It always starts like this - Kisame, settling down in their room, reaching into a bag to retrieve a small tray. Within it lies the treat.


It's not long before the shuffle of fabric signals his partner's rising, the soft patter of feet against the cool wooden floor echoing in his ears as the smaller man moves to stand before him.


The low command earns him a smirk, pale-blue male waving the stick in front of him. "You'll have to work for it."


A moment later the Uchiha straddles Kisame's lap, pressing their hips together as he settles into place and allow his eyes to flutter momentarily.


Dual-colored eyes shift to the bright-colored treats before catching Kisame's gaze, parting his lips and slowly running his tongue over them before leaning forward to take the first ball between his teeth. Itachi's hips roll frustratingly slow against his partner's as he does so, allowing a low sound of pleasure to rumble in his chest as he chews.


Taking his time to savor the snack he eventually moves on to the second, lowering his head to catch it between his teeth and pull off of the stick before chewing, eyes parting to hooded slits as he continues the slow torture. Kisame can only hold the stick supplying the treat and grip Itachi's hip with the other, squeezing hard enough to bruise to keep from snapping it in two.


A particularly hard grind pulls a groan from Kisame, head nealy falling back but the sight of the other so needy, so -open- causes him to hold the look, breath coming out in ragged pants. He nearly reaches his end when Itachi's lips wrap around his fingers, teeth nipping at the tips as he claims the last piece of dango.

/If only../

All too soon the dango is gone and Itachi moves away, pulling a low growl from his still-hard partner. The younger doesn't seem to notice, or at least ignores him, going back to settle down on the mattress to meditate. "You ate all of it."


He hadn't expected a response other than that; with a heavy sigh Kisame pushes himself up, moving to head into the bathroom connected to their room. /Same as always./

As the bathroom door closes Itachi opens an eye, knowing already that he's alone in the room. He allows a smirk to spread across his features. /If only he knew he didn't need the dango./