TITLE: A Time To Die
AUTHOR: Goddess Isa
EMAIL: goddessisa@aol.com
SUMMARY: Part Nine - sort of - of To Have & To Hold - An alternate, angsty ending to the series. Know that the last ending is the real one, this is just something I had to write to keep myself sane and on the verge of tears at any given moment g
SPOILER: Basically, this hints on ALL the Buffy & ANGEL eppys so far, because there will be some flashbacks during the series, I hope. SPECIFICALLY Pangs & I Will Remember You though.
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DISCLAIMER: In case you didn't know, all the characters I'll mention (probably) belong to David Greenwalt and Joss Whedon. I am SO furious at the both of them right now, I cannot even tell you. This stuff also belongs to all the writers that have ever written for both shows. 'One Sweet Day' is by Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men. 'The World Is Not Enough' is by Garbage.

Closing down the agency had been the hardest thing for Cordelia and Doyle to do, but there really wasn't any way for them to run it without Angel. And besides, the office held too many memories for both of them. Willow and Xander had helped them move into Angel's old Sunnydale mansion and now, the three of them sat waiting for Doyle to return home from work. Returning to teaching was a dream come true for the demon, but his wife wasn't any too thrilled with being stuck home in bed or on the couch for the final two months of her pregnancy.

Willow heard the car pull up and smiled at Cordy. "Doyle's home."

Cordelia smiled, a rarity for her nowadays. "Can one of you go get some pizza after he comes in?"

"Sure," Xander said. "What do you want on it?"

"Get everything, but have it all put in little containers except for the pineapple."

Xander nodded and smirked at Willow.

"Cordelia," Doyle said softly when he entered. She was clutching a pillow as she laid out on the couch and she still wore the faraway look in her eyes. She'd had it ever since Angel and Buffy had died.

"Cordelia, listen to me." Doyle sat by her feet and placed them on her lap. "The doctor called me today at work. He said your blood pressure was a bit escalated again."

She shrugged. "I feel all right."

"You've got to snap out of this funk, honey. You can't just sit here and cry all day, it's not good for you or for the baby."

"I didn't cry all day," she said with a slight bit of enthusiasm.

"It's true," Xander said. "I only saw her cry twice."

"When *NSYNC sang 'God Must've Spent' and when Marlena cried on Days." Willow supplied.

"I brought you something," Doyle handed her a book. "I thought it might cheer you up."

"A book of baby names?" she asked.

"I thought we could pick something out together."

"I don't need a book," Cordy said seriously. "Boy or girl, the baby will be named Angel."


"Look," Buffy said as she floated above Willow and Xander. "They're bonding."

"Babies tend to bring people together," Angel mused.

"Not always. And besides, it's not even their baby."

"Allie's pretty cute though, isn't she?" Angel asked.

Buffy nodded. "I still cannot believe Cordelia named her Allyson Angel."

"It sounds better than Angel Allyson."

"True, but....it just surprises me, that's all."

"Sometimes things just happen for a reason."

Buffy put an arm around her eternal partner and smiled at him. "Sometimes."