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A Day Indoors XL

Yuna ducked into the room without being noticed. All around the ruins of the old capital, Negi's partners battled the forces of Cosmo Entelecheia. Still being just a normal girl for the most part, Yuna had gone largely unnoticed by the combatants and free to move into the gateport without being seen. At least, that's what she'd thought... The athletic girl leaped forward rolling as a blast of dark energy exploded across the ground behind her.

"Ah, I see my compatriots missed one. As did I apparently." The mage said beneath his deep cowl. "An impressive display of acrobatics young lady."

"You'll find I'm full of surprises." The basketball player said quickly drawing the magic gun she'd acquired from her recent pactio. She was still largely untrained but he didn't have to know that.

Two shots rang out as the mage swiftly brought his hands up deflecting the magical bullets before telekinetically snatching the weapon from Yuna's grasp. "Impressive acrobatics, dismal decision making ability..." The dark figure said as he floated closer. "You should have run while you had the chance little one."

As the dark energy swelled from her adversary's hands Yuna quickly said a prayer wishing she'd had one last chance to see her father.

"Dynamis!" A familiar voice rang out across the gateport answering the young girl's prayers.

"Akashi!" The old mage hissed spinning as his dark energy only barely deflected a torrent of flame from the magic teacher as he came sweeping in on a magical broom like it was a surfboard.

"Daddy?" Yuna managed as her father hopped down in front of her.

"Get away from my daughter you wretch!" Yuna's father spat vehemently.

"Your daughter?" Dynamis replied in shock. He then let out a cackle rearing his head back and holding his sides. "I wondered why I started feeling nostalgic when I saw her. So this is her child."

"Daddy, who is this guy?" The young girl asked getting behind her father.

"He's the man that killed your mother sweetie." Akashi replied sadly.

The words slammed into Yuna like a runaway truck. She was facing the man that had taken one of the most important people in her life. Anger and sadness threatened to drip from her like the tears welling up in her eyes.

"It's been what, ten years now?" Dynamis said circling her father. "Tell me, did you ever master that fire spell you were working on back then? Oh, what was it called, 'heartburn' or something?"

"I'm taking my little girl and all her friends home, and nothing you or your masters can do is going to stop me." Akashi whispered raising his hands. "There's only one thing I want from you."


"Please try to stop me and give me a reason to destroy you." The stoic mage said venomously.

"Don't worry, I plan on it. Let's reunite your kid with her mommy!" The dark mage roared sending a torrent of dark magic out to clash with the flames pouring forth from her father's palm.

Yuna trembled watching her father fight for the first time in her life. Her mother had been his partner. She had always looked after him and after she was gone Yuna had looked after her father, picking up after him and cooking for him. She'd considered him helpless and now he was all that stood between her and instant death. The tall mage never wavered, spilling forth a flame as strong as any dragon into the face of his wife's killer.

"Yuna, run away honey." Akashi ordered.

"I can't leave you Daddy." Yuna retorted.

"Sweetie, I'm not strong enough to beat him on my own." Her father admitted. Yuna could see his flames holding the mage at bay in a magical test of strength as the two poured all of their power out against each other. Slowly though, her father's flames were being pushed back. "I can hold him here until you're safely back at the school. Please sweetheart, don't make me lose both of you to him."

"Daddy, please you can't protect me forever." Yuna cried. "Let me help you."

For a moment she thought her father would deny her as he concentrated everything he had into trying to incinerate his nemesis. Finally, he relented though looking at her sadly. "Wrap your arms around my chest."

Yuna obeyed, getting behind her father and wrapping him in her arms and hugging him close. The young woman rested her head against his back. Part of her felt like a little girl again, as her father once again became the larger than life hero of her world defending her against the monsters of this reality just as he had the monsters in her closet when she was five.

"Now extend your arm as far as you can out along mine." Her father whispered gently.

The frightened girl complied, extending her arm out along his until her palm rested on his forearm just below the wrist. "Now what do I do Daddy?"

"Close your eyes and I want you to remember your mother." Her father commanded. "I need you to add your power to my own."

"But... why?" Yuna asked her patriarch.

"Our power is drawn from the essence of fire. As such it is fueled by emotion. The stronger the emotion, the more powerful the magic. Do you remember your fifth birthday party?" Her father asked.

Yuna closed her eyes, remembering one of the last memories she had of her mother. She was sitting on her father's lap as she blew out the candles. Her mother was leaning over his shoulder to help her. As the last one went out, she had looked up into her mother's eyes and had laughed. Yuna nodded against her father's back. Her father grunted with exertion.

"What's wrong Daddy?" She asked in alarm.

"I need you to remember how you felt that day." Akashi pleaded as the flames began to die.

"It makes me sad." Yuna complained.

"I know sweetie, that's why my fire is dying. You mustn't dwell on the pain and the sadness it makes you feel now. I want you to remember how you felt then." The elder Akashi explained.

"I'm trying Daddy. I never told you then what my wish was. I wanted us to always to be together, but it didn't happen." The daughter whispered as her tears soaked into her father's shirt.

"She's still with us little one." Akashi said gently. "She is forever a part of us. Nothing and no one can ever take that away."

Yuna remembered holding her father and mother close on that day. She was so happy. It was almost as if she could feel the warmth of them next to her once again. "I'm ready. How can I help?"

"Let the emotion flow through you child." Her father instructed. "Let it reach out to me. Let it surround us, and lift us up. Nearly all humans experience such love in their lives, and most are content to merely bask in its glow, but if you can summon it all up, to one place, at one time, you can accomplish something... miraculous."

Yuna dared to peeked from around her father as his flame began to grow and glow brighter with each passing moment. In the shimmer of the heat surrounding them, it was almost as if she could see her mother standing with them, her hand gently covering Yuna's.

"And now on this day Dynamis you will finally answer for your sins against my family." Akashi intoned. "HEARTFLAME!"

The middle school girl could feel the surge of energy as her power joined her father's. The flames separating them from Dynamis leaped hungrily devouring his magic as they coursed forward. Dynamis screamed and threw his arms up to his face as Akashi's fire roared across his robes eager to claim its meal.

"This is not over Akashi!" Dynamis screamed in pain as he turned to flee from the gateport.

"You're wrong." Akashi said before disappearing from in front of Yuna and appearing in front of the fleeing mage. Dynamis jerked to a halt, and Yuna could see a blade protruding from his back as the flames died and he faced her father's grim visage. "It is over."

Dynamis slumped to his knees before Yuna's father and gasped a little as he died. Akashi stepped over his corpse and pulled the elegant sword free from his deceased nemesis. "This was your mother's sword."

Professor Akashi barely moved the aforementioned sword aside in time as his only daughter collided with him, burying her face into his chest and crying for all she was worth. "Daddy, I'm so glad to see you."

Her father wrapped his arms around her and held her close. Yuna could feel his lips kiss her head just above her forehead. "I'm glad to see you two Yuna." He just stood there for a moment holding her as Yuna let the weeks of fear and uncertainty well up from inside her and release itself in a flood of emotion and tears. "It's okay little one, I'm here now."

Yuna's father hugged her until the tears stopped, and continued after that as she was afraid to let him go for fear he was just a dream. "Daddy, why didn't you ever tell me? I remember Mom teaching me things when I was little. I remember having a wand."

"After your mother died I was terrified of losing you too." The older man replied honestly. "You can see the kind of people I've had to fight against."

"You're still in trouble when we get home." The young woman warned, though she really didn't put much heart into it.

The old man chuckled and squeezed her a little tighter. "Well, I'll deal with that when the time comes. For now, I better go see what I can do to help get Negi-kun and the others rounded up. The headmaster and the rest of the staff are waiting on the other side."

"I'm coming with you." The stalwart girl stated.

"Out of the question, you need to get across to the academy where it's safe." The concerned father replied.

"I've been over here this long Daddy, I'm not leaving without my friends... or you." Yuna shot back adamantly.

"You don't even have a pactio Yuna." Akashi said in annoyance. Then he suddenly stopped and turned to face his daughter fearfully. "Do you?"

"Just... just one with Negi-kun." Yuna said trying her best not to blush. Why she would find it uncomfortable to admit to her father all of a sudden seemed ridiculous, but she was. She wasn't even shy about kissing her cute teacher.

"I... see." Akashi-sensei said with a troubled dark expression on his face.

"What's wrong Daddy? Don't you like Negi-sensei?" The girl asked her father.

"It's not that!" Her father said waving his hands around desperately. "Negi is a wonderful mage and a good teacher. I'd always hoped you'd find a nice... stable..."

Yuna was quickly getting irritated at her father, which was a sure sign things were getting back to normal. "Go on, say it; a good, stable, Japanese boy, right?"


"DADDY THAT'S RACIST!" Yuna shouted at her floundering father.

"It's not that he's British!" Akashi shot back defensively. "It's just that he's a... a Springfield."

Yuna jerked back from her father. The man spit out the name 'Springfield' nearly as angrily as he did 'Dynamis'. "But Daddy, didn't you know Negi's father?"

"Unfortunately." The elder Akashi said looking off into the distance. "It was a long time ago when I first met Nagi..."

Screen fades to a flashback sequence. Please note the cinematography, it was expensive.

"Yuuko-san!" Akashi said out of breath as he stopped for a moment. Why did he have to like girls with long legs?

"Akashi-kun?" Yuuko said turning to look at the distressed boy behind her. The two of them were going to be graduating soon and this was going to be his last chance.

"Yuuko-san, there's something I have to tell you." Akashi blurted feeling his cheeks heat up. "Yuuko, I lo..."

"WHOA! Look out sweet cheeks!" A young red haired boy cried as he collided with Yuuko nearly knocking her to the ground. The flamboyant westerner spun around, wrapping his arms around Yuuko's waist to keep her from hitting the ground. He then swept her off her feet before setting her gently back down. "Gotta go cutie, later!"

The young man stole a quick kiss on Yuuko's cheek and as quickly as he appeared was racing away down the sidewalk with what looked like a hundred rabid fan-girls from the girl's school chasing after him.

"Who was THAT guy?" Akashi cried out in anger and dismay.

"I don't know, but he sure was cute." Yuuko said holding a hand up to her cheek as she watched the young heartthrob jump a fence to escape from the rampaging horde of females. "Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"Come on." Akashi said grabbing Yuuko's hand and marching off toward the World Tree. "I'd like to find someplace more private for this conversation."

Fade back to reality (or what passes for it).

"Something like that." Akashi-sensei said with a huff as he crossed his arms.

Yuna tried to hold it in as her face contorted to keep from giggling. Finally she couldn't hold it any longer and started laughing for all she was worth. "I guess I got my jealous streak from you then."

"I guess." Her father said looking at his daughter and sighing. "I never wanted to admit you were growing up. I guess I should trust you more to make your own decisions concerning Negi."

"I love you Daddy."

"I love you too sweetie. Now let's go help save your friends."

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