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A Day Indoors

(Mahou Sensei Negima One Shot)

It's a typical day at Mahora Academy. Well, it's an almost typical day at Mahora academy. Nodoka thought as she walked along the pathway to the dorms nervously. Since coming to be on 'Team Negi' as it was being called, she had started to notice things about the school she hadn't before. Namely, the teachers whom she now realized were all mages tended to eat lunch together. It was this practice that had gotten the entire thing started.

Negi had gone to lunch with the faculty at a restaurant that had opened up in town and half the faculty had gotten sick. The restaurant was now closed due to the illness it had inflicted on its patrons, but with so many of the faculty ill the dean had decided to give the entire school a break from classes for one day while the teachers were tended to. Usually this would mean that the girls would have the day off, but the empty day had been quickly filled by club activities. The only person not really involved that day was Chisame, but she had been getting ready to update her web page anyway so she too was preoccupied.

Nodoka sighed at her moment of good luck. The only clubs not meeting that day were the library club and the art club. Nodoka thought that she might see Asuna when she went to check on Negi, but she had met her earlier at the market getting broth, cough drops, and anything else that might make her beloved Takamichi get better. That had given Nodoka the idea.

Now with Asuna's key and a thermos full of hot broth in hand she was standing in front of the door to their room. Nodoka knocked quietly, despite Asuna assuring her that she would have to let herself in due to Negi trying to sleep off the bug he'd caught.

When no answer came, Nodoka quietly unlocked the door and let herself in. She slowly walked in looking around to make sure everything was alright. She didn't want to catch Negi changing or getting ready to got take a bath, but in all honesty the former was probably the only possibility for him to be undressed.

Nodoka found Negi asleep in Asuna's bed. She'd heard about his tendency to sleepwalk, but this was the first time she'd seen proof. She could at least relate to it better than the other girls. They would tease Asuna and Negi of being involved, but Nodoka knew how scary it was sometimes to sleep alone. If anyone found out that she and Yue usually slept in the same bed, they'd never let them hear the end of it.

Nodoka climbed part of the way up the ladder to the top bunk so she could peek over at Negi. The young librarian smiled and idly moved a lock of Negi's hair aside as she watched his sleeping face. He really needed this rest. Not just because of the illness, but because he always pushed himself so hard. Nodoka really respected that. He was so mature for being younger than she was. Sometimes in class she would forget he was a young boy and it was like watching a handsome young man deliver the lesson. She'd actually been tempted to let her grades slip so she could stay after with Yue for the extra credit.

"Mmmmm… Nodoka." Negi said squinting hard.

Nodoka pulled her hand back as if slapped. She hadn't meant to be so forward. It was almost as bad as the school field trip. Only this time she hadn't even thought about kissing him… until now.

"No Nodoka… We shouldn't… I'm your teacher…" Negi said in his sleep.

Nodoka could feel her face burning brightly. Negi was dreaming about her, and apparently they were doing something together that a teacher and a student shouldn't be doing. Nodoka's heart was racing as she picked up her book. She would feel guilty about this later, but right now she couldn't help herself.

Nodoka opened the 'Diarium Ejus' to see Negi passionately kissing her. He was on top of her with his fingers in her hair and she was cradling the back of his head as he plundered her lips in the most adult kiss she had ever seen.

Nodoka slapped the book shut in embarrassment faster than she intended and Negi seemed to jump for a moment. Nodoka grabbed her things and was out the door as quickly as her feet could carry her. She barely remembered to keep from slamming the door shut as she exited and then leaned against it trying to catch her breath.

From the other side of the door, Nodoka could hear Negi stir. "Hello? Is someone there? Did someone knock?"

Nodoka let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding and quickly stashed her magic book. He doesn't know I was spying on his dreams. She thought as she gently opened the door.

"Negi-sensei?" Nodoka said timidly. "It's me, number twenty seven Nodoka Miyazaki." Negi wouldn't care whether or not she was being formal; they were friends if nothing else. Nodoka just felt a little uncomfortable having seen how passionately he had been thinking about her.

For his part Negi suddenly looked happy, guilty, and embarrassed all at the same time. "Uh, please come in Nodoka."

"I thought you might need some broth so I borrowed Asuna's key and brought you some." Nodoka said shyly.

"Thank you Nodoka." Negi said falling back onto the pillow. "If I get more energy later, I'll sit up and drink it."

"Is there anything I can get for you?" Nodoka said hopefully. She really didn't want to go, she had the entire day to herself, and the opportunity for the two of them to be alone would probably not present itself like this for some time.

"Could you get me a damp cloth for my forehead?" Negi said gratefully. "I've started to feel a bit warm."

Nodoka had to stifle her own squeak at the comment remembering how 'warm' his thoughts had been earlier. She went and prepared a moist cool towel to place on his forehead and climbed the ladder to put it on him. He was definitely sick, but apparently whatever the faculty had gotten it was more like food poisoning than anything contagious.

Negi just lay there as Nodoka moved his hair and put the cloth on him. She moved her hands to feel his cheeks and watched him for a moment as she cradled his face in her hands. She must have lingered for a while, because she eventually noticed Negi staring back at her.

"Would you like to sit?" Negi said uncomfortably. "Your legs might get tired on that ladder."

"Oh… alright." Nodoka said demurely. She was lucky she was with Negi. Most men scared her. Takamichi could make her nearly wet herself whenever he asked her a question in class. Negi was different. With Negi being still a young boy, he wasn't as imposing as Takamichi, so she could relax around him more. Now with him nearly incapacitated next to her, Nodoka could barely resist the urge to hug him.

Nodoka sat down on the side of Asuna's bed and dangled her feet over the edge. Negi was so short she had plenty of room to bring up her book bag with her. Finally she got positioned and sat down to look at Negi lying beside her. The pillow next to him looked soft and comfortable, inviting her to rest her head and nap with the boy she had fallen in love with.

Nodoka quickly recovered her senses and reached for a book. "I thought you might like for me to bring you something to read."

"I wish I had the energy to sit up." Negi said sadly.

"I know. I could read them to you." Nodoka said helpfully.

"I'd like that." Negi said smiling to her in such a way that showed how much he meant it.

Nodoka pulled out a book of short stories that were primarily fairy tales about wizards, thinking it would be something he would be interested in. She read to him for about an hour, with him occasionally chuckling, and saying things like 'I wish it were really that easy'. Nodoka was enjoying herself immensely when the growl from Negi's stomach interrupted her.

"I guess I should try to eat something." Negi said uncertainly.

"I still have the broth. It should still be warm in the thermos." Nodoka said pulling out the thermos from her pack.

"I just wish my head would quit swimming when I sit up." Negi said quietly.

"I know. I can feed you." Nodoka said hopefully.

"I'd probably still get broth all over Asuna's bed." Negi said sadly.

Nodoka thought for a moment before getting off the bed and onto the ladder. She tried to calm her own stomach. She kept telling herself this was to help Negi get better. "I know a way."

Nodoka moved the ladder closer to Negi's head and then climbed back until she was leaning over him. She then opened the thermos and took a drink of the warm broth into her mouth. She then leaned over him and placed her lips over his. It wasn't exactly a kiss, but as her lips parted to let the broth flood into his mouth their tongues gently grazed one another.

Nodoka pulled away to smile down at the ten year old teacher. "I read where mother birds feed their young this way. This way you don't have to sit up."

Negi said nothing, but the rumble from his stomach answered her question better than any words. Nodoka repeated the process, filling her mouth with broth and then giving it to Negi. Soon, she was lingering after each mouthful and they began to do more than simply touch their tongues in passing. It was after one such passionate feeding, that Nodoka lifted the thermos to her mouth to realize that it was empty.

Apparently the disappointment was evident on her face, until she felt Negi's hand reach up to her neck and pull her down into a long passionate kiss that the two of them lingered over.

Nodoka was still reeling from it when Negi spoke. "That was to say thank you for feeding me."

"Anytime." Nodoka said breathlessly.

Nodoka climbed back up to her seat and opened her book again. Negi placed a hand on her arm and she looked down at him. "Is there something you need sensei."

"I was just wondering how your magic lessons were coming." Negi said sweetly.

Nodoka sighed and pulled the wand he had given her out of the pack as well. "My flame still isn't very powerful." Nodoka said miserably. Yue had been working like mad at magic, but Nodoka hadn't been as adept as she.

"Let me see." Negi gently prodded.

Nodoka nodded and held out the small wand. "Practi Bigi Naru Ardescat" She chanted, producing a somewhat pathetic little spark.

"You have to focus your energy more." Negi said helpfully. "Help me sit up."

"Do you think you need to get up right now?" Nodoka said in concern.

"Your broth did wonders." Negi said seriously.

Nodoka helped Negi to sit up, but he was still weak so she propped him up with his back to the wall.

Negi smiled and then he gently took Nodoka by the hips and guided her into sitting between his legs with her back to his chest. Nodoka could feel her heart racing as she felt his hand over her stomach and heard his soft voice next to her ear. "You have to guide the magic through your body." Negi's soft voice said to her. "Feel it here in your center and then move it along slowly to the wand."

Nodoka watched Negi's hand slowly caress her arm as it moved out to her hand that was holding the wand, which was shaking uncontrollably. Nodoka closed her eyes and let herself melt into Negi's embrace remembering his touch on her stomach and along her arm. Effortlessly, and softly she chanted the spell again "Practi Bigi Naru Ardescat".

This time, the flame was strong and steady. She watched it, leaping up from the wand and as she felt Negi's warmth against her it began to burn hotter and larger. With a wave, Negi extinguished the flame and Nodoka turned to look at him only to find his face very close to her own.

She didn't know how long they stayed there like that staring into each other's eyes, but at some point their lips must have touched, because Nodoka found herself kissing Negi. He held her, he kissed her, and then he pulled her down next to him on the bed and they lay their holding one another.

Nodoka woke with a start. She had just been about move Negi's hand into her unbuttoned blouse when she heard the door open. She looked around at the unopened broth, and her pack. I dreamt all that?

It was unfortunate however that the door opening had NOT been a dream. Nodoka looked up horrified to see half the class staring back at her. She looked down at Negi still sleeping and at the traitorous pillow that had been so inviting she had apparently fallen asleep while reading to him.

Ayaka had a dangerous looking twitch going on in her eye as she stepped forward from the rest of the class. Several of them were there having come from their various club activities. Nodoka realized it was late afternoon and Negi's arm was around her waist. She had spent the entire day in his arms asleep next to him. She'd be in seventh heaven right now if it weren't for being mortally afraid for her life.

Konoka just moved her lips but nothing was coming out and Makie looked ready to cry. Ayaka looked ready to kill. "I see I was correct in recognizing you as my biggest rival, bookstore. While I was riding horses all day you were here cuddled up next to Negi-sensei."

Nodoka tried to say something, but her voice had left her. Ayaka just shook her head in despair. "That does it; I'm quitting the equestrian club."