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The Circle Game.

It was the ache in his back that kept him from sleeping tonight. For the past two weeks, the head of the most renowned clan of Konoha , had found himself unable to reach a peaceful slumber. Soft feet met hard wood as he approached the kitchen of the Hyuga compound. The soft yellow glow emitting from a crack in the door indicated someone was awake, but who at this hour? Hanabi was certainly asleep in preparation for the 5am session he had planed for her , and though Neji basked in Hiashi's favor, he rarely entered the main house. Sliding back the wooden door, Hiashi was not surprised to find his eldest kneeling at the table, huddled over a cup of tea , a lone piece of white paper before her.

"Ahem." The girl jumped a bit nearly dropping the fine porcelain cup in her hand as her father cleared his throat.

"O-Otosuan.!" His eyes hardened briefly. He always hated the way she stuttered. "I, I, was having Te-tea. Would you like-"

"Hrmmph" he replied in gruff sound indicating a yes.

Hiashi moved swiftly to the wooden table placed in the heart of the kitchen. His daughter was attending to the task of making tea for him, fidgeting and shaking like a mouse corned by a cat. Relations weren't perfect between his daughter and himself, but he couldn't comprehend her nervous attitude around him. He wasn't going to bite her or rebuke her, he'd given up on that a long time ago.

She returned to her place at the table after setting a cup of steaming tea in front of him. jasmine, his favorite. He watched as she found different tasks to keep her from meeting the gaze of her father; tracing her finger around the lip of the cup that dorned her tea, scraping slightly at a fine scratch mark left on the table, then her fingers began to Poke. Poke. Poke. At. One. Another. He. HATED this habit of hers. How had the proud heir of the Hyuga's metamorphosed into this quivering, cowering girl?

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