Chapter14- Happily Ever After (With Epilogue)

"Finally…Lily!" James ran and hugged lily. Lily however, didn't return it; instead, she

Turned to face Dora, her face steaming with anger

The doors opened and in came Rosamia, Remus, Shantel and Sirius.

"So this is it, Evans…tell me the whole story of how you came to this" Dora said

"Dora, I didn't mean for this to happen" Lily said

"Yeah right…you know perfectly well James and I look good together and you had to interfere" Dora cried

"Interfere…I just went to a ball…so what?" Lily asked

"This was your plan all along…I know you don't like me so you jumped at a chance to steal my future boyfriend" Dora sneered

"Now hold up…who said I even liked you?" James interrupted

"Everyone says we look good together James and if everyone likes it, I like it…if you can't beat 'em, Join 'em" Dora explained

"Well, I don't want to join them" James said

"Listen to your self, Dora, you sound like you own James" Lily said

"I don't own anybody, Evans" Dora said

"Shut up Dora, you don't even know what you're saying" Lily could hear rain splashing outside as she said that

"Whatever, let's do this by a little duel" Dora had her wand out in a second. So did Lily

"You are forgetting, Dora, that I am number one in defense against the dark arts…tying with James…I read most books in the library and got a superb grade in all my subjects…are you sure you want to duel me?" Lily asked

"Stop bragging Evans…your not scaring me" Dora said

"At least I have my grades to brag about…what can you brag about? Being an ice queen? Being rich? You know, you can't buy a job and your grades" Lily defensively said

"Enough of this…Expelliarmus" Dora shot a very powerful defense spell. It was so forced that no ordinary shield could block it. But Lily knew the shield

"Expecto Patronum" A white tiger emerged out of Lily's wand and swallowed the spell, bouncing it back to Dora

Dora staggered back. She hit the floor stone cold

Lily looked up; saw James who was white with shock.

"I can't take this anymore" Lily sobbed. She ran out of the room and into the rain

"Go after her James, we'll just stay here" Sirius said

James ran out of the building. It was raining hard. He searched the grounds, the rain splashing into his glasses, making the vision not so clear

James searched everywhere.

James suddenly bumped into someone.

"Terra, have you seen Lily?" He asked

"James it's so wet outside…why is you here?" Terra asked

Terra left without another word

"Oh no, where is Lily" James muttered to himself

James looked at the lakeside and there he saw Lily. She was sitting on the marble bench and looking at the lake, unmindful of the rain

"Lily" James shouted as he ran

Lily looked up and saw James. She stood up

"Oh hey James" Lily said

"Lily…please…Go back with me" James said

"Why though?" Lily was crying, her emerald eyes shimmering

"Lily, I…I…-"James began

"You what?" Lily asked

"I love you" James said

"James, we met through masks…how you could love me then" Lily shook her head

"I just do" James said


"This is what I was waiting for my whole life Lily…that I would meet a girl through a fairy tale plot" James said

Those words struck Lily hard to the core. James pulled Lily close to him and kissed here


Lily and James went back to the abandoned classroom together

When they got back, Lily saw Rosamia and Remus and then whispered something to James

"Hey Remus…just because I had my fairy tale ending…" James began

"Doesn't mean you can't have yours" Lily finished

Remus looked at Rosamia. Remus, who was taller that her, swept Rosamia into a hug

Lily and James smiled


Terra did her detention and confessed to Professor McGonagall what happened

Dora and Mirage became outcasts after that incident

Rosamia and Remus dated a while



Lily woke up. It was the last time she would wake up in Hogwarts. Yes, it was graduation morning. She and James had been going steady after that

On her bedside, she found a note, a leather box and a scarlet red shimmery mask on her side table. She decided to open the note first

Dear Lily

When I was in 6th year, I went to a ball

There, i danced with a girl. Not just any girl.

The girl I dance with was very beautiful

She made my heart soar above the clouds

She completed me

Yet at the night of the ball, this girl didn't tell me who she was

I was determined to find her

For she was the girl I loved

Finally, I found her

I was happy, yet I thought she didn't want me

I was wrong

For she said she loved me and I love her

So Lily, take this mask for it is rightfully yours

And open the box

Before you read the next line


Lily opened the box. Inside was an expensive silver ring


Lily Evans, Red Beauty

Will you marry me?

Lily smiled as she spilled out tears of Joy

On the door of the dorm, she found James carrying a bouquet of white roses

James knelt down in front of her

"Lily, will you marry me?" He asked

"James…I…I…I will" Lily happily said as she and James hugged

Well, you know what they say; every fairy tale starts with once upon a time.

And ends with

They lived happily ever after

The rest is yet to come



It's finished

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