"Horrible, absolutely horrible!" Shishi sobbed into his pillow.

"I know Shishiwaka." Suzuka sighed, petting the mass of blue damp hair.

"That oaf almost killed us all!" He continued.

"I was THERE Shishiwaka." The clown reminded.

"I am far too young to die!"

"You're nearly four hun-"


"Your mom." The magician blinked.

"Oh-hoh!" The tengu shouted sitting up, pointing a manicured finger at his friend. "How dare you make a joke about my mother!"

"It wasn't a joke." Suzuka sighed, leaning back on the bed. "Last January she sent you that card in the mail. 'Happy Birthday my little wuga-baby! May the next Three hund-" The demon choked.

Shishi continued to tighten his hold on the blonde's neck. "It's Waka-baby, you little freak! The business of my age and my mother is none of your concern understand?!" He growled. After getting a sputtered reply, he released his hold.

The inventor gave a few rasping coughs, holding his sore neck. "Whatever you say." He muttered getting up and heading for the bathtub in their hotel room. "Waka-baby~!" He sang, slamming the dividing door and locking it just as a series of bangs and cries sounded on the wood.

Shaking his head Suzuka reached for the knobs on the tub, turning on the water to hot, as he began to strip off his swim trunks. As soon as it was full the apparition slipped in letting a sigh of contentment escape his lips. This was the life. Though no soak in a tub or amount of therapy was a grantee to forget the horror of that day.


It had all happened so fast. A few minutes ago the group of odd friends were playing pool games and having a ball. All problems had been temporarily forgotten, all quarreling set aside. Marco Polo was all that mattered now. Then it happened, Chu had jumped from the high dive. In a moment that seemed to defy gravity he appeared to fall at a retarded speed. The group of friends and fellow hotel guest had all fallen into a panicked state trying to distant themselves.

Shishi had all but walked on water in an attempt to head out of the area. Just in front of him was Jin who probably was imitating a prophet by using his wind powers. Touya had briefly thought about freezing the water in order to minimize the damage, but knew it would backfire. A drunken Aussie was one thing to explain, but a random ice ring in human world was another. Instead the shinobi jumped out of the water initiating a back flip, as soon as his feet hit the concrete, he ran for dear life. While all the humans had been distracted in chaos, Suzuka opted for his black ball technique to transport himself to a dryer place…It might have worked. If Rinku hadn't choked him in a hold attempting to climb the taller demon who was closer to the pool's exit.

The beautiful demon had been an older brother long ago, and found himself embracing those protective instincts, for two seconds. Grabbing the star child by the hair he flung him in Shishi's general direction before scrambling up the pool's side. Rinku's open hands clawed for anything, ANYTHING to hold on to. The elastic band of Shishi's Speedo was the only thing he caught. Between the brunette's grip and the Imp's desperate action to get away, the tiny cloth gave way splitting in two pieces over its continental divide.

The yo-yo wielder was about to give a cry of disgust, when the glass breaking sound of Chu hitting water echoed behind him. "Oh…shit."

Suddenly the waters parted as the mow hawked man mad contact with the glassy surface. The blue chlorine filled liquid sloshed creating a massive 80 foot wave. Rising up it drowned the passersby. Mothers franticly grabbed their children from the kiddy pool. Old people from the lawn chairs floated by like a group of old skinned walruses sinking into the depths.

Then like a great Tsunami the act was over within a few moments. When the flood waters parted and the water spilled into the neighboring halls towards the front lobby, the masses took a look at the drowned recreation area.

Belongings floated by in the derby, along with miscellaneous pool items. Residents of the hotel were either carried out with the current or remained pasted to the side windows.

Our group of demons found themselves at odds and ins. Jin was clinging onto the raptors of the ceiling his fingers on a wooden beam, his toes curling over the tips of a light fixture. Touya was imitating, well hopefully imitating, the dead man's float in the area that use to be the children's wave zone. Suzuka found himself caged in an assortment of lounge chairs. The vinyl elastic that once acted as support, now seemed to serving as a prison, causing the blonde to struggle for a way out. Rinku had been washed up into a decorative palm tree, desperately clutching onto the coconuts. He gave a brief groan looking up the remains of cloth he still held in his hands. Remembering what the material once touched he quickly dropped the ripped Speedo before fiercely rubbing his hands against the tree bark in an attempt to scratch his skin off. Shishi blinked, from the bottom of the tree trunk as his fallen bathing suite fluttered around his feet. Looking down he found himself exposed and revealing to the other guests that his carpet did indeed match his curtains. Giving a non-chalet shrug he turned around and proudly marched out of the door and headed back to his room. The only comfort he offered to the startled hotel guest was a smirk and his phone number.

Shimmering down the tree Rinku meekly approached the now empty pool. Down, down, down into the cement lining a sink hole nearly thirty feet deep held the remains of a bowling ball and Foster's beer can; the only evidence of who might have created such damage. Deep from the center of the Earth, Chu's voice echoed out the cement pond.




Blinking the brunette nodded holding up hands. "Definitely a perfect 10."

Giving a sigh Suzuka pulled the drain and stood up from the bathtub. Wrapping a towel around his waist he headed to his favorite place, the vanity. Shoving aside the collection of various hair care products, the vain demon reached for his brush. Looking at his gorgeous reflection he was partly surprised to find he had left his bathing cap on. Reaching under the rim, he slowly pulled off the protector to inspect his perfectly tinted green locks…wait. "G-g-g." He stuttered franticly patting his chemically infected hair.

Shishi, who was secure in his fluffy bathrobe, settled into bed content, until a cry shook the very foundation of the hotel.


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