A Hogwarts Cinderella Story

Lily's story

Lily Evans was a shy and pretty sixth year. True, she seemed like a know-it –all, but there's more to Lily than meets the eye. Lily has Red silky, auburn hair, her pale skin responding quite well to her deep green emerald eyes. She is very pretty but her shyness has overcome her beauty. She never speaks much but she is well-known in the school, not much well-known but quite a number know her.

Lily has two superb friends that never leave her side. Rosamia Macintosh and Shantel Jones. Rosamia had wide golly blue eyes, she had blonde curly hair with pink streaks that reached her mid-back and has a skin color like Lily's, and she is very nice and friendly and stands up for her friends no matter what. Shantel on the other hand has light brown hair that reaches her shoulders; she had mocha skin that shows the oblong shape of her black ebony eyes, Shantel would do her best to keep her grades up, since her poor family was counting on her

Of course, there were people who Lily loathed. There was Dora Alanford, The most popular girl at Hogwarts. To the three friends, she was as ice queen. Dora had glossy blonde hair that reached her lower shoulders. Her ice blue eyes and her white porcelain skin gave off her personality. She was rich, snobby and beautiful (at least, according to her)

Another one Lily hated was Mirage Lendor. Next to Dora, she was the second most popular girl at Hogwarts. She had Dark brown hair that reached her lower neck. Her dark skin showing perfectly her snooty looking green slit-like eyes. She was snobby but not as much as Dora. Dora would really go to the ends of the earth to prove she is perky perfect.

Lily didn't hate Terra Amethyst as much as she loathed Dora and Mirage. True, Terra was one of Dora's cronies but she wasn't snobby unless you annoy her. Yes, she is popular but not as much as Dora and Mirage. She was friendly but not when Dora was around because Dora is a threat to mankind. She was fairly wealthy. She had very long black hair that reached her upper thighs. People always wondered why she never cut them. And her friendly looking brown eyes looked inviting.

A day in Lily's life is a simple one. She would wake up at 6:00 am with her best friends, (although Rosamia seemed to get up at least 3 minutes later that them), Go down the staircases towards the great hall and sometimes, encounter the popular girls (they ignored each other mostly), Namely Dora, Mirage and Terra.

Lily was a very normal girl; despite that she never talked much, Dora had started calling her the nerd-it-all. A lot of Hufflepuffs are on Lily's side although they never seemed to show it when Dora was around, the Hufflepuffs were extremely nice to Lily and even Amos Diggory said that Dora was just jealous of Lily's looks.

Dora absolutely thought she was the most beautiful girl at Hogwarts. How wrong she was. She didn't know that behind her back, people were talking about her and sometimes, people would butt Lily in.

That made Dora extremely nastier to Lily than her two other friends. She would tease her carrot-top, know-it-all and nerdy. Dora was always outraged with Lily because she never seemed to care about the taunts.

Lily, if you ask the professors, is the best student they could ever have wished for. Lily, if you ask the Hufflepuffs, was very nice and pretty. Lily, if you ask the Ravenclaws, is very smart and should have been in their house. Lily, if you ask the Slytherins, is a pathetic mud blood slash know-it-all. Lily, if you ask the Gryffindors, is a hardworking sophisticated girl. Lily, if you ask Dora and Mirage, is an unpopular freak and Know-it-all. Lily, if you ask Terra, is a nice girl. Lily, if you ask Rosamia and Shantel, was the best friend anyone could have

Many people have opinions about Lily. But to her and her best friends, Lily was also a real life Cinderella.