I do not own any part of Neverland or anything that is encompassed in the movie Finding Neverland, the book Peter Pan, or any of J.M. Barrie's works.

Laughter of children,
Never ceasing,
Thousands of pieces,
Skipping about.
Fairies; clap if you believe,
For her light grows dim.

Peacocks, goblins, mermaids,
Eternal youth,
Oh! the things seen in the mist.
Indians roaming, exploring,
The trees and the growth that cover,
Captain Hook scrambles in fear,
Of the ticking crocodile,
Counting down the seconds of life.
Forever peace,
Forever tranquility,
The purr of the violin's strings,
The wine of the accordion.

Come to us,
Come to me,
Take Peter's hand,
And escape into your mind,
Into the stars,
A world only we shall share,
Neverland awaits you…