She was dead…Maggie Evans was dead. No matter how hard Willie tried to wrap his head around this reality, he found that he could not, for how could a woman of Maggie's vitality ever truly die?

Barnabas had claimed she'd perished shortly after he found her on the beach, but Willie wasn't completely certain of this. His master had seemed tense…nervous, and before Willie could even ask what Barnabas had done with the body, he'd been ordered to go downstairs and clean out her cell.

And her cell…oh God, it still smelled of her! The room was just as tidy as she'd left it, only now it felt cold and empty without her warmth and vitality.

"Oh, Maggie…"

Running a hand along his moist eyes, Willie slowly entered the room and gazed about him at his somber surroundings. On the crate sat a platter of bread crusts and half a glass of milk, and atop the cot laid the slightest indentation of Maggie's gentle form.

Feeling nauseous at this sight, Willie turned around on his heel and began to retch, his sorrow and guilt dispelling from his body like a corrosive poison and simultaneously releasing him of his onus. He didn't have to look after Maggie anymore, but somehow this didn't ease his soul as he had hoped. Whether he liked it or not, he had grown to care for Maggie a great deal – more so than he'd ever willingly admit – and the very realization that he hadn't been able to save her made him sick to his stomach.

Tearing at his hair, Willie moved to overturn the crate when he suddenly caught sight of a small, glinting object slightly beneath the cot. Bending over in order to retrieve it, Willie felt his heart tighten in his chest the moment he realized it was Maggie's gold necklace.

Oh, God…

Holding it close to his heart, Willie bowed his head and began to weep, for he knew that never again would he find a woman who moved him so deeply…who made him feel the need to live. With a shuddering sigh, Willie exited the cell and locked the door tightly behind him; with that single twist of the key, he vowed to never enter that cell and relive the painful memories, again.

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