A New Life

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Harry woke, shivering. He was cold, but then, he was always cold these days. It was freezing in Azkaban prison which was where the young wizard was. Now you might ask how a 17 year old Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived, Saviour of the wizarding world, Chosen One, etc etc ended up in Azkaban. It was quite simple – he was framed for a crime he didn't commit and was thrown in jail after all his friends chose to believe the "evidence" and testified against him. The only thing that saved him from the Dementor's Kiss was the fact that he was 16 when he was convicted and therefore a minor. Harry closed his eyes as the Dementor's drew near his cell and he was drawn back into the memory of how his life had come to this point.


Harry was enjoying dinner in the Great Hall with Ron and Ginny. Hermione was running late, which was somewhat unusual as she was generally very punctual with everything. Harry had discovered that his wand was missing after the last class and had tried to find Professor McGonagall to inform her about this but hadn't been able to find her. He had resigned himself to going to dinner and telling her later.

Harry spotted Professor McGonagall heading towards the Gryffindor table and rose to meet her, eager to tell her about his missing wand. He stopped abruptly as he saw the look on her face. It was a mix of sternness, disbelief and shock, and compassion. Resting a hand on his shoulder she said, "Mr Potter would you come with me please."

Harry was still confused but obediently followed her out of the hall. Once outside he asked "Professor, what is this about? If it's about my wand, then I discovered it missing about an hour or so after Charms." Noticing the direction they were heading he added, "Why are we going to Professor Dumbledore's office?"

Minerva McGonagall was still in shock from the evidence that had been presented to her earlier. Hermione Granger was dead, killed by an Avada Kedavra curse and Harry Potter's wand had been found at the scene. A Priori Incantatem had been performed and had conclusively proven that Harry's wand was the one that had performed the curse. Hearing the questions coming from the 6th year beside her she stopped and turned.

"Mr Potter I, I know about your wand. Tell me, do you know where Miss Granger is at the moment?" Harry shook his head, now starting to feel scared. He was even more scared whenProfessor McGonagalldropped the teacher-student barrier and called him by his first name.

"Harry, I'm sorry to tell you that Miss Granger is, is dead. She was killed by an Avada Kedavra curse between the last class and dinner. The reason we're heading to Professor Dumbledore's office is that, well, your wand was found by her body. Harry, your wand was the one used to cast the Killing Curse. We need to see Professor Dumbledore to sort this out."

Harry nodded wordlessly, reeling from the news that his wand had been used to murder one of his best friends. Hesitantly he asked, "Professor, do you believe that I killed Hermione?"

Minerva shook her head. "No I don't. You and Miss Granger have always been close, I don't believe for a second that you would have killed her. We do need to explain that wand though."

Harry nodded, relieved that at least one person believed him innocent. Silently the two got on the staircase and rode it up to Dumbledore's office. When they got there, all hell broke loose.

Dumbledore let them in, his expression grave and without the normal customary twinkle in his eyes. Also present were two Aurors, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Nymphadora Tonks who preferred to be known by her last name only. The Aurors were regarding him with neutral expressions while Dumbledore looked upset.

Shacklebolt opened the questioning. "Mr Potter, do you know why you're here?" Harry nodded and replied "You think I killed Hermione. I didn't, I don't know how my wand got there but I didn't use it to kill her. Why would I? She was one of my best friends!"

Dumbledore rose at that point. "Mr Potter, we have examined the evidence closely. Not only your wand but also your magical signature and a few of your hairs were found at the scene, as if Miss Granger had pulled out some of your hair in a struggle before she died. Don't make this worse by lying."

Harry took a step back, realizing that he didn't have an ally in Dumbledore. He looked pleadingly at McGonagall who said, "Surely we can use Veritaserum to confirm the truth Albus. I don't believe he would do something like this."

Tonks stepped towards Harry. "Veritaserum is dangerous for anyone under the age of majority. We won't be allowed to use it, even if we asked." Looking at Harry she said, "I'm sorry Harry. I'm with Minerva, I don't believe you would do this but Kinglsey and I have to do our jobs. Don't make this worse by resisting."

"Sir" Harry pleaded, locking eyes with Dumbledore as Kingsley put magic suppressing manacles on him in preparation for transport to the Minstry. As Harry was led out of Hogwarts, a sea of whispers followed him, ranging from disbelief to those that said that they'd known he would turn Dark all along. Dumbledore kept his wand, not wanting the brother wand of Voldemort's to be broken.

The trial was a joke. Harry had expected his friends to stand up for him but apparently they believed the evidence and promptly twisted their history with him to make him look bad. The Weasleys were all there, minus Ginny which Harry thought was interesting. Remus came forward and painted an entirely different view of the Shrieking Shack incident, and what he said to Harry afterwards hurt Harry more than all the rest of his friends' betrayal.

Standing to face Harry, Remus glared at him and said, "Of all the Marauders to copy I never would have thought that you would choose Wormtail. You're a traitor, just like him. Your parents would be ashamed of you. It's a pity you're not allowed to be Kissed by a Dementor because you don't deserve to live."

Harry went dead white at that statement. He was denied Veritaserum, ostensibly because it would "damage" his brain. Privately though, Fudge and his administration had got the use of the potion banned in this case for their own purposes. It had enraged the Aurors who were sworn to uphold justice, no matter who the defendant was or what the crime was. Harry was also not allowed to testify in his defence so he sat in the chair feeling sicker and sicker as the trial progressed. When the sentence of life in Azkaban with no parole was handed down, Harry merely dropped his head in his hands. He shivered as the Dementors came forward to claim him and take him to his cell in Azkaban.

End Flashback

Harry opened his eyes as the Dementor moved past, the memory receding as the creature moved on to the next unlucky prisoner. He knew he'd been in prison for a year, and he wondered whether he was ever going to get out, whether anyone would ever figure out that he'd been framed. In order to survive the Dementors he focused on his anger and growing hatred of those that had betrayed him, on evidence so circumstantial that it would never have stood up in a muggle court, much less a wizarding one. In a Muggle court, Harry would have been allowed access to anything that would have helped his defence. In the Wizarding one, he was not.

It had been a clever deception. The true killer had taken a few of Harry's hairs and had used a Polyjuice potion, which turned them into Harry for an hour, and replicated his magical signature which is why they could use his wand easily rather than having trouble with it. Once the deed was done, the killer hid until the Polyjuice wore off and then transformed into their Animagus form, an owl, and flew away. No one would pay any attention to an owl flying around the castle. When Hermione's body was discovered, the wheels of the wizarding justice system went into action and an innocent boy was sent to Hell on Earth, normally known as Azkaban prison.

Help was on the way though. High above Earth, just out of the planet's orbit, a small starship was hovering. The ship held two Jedi, a Master/Padawan team, whose names were Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi. Obi-Wan was about 15 years old and was currently at the controls of the ship, preparing to take them down to the surface. As his fingers ran over the controls, the ship shuddered and then began to fall towards the planet. Qui-Gon came out of his meditation abruptly as the ship shuddered again and quickly joined his apprentice at the controls.

"Master we're going to crash" Obi-Wan said calmly even as he tried to bring the ship back on course again. "We were hit by a small asteroid which wrecked our stabilizers. We can land safely and the ship is still flyable but we need to find a non-populated area to land in."

Qui-Gon nodded and let his senses extend towards the planet. Finally he sensed an area that was large enough. "There Obi-Wan. That open area on the island, near the building. There is enough vegetation to conceal us from any locals while still giving us enough room."

The Padawan nodded and guided the ship down, landing a bit roughly but a quick systems check confirmed that the ship was able to make a fast liftoff if needed. The two Jedi pulled their hoods over their heads and stepped out onto the island. The island that happened to be Azkaban Island, home to Azkaban Prison.