The young man struggled awake. "Wha…what?" he asked, then realized Obi-Wan was calling his name. Alarmed, he jumped out of bed and ran to Obi-Wan's room, fearful that a wound had become infected and his master's recovery delayed, though the Jedi had been released from all therapy and medical checkups.

Stopping in the doorway, his feet chilled against the floor, he saw Obi-Wan looking away from him. As he skidded to a stop, the Jedi swung his head towards him with a big smile.

"Morning, Padawan," he greeted him, much too cheerily for Anakin's liking.

"You called, Master?" he asked warily, suspicious.

"Yes, I did. It's much too beautiful a day to lag in bed, isn't it? Just look at it…it's beautiful." He returned his gaze to the window.

"It's raining," he snapped, growling in disbelief. "You woke me up to see…" his eyes widened with sudden joy. "You wanted me to see what you see – your eyesight has come back. Master, you can see!"

"Yes, I believe so." He was so focused on what his eyes saw, that he seemed almost unaware of Anakin's words or his own response. He suddenly returned to the moment and glanced at Anakin with a half smile as an old and almost forgotten memory surfaced.

"Remember when you were young and would jump in bed next to me when it rained because seeing so much water frightened you? Scared me half to death the first time you did that," Obi-Wan reminisced, beckoning Anakin over to join him. With a whoop, Anakin raced over and settled next to Obi-Wan, laying his head next to the Jedi's and smiling with his own memories. His master smiled and patted his hand.

"Come here, Master," Anakin said as he shifted Obi-Wan so that his head rested against Anakin's shoulder. "I'll hold you this time."

"Really, Anakin, neither of us is a child," Obi-Wan protested quietly, a smile playing around his lips as he settled back, making no move to resist. Anakin just grinned and ignored him as they lay quietly looking out the window at the new day.

Anakin glanced at Obi-Wan's face. The smile and contentment he saw there would sustain him for a long time, through all the battles and hard times sure to be ahead. A memory he would hold onto for all time.

He laid a hand on Obi-Wan's shoulder and the Jedi's hand came up to rest over it. Their friendship remained strong, despite all. They would always have this to sustain them, no matter what the future held.