paintbrush and smiled, gazing at the azure words that glimmered with a dim, soft glow above Roxas' smiling face...: Heart and Soul.