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Home Sweet House

Chapter 20 – Epilogue

Dean pulled up to the remote cabin and sighed, man he was tired. It seemed like it had been a week since he last slept. He looked over at Nick who was sleeping in Sam's usual position. The kid had guts, anyone else that had been through what he had gone through would be a basket case. Dean reached over and gently shook the young man's shoulder.

"Come on Nick…we're here!" Dean slid out of the car and headed around to help Nick out of the car. Nick groaned as his muscles had stiffened up during the ride. Dean put a steadying arm around Nick's waist as he helped him to the door. Nick pulled the key out of his pocket and opened the door.

The cabin was comfortably furnished, a definite improvement over some of the other places that Dean and Sam had stayed in the past. The great room had a large fire place with a supply of wood stacked neatly beside it. "There are two bedrooms…the one over there has two full size beds in it…you may want to take that one for you and Sam" Nick walked over to the overstuffed sofa and eased himself down onto it.

"Cool…you just sit there and relax. I'm going to get Sam and then I'll bring in our stuff!" Nick shook his head as Dean walked out the door. He never realized that he was missing out on something, being an only child. It was nice to have someone take over for a little while. Nick couldn't believe the endless energy that Dean had. He knew that Dean was also injured, had lost quite a bit of blood and yet he continued on as if nothing was wrong with him.

A few moments later, Dean entered carrying Sam over his shoulders. He walked quickly to the room that Nick had indicated and carefully placed Sam on the bed furthest from the door. Sam hadn't moved since Dean had placed him in the car. His brother was still coughing from the smoke he inhaled, but his breathing seemed to have gotten easier. Dean was still concerned about the fever…as soon as he got their things in, he was going to have to take a closer look at the wounds on Sam's body.

Dean made short work of getting in all of their things. He put Nick's things in his room and brought their things into the room he would share with Sam. Nick had gone into the kitchen and brought in a bowl filled with clean water and some fresh towels and wash rags. "Do you need any help Dean?" Nick asked as he sat on the edge of the other bed.

"Actually, could you help me get this robe off…I need you to hold him up while I work it off of him." Nick came over and braced Sam while Dean worked the robe off of his baby brother, being careful of the broken arm. Nick gently laid Sam back down on the bed and took the robe from Dean. He cringed at the damage on Sam's body. Dean didn't say anything, but Nick could see the concern in his eyes as he gently cleaned each of the wounds on Sam's body. Next he stitched up the inflamed wound on Sam's stomach and finished by stitching up the gash on Sam's head.

"I'm going out to the car for a minute to get the inflatable cast that we keep for emergencies…can you watch him for me?" Dean asked as he washed his hands in the bowl.

"Sure…no problem" Nick replied as he took Dean's place in the chair beside Sam's bed.

Nick watched as Sam groaned, slowly opening his eyes. "Dean?" Sam asked with a raw voice. The smoke had made it hard for him to talk.

"He'll be right back Sam…here try to drink some of this cool water…it should help!" Nick held Sam's shoulders up and helped him to drink.

"Well, well…if it isn't sleeping beauty!" Dean announced as he entered the room and saw that his brother was awake at last. Sam's eyes were still glazed with fever, but at least they were open.

"Dean…where? How?" Sam swallowed, as he tried to get past the soreness in his throat.

"Hey there little brother…try not to talk too much, you're throat is probably pretty sore from the smoke you inhaled. We are safe and resting in a nice cabin that Nick has generously offered to us. I have taken care of all your other wounds, but I need to work on your arm a little…does anything else hurt?" Dean took the chair that Nick had vacated.

"Headache" Sam said as he licked his dry lips.

"Ok…I'm going to give you something for that as soon as I take care of this arm. Then if you can stay awake for a little bit, I'm going to try to get you some soup…you need to get something into your stomach or the antibiotics will make you sick." Dean kept up the small talk, hoping to distract Sam from the pain in his arm.

Sam groaned as Dean finished working on his arm. He was having trouble keeping his eyes open, but he had to know what happened to Marie and the house. "Dean…what happened…is Marie ok? Did we get Drake?"

Dean smiled as he finished placing the inflatable cast on Sam's arm. The break looked like it would heal up just fine. "Everyone is just fine Sammy…although that is more than I can say for you…you're lucky you look like shit right now or I'd be beating the crap out you!"

Sam smiled "Well, if it weren't for me…who else would you have to hover over?"

"Sam, seriously…you gotta stop running into things without backup…one of these times, I might just be watching a Sox game or something" Dean looked at Sam, hoping he could make him understand. "I know that you can take care of yourself…hell you probably don't need me half the time…but Dude…I'm getting old real fast with the situations you put yourself in."

"Since when did you watch baseball?" Sam quipped as he felt the slight punch on his good arm.

"Since I have been spending so much time repairing your lovely body Sammy…what else am I supposed to do…knit?"

Sam looked at Dean and saw the worry on his face. Sam grabbed Dean's hand and held it tight, looking his brother in the eye…"I'll always need you in my life Dean…I'm sorry if I worried you, but I just didn't see any other choice"

Dean patted Sam on the shoulder and sighed "I guess it's too much to ask that you can stay out of trouble long enough for me to take a shower…I don't know about you, but I'm beat!" Dean smiled as Nick came back into the room with a tray containing a bowl of hot soup and two cups of coffee.

"I thought you might need this…I'll see you two later, I think I'm going to get some shut eye" Nick smiled as he turned to leave the room.


A few weeks later, Sam was sitting on the front porch of the cabin watching Dean working on his car. A soft smile played on his lips as he recalled the days and nights that Dean had spent nursing him back to health. He had been there when the nightmares started and held his hand…Sam knew that as long as Dean was there, he could deal with anything.

Nick walked out to join Sam. "So you two will be leaving in the morning?"

"Yeah…heh…thanks man for letting us crash here. Who owns this cabin?" Sam watched as Nick got a far away look in his eyes.

It belonged to my great grandfather on my mother's side. I discovered it in some of my father's personal belongings after he died. I never knew that the place existed because it was under my mother's maiden name, I figured it would be a safe retreat. I come here sometimes to just relax…it makes me feel closer to my family.

Sam heard the loneliness in the man's voice. "Nick…look, if you ever need anything…you have our phone number…I mean it, even if you just want to talk sometime…give us a call."

"I appreciate that Sam…it feels good to know that I can talk to someone when the target on my back gets too heavy…with luck, I'll be able to stay under the radar."

"I know what you mean…but there are others out there too…who knows maybe some day we'll start a club…you know our own 'psycho's R us' club for all the others out there with special abilities."

Nick laughed as he stood to go back into the cabin. "I'm going to fix lunch…tell Dean it will be ready in about 20 minutes."

Sam stood and walked over to Dean's car. He lightly put his hand on the hood of the car, feeling the connection to his brother through the warm metal.

"Hey…you touchee you washee!" Dean smirked "I just spent an hour washing and waxing this baby…don't you dare leave any fingerprints on her!"

Sam held his hands up in surrender. Yep, as long as Dean was in his life, Sam could stand anything that the demon could throw at him.

The End

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