Know Your Stars Naruto

Summary: If you've ever read any other Know Your Stars fanfiction or seen the skit Know Your Stars you'll know what this story is about. For those of you who don't know, Know Your Stars is a skit on All That which gives out false information on the characters of the show.

Dedication: Titi and Tom who are getting me hooked on Naruto

Disclaimer: Hey don't defrost my friends have to suck on you!

Victim three: Uchiha Sasuke

Uchiha Sasuke was in the middle of looking for a book on a type of jutsu he could use to impress Sakura. Not that she really needed to be impressed or that Sasuke really gave a rat's behind. He just needed something to do.

Well thanks to a little pre planning the voice had laid the book that Sasuke wanted on the chair in the room and placed a sign saying library on the door. Not noticing anything wrong with this picture, Sasuke walked in, picked up the book and sat down.

"Know your stars. Know your stars. Know your stars, Uchiha Sasuke he is really a kitty cat." The voice says happily.

"What the hell? I am not a cat! Do I look like a cat?" Sasuke demands.

"Well no. But I thought you had those cute little whiskers." The voice admits sounded disappointed.

" I don't have whiskers, that's Naruto!"

"Ok. Uchiha Sasuke, his best friend is cat boy Uzumaki Naruto!" The voice shouts.

"Okay you crazy person. One, Naruto is not my best friend and two Naruto is not a cat boy. He has a nine tailed fox sealed within him."

"Uchiha Sasuke, he is in complete and utter denial that he is friends with Uzumaki Naruto who is the cat boy who escaped from a federal prison." (Thank you Titi AKA Ayi)

At that precise moment Naruto came bursting in. "I am not a cat boy!" the blonde boy shouted.

"Okay. Uchiha Sasuke, he is in complete and utter denial that he is friends with Uzumaki Naruto who escaped from a federal prison." The voice corrected herself.

"I am so not a convict we went over this before! Dattebayo! (1)"

"Yeah, whatever. Uchiha Sasuke, he never learned how to activate the Sharingan, so he uses contact lenses that have the swirls drawn on there with Sharpie markers to fool his opponents." (Again thank you Titi AKA Ayi) The voice giggles at that one.

"Oh man! Sasuke is that true?" Naruto gasps, the small blonde ninja is trying hard not to laugh and Sasuke anime punches him out of the room.

"Of course that's not true you moron!" Sasuke yells as Naruto disappears into the sky.

"Uchiha Sasuke, he gets really angry when people find out the truth about his Sharingan really being contact lenses."

"They're not contact lenses! I really have the Sharingan! I inherited it from my clan!" Sasuke is nearly yelling now.

"Uchiha Sasuke, his real life ambition is to become a mime."

"What?" Sasuke nearly falls out of his chair. "Where did you get wanting to be a mime? Especially after that outburst?"

"Yes, Uchiha Sasuke really wants to become a mime. But he can't shut up so he has to be a ninja and make up something about a task he has to finish."

"I didn't make anything up! I have to avenge my clan! That's my goal!" Sasuke is shouting again. If this wasn't a sound proof room, there would be a crowd gathering outside the door.

"See, I knew you can't be a mime because you can't shut up! Uchiha Sasuke, he is secretly in love with Hyuga Hinata." (Thanks Rina Hidden mist Ninja AKA Mewy)

"What? That's crazy I don't like Hinata that way. I might be in love with someone else!"

At this announcement a horde of fan girls descends upon the set and began to swarm around Sasuke crying and shouting and asking, "How could you?" Seeing no other alternative Sasuke used an invisibility jutsu and disappeared. This was done much to the dismay of the fan girls who then dispersed into the area on a world wide search.

"And now you know Uchiha Sasuke the wannbe mime." The voice sighed.


Well I hope you liked this chapter. Thank you very much Rina Hidden mist Ninja, Narutofan123, Ayi, Nekolover11, and Beetchy Babe. Next up is Yamanaka Ino so get those ideas in.

1.) This is just an exclamation that Naruto says in the Japanese subs. Viz translated it to 'Believe it!'