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Summary: Halloween and a Haunted House…sure fire trouble for Sam and Dean awaits. WARNING POSSIBLE SPOILERS – story is set some time post Devil's Trap and may refer to things that happened anytime during the first Season.

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Home Sweet House

Chapter 1 – The House

The house was quiet with only the sound of the storm raging outside. The house had been empty for years which showed in the areas of neglect. The overgrown yard, the rose bushes gone wild long ago. The outside of the house had lost most of its paint over the years, leaving the grey color of the clapboards to reflect the mood of the house.

The inside of the house hadn't faired much better, old wallpaper curled from the ceiling to meet the floor. Furniture covered in white sheets, which had faded with age and neglect. Shadows of the majesty of the house from days gone by could be seen everywhere.

But soon that would change…on the night of All Hallows Eve…the house would once again be the site of a celebration. Only that night's attendees would be in for a little more trick than treat.


Dean was driving as usual with the sound of hard rock filling the car. Sam had drifted off to sleep a few miles back. Dean was glad to see his brother was finally getting a little sleep. He never seemed to get any sleep these days. Dean reached over and turned the radio down a little, wanting his brother to get as much sleep as he could.

They were on their way to the newest set of coordinates that their father had sent them. A small town outside of Erie Pennsylvania. Sam's research had shown an unusual number of deaths in the town that occurred once every 6 years on the night of Halloween. Dean figured the job would be pretty simple, most likely a pesky spirit. Once they got in town, he was sure that Sam would hit the library as usual while Dean would hit the nearest bar. Not only would he probably get the low down on what was happening from its clientele, but maybe he could earn a little extra spending money playing pool…and a few more phone numbers to add to his collection.


The young man was standing outside the vacant house. He couldn't explain it but he felt drawn to this house. He shook his head as he saw the disrepair of the house. He bet that once upon a time, it would have been a grand place. Walking up the overgrown sidewalk, the young man paused outside the massive oak door. All of the windows had shutters made of the same gray colored wood that sheathed the rest of the house. The young man wondered what the inside of the house looked like, he stood silently outside the door trying to decide whether or not to enter.

In the end curiosity won out over caution. The young man cautiously opened the door, stepping into the dark entrance of the home. He could almost feel the house holding its breath as he walked into the large room to the right. A massive fire place was located along one wall with a large painting centered over the mantle. The crystal chandelier moved sending a slight tinkling sound through the room.

Unafraid, the young man smiled at the musical sound. "I know that you are here…I can feel you…don't be afraid. I've come to help you." As the young man stood in the center of the room, he was suddenly surrounded by globes of light. The globes bobbed and weaved around the room, playfully surrounding the young man.

"Yes, that's right…all of you come on out…tell me your story and I will see what I can do to help you…don't be afraid." The young man sat on the floor, looking intently at a single globe of light that appeared to be resting a short distance away from him. A sad smile crossed the young man's face as he nodded, apparently holding some type of conversation with the ethereal globe.

"Yes, I understand…this may take a little time, but I think I can help you and the others."

Suddenly the globes of light began a frantic whirling, disappearing into the walls and ceiling as quickly as they had come. The young man turned "You are not welcome here!" he cried at something in the darkness. The front door slammed shut with a bang and the chandelier began moving in a threatening manner. Before the young man could move, the chandelier crashed to the floor pinning him to the floor. For the first time that day, the young man felt terror creep into his heart…this was not suppose to happen. He tried to crawl out from under the chandelier, but his body was broken. He looked up into the ceiling at a single white orb bobbing near the corner. Before his eyes closed, he spoke to the orb "I'm sorry…I thought I could help…now I may have made things worse!"


Sam jerked awake, groaning and holding his head in his hands. Dean recognized the signs and quickly pulled over to the side of the road. He hurried over to the passenger side and opened the door just in time for Sam to spill out and head for the side of the road. Dean heard the sounds of retching and knew for sure that Sam was having one of his visions. He headed over to where Sam was sitting on the ground, holding his head and rocking back and forth. His eyes were focused on a scene that only he could see. Dean knelt down and placed his hands on Sam's shoulders, talking to him in calm tones, not knowing if Sam heard him or not, but needing to do something useful…anything until the vision ended.

"Dean…Oh God…I think…I think it killed him…we have to get to those coordinates fast!" Sam groaned again as another waive of pain hit him in his head. After getting rid of the rest of his lunch, Sam sat back and tried to catch his breath.

"Here you go Sam" Dean silently handed him a bottle of water and a couple of aspirin. Dean always kept these supplies on hand, he never knew when Sam would need them.

Sam squinted up at Dean and took the water and pills from him with shaking hands. He used some of the water to rinse his mouth out and then took the pills. "I'm sorry Dean…just give me a minute and we can get going again ok?" Sam figured Dean had to be getting pretty tired of this whole affair. How many times had he been there, silently offering support after one of Sam's visions decided to make an appearance.

"No problem little brother…now had you gotten sick in the car…we would be having a whole other conversation!" Dean said with his usual swagger.

Sam smiled as Dean helped him to his feet and back into the car. All he wanted to do was close his eyes and rest, but he knew that Dean would want to hear about his newest nightmare. As Dean closed the door on the driver's side he looked as his brother. Sam still looked a little green and his eyes were mere slits in his face. That and the sweat on his forehead meant that the dream was most likely going to be a vision.

"Ok Sam, how about you fill me in while I try to get us to the coordinates as quickly as I can." Dean slammed the car into gear and pealed out leaving a trail of smoke behind.

Sam told Dean about his vision…or at least as much as he could remember. "So, do you know this guy from anywhere?" Dean asked as he negotiated around the curves in the highway.

"No…but I felt that he had some sort of ability…Dean, he was talking to the spirits trapped in the house as if they were long lost friends. He didn't have any fear…it was if he expected them to be there. Who knows, maybe this is similar to what happened with Max."

"Great, well let's hope that this time it ends a little better" remarked Dean as he looked at Sam. "Why don't you try to rest some more…I'll wake you once we get to the hotel."

Sam never said a word as he slowly closed his eyes and rested his head against the window. Dean couldn't help but worry…these visions took so much out of his brother…he wished he could do something other than handle the aftermath. But damage control was what Dean was good at…he would find a hotel and get his brother something to eat. Then hopefully, Sam would get a few hours sleep before they started their next job. From the sounds of it…Sam would need all the sleep he could get.



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