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Epilogue: A Traitors End

He sat there, in the heart of this new ship. It was so new that there were still Centurions doing final work within the massive hull. But the new ships weapons were all in place, as were her engines and other important systems.

As he waited, he pondered the mission he had been given. The Base Ship in this system had failed to report in on time, and once a destroyer had arrived the reason was clear. The Base Ship had been destroyed, the weapons signature on the wreckage clearly Colonial. And they had detected ion trails, leading out across the gulf between spiral arms.

The Cylon High Command had put together an armada to hunt down the Colonials. Their stubborn refusal to die had sparked rebellion in the other races the Cylons had subjugated. Now unrest was welling up within the Empire, and that could not be tolerated.

And so here he was, on the very rim of the Empire, tasked with hunting down and destroying the humans. And making a record of it all, to show the galaxy why resistance to the Cylon Empire was futile.

But first, there was one small item to deal with. Even now, one of the new gunships was bringing him in.

Behind him he heard one of the sets of clear doors in the chamber slide open, and faintly he heard the hum of Centurions.

"By your command." The ritual greeting of a subordinate to a leader echoed throughout the chamber. If he could have smiled he would have as he rotated the command chair to face the new arrivals.

The gold Centurion, the gunships commander, stood closest. It had been he who had greeted him. Behind him were four regular Centurions in a box formation, and between them…

Baltar gaped as he looked up. "Lucifer!"

"Hello Baltar. It has been a while."

Baltar sagged in relief. "Thank the Lords you found me! That blasted Adama marooned me on that rock! What is the status of the fleet?" He took a step forwards, but the Centurions pulled him back.

"I think you should know Baltar. We have analysed the wreckage of the Base ship that was here. Included in that was an operational backup computer core." Baltar's face paled suddenly.

"From that core, we know what happened to our ship. We know that two humans got aboard and destroyed the main computer. This act allowed the Galactica to get close without detection." Lucifer leaned forwards a bit.

"Now, I have to wonder how the humans did this. I know they had a captured Raider, but how would they know the exact spot to place their charges to cripple the Base Ship, hmm?" It was clear from Lucifer's tone that he already knew the role Baltar had played.

"I had no choice!" Baltar stammered. "Adama was going to kill me if I didn't tell him!"

"Really? I find that unlikely since the Colonial's disbanded capital punishment several hundred yahrens ago.

"You know what I think? I think Adama offered you the choice to help them, in return for being marooned. And you accepted the offer." The look of pure dread on Baltar's face was something Lucifer was going to cherish for a long time.

"But…but… you still need me! I can help you destroy the Galactica!"

"No Baltar, you time is at an end. We do thank you for all your work though. Did you really think I was sent along with you as an advisor? The Imperious Leader wanted me to understand humans, so I could lead our forces against the Colonials. And now I do. So you see, you are no longer needed."

Before he could react, the two Centurions besides him had grabbed Baltar's arms, while the gold Centurion turned, drawing his swords.

"Please, noo…!" Baltar's final words were cut off as his head was parted from his body.

"Dispose of that." Lucifer motioned to the human traitors' body while the gold Centurion brought his head forwards. Lucifer looked into the dead eyes.

"We told you Baltar that as long as one human lives, the Alliance is threatened. Now we will end your race." Turning away, he barked out a new command. "Signal the fleet. We are going after the humans."

"By your Command."

Slowly the Cylon armada moved off. A cloud of ships drifted into the darkness between stars, a mixture of the small single disked destroyers and the much larger twin hulled Base Ships. And in the centre was the titanic Lucifer Command ship…


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