Forget Me Not

by Blue Ten


After defeating the Brotherhood of Evil, the Teen Titans return to their city only to find that many things changed in their absence. And when an outlandish new enemy is defeated for them, the Titans are left to contemplate their place in the world. But Beast Boy won't let it end there. BBxRae, RobxStar


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Epilogue: Forever in Memories

Stepping out from the tower's elevator on the ground level, Beast Boy looked out across the large room. A long, red carpet led across the floor, lined on both sides by several gray, cushioned chairs, leading straight to the main exit. The immense doors, the image of a black 'T' stretched across their entire surface, rose tall, but was easily dwarfed by the sheer height of the ceiling. Lights from above and the walls illuminated the window-less area, giving no indication of the current time-of-day.

Making his way across the carpet, Beast Boy stopped in front of the large doors and allowed them to slowly slide open for him. Immediately, a gust of cool wind rushed through, causing the changeling to squint his eyes and shiver a bit until it ended. Fully open, the doorway revealed the outside world. Deeply shadowed waters moved about peacefully in the bay, waves brought into focus by the light of the pale-blue, morning sky. Many windows in the cityscape seemed like yellow floodlights, at just the right angle to reflect the sun perfectly. It was early... long before the others would wake up; just the way Beast Boy wanted it, as he felt he didn't need to bother them with his current mission.

Beast Boy felt the morning breeze sweeping the island as he stepped out onto the tower's stone walkway. Taking in a deep breath of the sea air, he looked to the eastern horizon to see the sun peeking slightly over the waters under the connecting bridge. As he stood in the light, a reflective, silver object could be seen, held securely under his right arm. Suddenly morphing into a large bird, he took hold of the object with his beak and proceeded to glide toward the city on the currents.

Even in the early morning, the city was fairly animated; several cars rushed through its streets every now and again, as well as the occasional person taking a stroll down the sidewalks by the beach. Seeing this, Beast Boy wondered if perhaps he should have come earlier. He soon realized waking up sooner would have been quite impossible; with all the exhaustion he felt from that night's battle, he was surprised he had awakened at all.

Beast Boy moved eastward along the sidewalk closest to the bay, the tower still visible from the corner of his eye. As time passed by, the sun continued along its path into the sky, half of its body now visible over the horizon. Eventually, Beast Boy traveled beyond the connecting bridge and took notice of something in the distance. The tall, circular silhouette of the amusement park's Ferris Wheel rose high before the sunlight by the ocean. Beast Boy smiled at the memories it presented: Robin and Starfire subtly flirting as they rode the wheel, he and Cyborg winning and losing at the many games, and Raven... well... being Raven. Beast Boy chuckled to himself a bit when he realized that was probably when Raven's dislike of chickens first arose.

Beast Boy turned away from the amusement park as he came to a crosswalk that led into the city. With no cars currently in the area, he simply hurried across the street and moved on into the forest of buildings. The quiet surprised Beast Boy, especially as he moved toward the city's center along its wide, main street. Several cars moved through the lanes, so few and far between that they had apparently no reason to rush. Beginning to look around a bit, Beast Boy knew he had no reason to rush either. Moving along, he kept a good grip on the silver object in his right hand.

In time, Beast Boy came across the pizza place which forked the main street. Walking on the adjacent sidewalk to its right, he looked up at the open area at the top and remembered all the times he and the others had spent there. Rarely did they order something to eat in a timely fashion, always arguing about the dumbest things—such as whether or not to have meat, vegetarian, or... other toppings, when separate pizzas would have sufficed. Ironically, some of his fondest memories circled around that place.

Further down the way, Beast Boy looked to his left as he came upon an open area. The Sentinel building still remained... however, the machines of a construction crew had gathered around it... preparing it for a demolition, he assumed. One thing was for sure... he wouldn't miss it when it was gone. He only hoped the old shops would get their places back in time.

Finding his facial expression shifting to a discontented grimace, Beast Boy was interrupted by a group of pigeons flying overhead in the direction he had been going. The birds pulling his attention away from the building, he looked further down the way to see a bit of green in the distance which led up into the mountains: the park. He was almost to his destination... but he felt there was still time to take in the sights.

The park was relatively empty during the early morning hours, as was typical. Beast Boy saw no problem with this, the fact making the grassy, green area seem all the more inviting. The many hills between the forested areas were windswept, the grass that painted their surfaces swaying in the breeze. All throughout, the most prominent sounds were the singing of birds and the rustling of leaves in the oaks. Beast Boy walked along the pathways in the park for quite sometime... sure, by this time, his friends had already noticed his absence. However, it was still early in the morning, the sun not yet over the tops of the buildings, and he was certain he would make it back before noon. With an easygoing expression on his face, he continued on his way through the quiet park.

Out of all the places in the city, this was perhaps the one where the Titans had spent the most time. Whenever they needed a break, this is where they would come to relax. Looking across the rolling hills, Beast Boy could easily identify their favorite spots: the long, flat stretch of ground where they would play the occasional field sports... the out-of-the-way, hidden clearing where they could usually have a picnic without interruption. There were so many things he had once taken for granted... so many things he now cherished more than ever.

Not far from his way out of the park, Beast Boy came across a peculiar looking grouping of flowers along the side of the path. Growing out from thick, green stems and leaves, the actual flowers were quite small and branched off in groups at around knee-height. The flowers' five petals were an eye-catching sky blue, creating a white star shape with a goldenrod center at their hearts. They looked perfect... and what's more, he knew what they were called... Reaching down, he removed one of the groupings from the lower stem and held it firmly with the silver object in his right hand. Standing up fully, Beast Boy looked back to the direction of his destination.


- - - - - -

Contrasting to the liveliness of the outside world, the area Beast Boy now traversed through was dark and saturated with silence. The only prominent sounds were the tapping of water droplets, which resonated infrequently throughout the shadows. Guiding himself with his hands and sticking close to the walls as he moved along, Beast Boy tried not to trip over the various blunt rocks that jutted up from the ground in the cave, as well as duck under the ones protruding from above. At this point, he found himself wishing he had brought a flashlight; however, lining several of the walls was a strange luminescent plant... which eventually allowed his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

All the while, several thoughts coursed through Beast Boy's mind... namely, just what in the world he thought he was doing. This place now harbored two separate memories... both of which were decidedly unpleasant; he felt like a fool for returning, like he was tempting fate to throw him another fastball. But on the other side of things, he realized, both memories had become a bit of a growing experience for him... And now, he was seeking closure with one of them.

Finally reaching his goal, Beast Boy looked up to the break in the cave... a sheet of metal had been placed over it and sealed shut. Apparently, the construction crew had done their job. No doubt the facility and its branches would either be put to other uses... or demolished. In any case, those things were far from Beast Boy's mind.

Turning away from the ceiling, Beast Boy looked across the area to see Terra's memorial in the distance. For a moment, he felt a bit of hesitation, his legs almost refusing to move as he stared at it from afar. However, inhaling deeply, Beast Boy took note of everything he had learned, and pressed onward. It was time to set things right, to let her live her own life.

Kneeling down in front of the stone, Beast Boy brought the object he had been carrying into his view. Taking a moment, he stared at the heart-shaped box in his hands, recalling the sheer embarrassment he felt when giving it to Terra... as well as the events that followed. Lifting open the top of the box, Beast Boy looked at his reflection in the underside of the lid, managing a small smile. Not all memories from back then had been bad ones.

Letting go of his smile, Beast Boy closed the box and looked seriously to the flat surface of the stone. Setting the box down on the rock, he stared at it in silence for a while, simply listening to the subtle ambiance that flowed around him.

"I made this for you... because I wanted to show you the way I felt," he started speaking without much thought, his voice echoing in the cavern. "I'm here today, giving it back, for that same reason..." Beast Boy looked at the dim, bluish-green light of the luminescent plants bouncing off the surface of the box. "I want you to know... that I feel like I can finally move on. You're alive and well, and that's all that should really matter to me. I was being selfish... trying to make you come back... but I think I understand now," he stopped for a moment, realizing he was really talking to no one... but it still felt right to him, to say something. "You lost your powers..." he said, thinking back to his disgraceful actions. "I can't imagine... how relieved you must have been. You could finally be a normal kid for once... and I tried to show up and destroy that."

Beast Boy felt a stinging in his eyes, and consequently stopped his words to wipe some moisture from them. "I got mad. I felt like things were changing too much... when the real truth was..." he trailed off, trying to find words through his slightly choking voice, "all you wanted was for things to stay the same. You found a new life, a place where you could finally be happy—and you didn't want that to change. I was stubborn... and stupid... and I'm sorry." Beast Boy closed his eyes, letting several warm tears roll down his face. "I'm sure... you did it for me as well. How could things ever be the way they were, when there was no way you could be? You were protecting me... all of us... from change." Beast Boy felt his body trembling, and so tried to calm himself with a few slow breaths. "But I know I can be happy for you now... and start being happy again myself." Shakily, he opened his eyes and looked forward through slightly blurred vision.

"Anyway..." started Beast Boy, wiping the last few droplets from his eyes, "I didn't come down here just to blubber like an idiot," he said, chuckling in spite of himself. "I wanted to say that no matter what happens..." Beast Boy brought the stem of blue flowers into his view, placing them on top of the box, "I won't forget... who you were, and who you are. I promise," he finished, standing up and finding the tears gone, but his body still shaking.

Still facing the memorial, he decided to say something else. "I think I've found someone..." he started, finding a fond smile growing on his expression as he placed an open hand against his cheek. "You know her... She's always been someone special to me, but now I'm... starting to feel something more. She can be a little grumpy and quiet sometimes, but, for someone who tries to never laugh or smile... she really has the best of those two things."

Finally feeling himself calm down, Beast Boy smiled brightly, beginning to turn around without notice of the presence in the immediate area. "Well... goodbye, Terr—AAH!" he shouted, seeing a figure standing directly in front of him as he shifted his position fully. Jumping back, he held his arms up for protection, heartbeat skyrocketing. Looking closer at the figure through his guard, Beast Boy noticed something familiar about it and began to lower his arms, squinting into the dimly lit darkness. "Raven...?"

"I..." Raven trailed off, walking further into the dim light and removing her hood. Her expression was almost unreadable, but there was something peculiar about it to Beast Boy. "We came looking for you when you didn't answer your communicator..."

"Oh... I didn't bring it," he replied, avoiding Raven's eyes, suddenly scratching the side of his head as beads of sweat formed. "So, um... how long do you think you were standing there?" he asked nervously, pointing to the aforementioned spot.

Without saying a word, Raven simply walked forward, stopping mere inches from Beast Boy and looking straight into his eyes. Immediately, she locked him in a close embrace, resting her head over his shoulder. For a while, she simply held onto him until words finally came to her. "I think I've found someone too," she mirrored his speech.

Beast Boy hung his head forward in defeat as he returned the embrace. "Um... who is it?" he asked, almost sounding serious. Picking up a small pebble with her powers, Raven used it to lightly hit Beast Boy on the back of the head.


- - - - - -

I asked myself a question when this whole thing started... 'How can someone just let go of a part of themselves... how can you just say goodbye to something you've held onto for so long?' And I've finally come to realize the simple answer: you can't. When something becomes a part of you, there's no real way to let it go, even when it's already out of your reach. The important thing to know is: as long as they remain in your thoughts and memories, those cherished moments, those people who came and left, will never really disappear; they become your inspiration and live on.

Coming back home to find that things had changed: it was a time I tried my hardest... and found something inside I'd been looking for. There was a part of me that believed I could go on forever... that these times with my friends would never end. And when it's all over, no matter what really happens, I can look back on that part of myself and know... it was the best part.



Author's Note: -cries- Well, I'm sure by now you've realized that I intended this story as a metaphor for the cancellation of Teen Titans the tv series. Once I saw 'Things Change', this idea just popped into my head and was brewing even while I was in the midst of writing TLD.

With the ending, I wanted to show that Beast Boy had grown up, and was willing to let certain things in life take their course. Yes, he fought to keep things from changing because of Sentinel—but he was fighting for something he knew to be right, granted that it started as an animal gut feeling. Once he found out he was wrong to try changing Terra's new life, he couldn't make himself do it anymore.

Anyway, thank you all for reading/reviewing, you've been great, seriously :).

Also, my thanks go out to CatGirl R and S Fan for suggesting that I have Beast Boy leave Terra a Forget Me Not (flower). I think that really added something to the ending.

-major spoilers for the movie-

I realize that the RobxStar moment was cut short in the last chapter, and you were given no real closure. I did this because, even though it supposedly takes place between Seasons 4 and 5, I wanted this fic to seem like it led right into the movie—with the RobxStar romance (just ignore the BBxRae, lol). I believe that the way they got together in the movie was perfect, so I wanted to go along with it instead of rewriting something.

-major spoilers for the movie-

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