Note: ths is my first story. I hope you like it!

RJ & Heather.

Chapter 1

It has been two years since RJ came in to the family, and Heather wanted him. She went with him and Hammy to find Hammy's nuts, she constantly thought about him, and she wanted to ask him out. Of course, she thought, he has no interest in me. I might as we-
ll forget all about it. But he's cute! Heather then said to herself,"Okay, okay. All you have to do, Heather, is go up to RJ, and ask him out. That's it." But Hammy was behind her, and ran up beside her and said,

"You like RJ?"


"I'm going to go tell him!"

"Hammy, no! How about this: you stay quiet, and I'll help you find the rest of your nuts.?"


Chapter 2

Heather had decided that she was going to ask RJ when he takes them to some candy machines later tonight.

RJ led the group to the first candy machine. He pulled out his golf club, and th-
en smashed the glass apart, and shouted to everyone,"Dig in!"

Heather walked up to RJ and said,"RJ, can I ask you something?"


Then, Hammy saw them and shouted out,

"Oh, RJ! She wants to ask you out on a date!"

Heather screamed in anger at Hammy, because now everyone knew. She then picked up a small rock, and threw it at Hammy's head, knocking him out. Heather then ran back to the Hedge, and got inside of it and climbed to the top. She then sat there and began to cry. She then heard a voice behind her.


She turned around, and RJ was behind her.

"I want to be alone."

"What are you so upset about? You like me, what's wrong with that?"

"I don't know."

"Hey, to answer your question, sure."

Heather looked at him, and he sat down next to her. She then leaned over and they kissed. RJ smiled at her and said,

"You want me."

They laughed.

Chapter 3

Three years had passed, and they were now getting married. When Heather's dad found out, he fell to the ground and said,"My little girl's getting married. I feel weak.
Mother, is that you? Beckoning me into the light? Must... move... toward... the light"
He fainted.

At the wedding, Hammy had bandages wrapped around his head because of getting hit in the head by the rock Heather threw. His head was completely covered, and a pizza truck drove. He started shouting underneath the bandages,"PIZZA!" Everyone sighed, and Ver-
ne wrapped the bandages tighter, so that they couldn't hear Hammy.

After the wedding, everyone went to sleep, except RJ & Heather. They went into the Hedge, and RJ said,"This is where I first agreed to go out with you."




RJ pushed himself into her over and over again, and Heather moaned,"RJ, RJ," again and again.

Hammy woke up saw them, and they saw him watching. Hammy started sputtering, and was going to wake everyone else up. Heather picked up another rock, and RJ said,"Allow me." He tossed the rock at Hammy, knocking him out.

The End.