Lonestar Love

Okay, this is the fifth story in my family series. As with the other stories in this series there are not separate brands. All superstars expect the Texans live in Connecticut.

Now, this story takes place 14 months after the last story so here's a rundown on the characters.

Paul and Steph are still married. The twins, Austin and Aaron are 15 months old and are doing good.

Dave is still Dave. You'll have to read to see if his love life is still on the rocks.

Jayden has quit her job at Raw magazine and is working full time on MASA and support groups for rape victims. She has also written a book about monsters in the dark.

Randy is now 25 and a little more grown up. He still does not have a long term relationship.

Journey is 23. She's in her last year of college. She has moved in with John and Ari.

Ari is now 10 years old.

Laney is now 15.

I do now own anything or anyone. I am not making any money off this. I do it for the enjoyment of others and myself.

I have to admit that I am not that interested in writing this story. I have the next story all written in my head and I'm really anxious to start it but I know I can't just jump from the last story to that story. So I have to write this one but I'm just not into it. Hopefully as the story fills out I'll get an idea where it's going and will be able to write more smoothly. I probably rewrote the first chapter like a dozen times.

So that probably means updates are going to be slow. I apologize in advance.

Happy reading.