This series will be a group of short fics of the Urahara/Yoruichi pairing and may or may not be related. Personally, I think these two would be the best sinners. Hehehe.

Warning: Due to the nature of the fic, (and, well, due to the nature of Yoruichi and Urahara) some of these chapter may contain adult themes. This first chapter, for instance, is labeled Mature since it gets a bit on the limey side, but just in case, I will include a rating before each one.

Disclaimer: I do not own Bleach.

Seven Deadly Sins: Lust


By Nessie

Princesses are considered to be something pure and impossible to tarnish. They are to be fair and graceful, as delicate as a daisy petal and as quiet as the spring breeze.

Shihouin Yoruichi is none of these things, and she is ever so much more. A woman, she knows, could be as pure as she wants, but the power in their hands is nothing when compared to what she now holds. She leads a covert operations team and is the embodiment of the word secret. No one can touch her, no one can ruin her.

Unless, of course, she wants them to.

Urahara's smile is lazy as he follows her to the House of Shihouin, but he is incredibly alert when she catches his hand and pulls him to her side. "Impatient, then?" he asks.

The tones in his voice are quiet, even relaxed, but she knows him better than that. Yoruichi can feel the way his pulse is drumming – as wildly as though a Hollow has possessed him, and even darker thoughts are flashing through his mind. A cat-like grin spreads her lips, which gleam as she wets them.

"Only as much as you are," she whispers in his ear. The fingers interlocked with hers tighten, and her heart begins its own swift pace.

In the night's blackness, they speed over polished wood and through rooms until they reach hers. Yoruichi wonders if she did not have just a cup too much of sake at Shiba Kuukaku's house. Turning to Urahara, she wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him hard. It takes him a minute to respond with anything but a quick, deep inhale, and a low chuckle rumbles from her chest. "You're slow, Kisuke."

Her mouth flutters over hers and spurs him into action. His fingers dig into the leanness of her hips as he grips her and crushes her against him. Her long hair, nearly black in the darkness, brushes over his knuckles, and he walks her backward to the four-poster bed. They don't go down at first, and instead Urahara presses her against one of the smooth wooden poles and seals his mouth to the space between her collarbones.

Her arrogant smile soon falls as other feelings swamp her. Her fingernails scratch him as she rakes them through his pale hair, but he apparently doesn't mind. And it's she who begins the game of progress, efficiently stripping him of the black and white captain's uniform before he can so much as get a hold on her own clothes.

He does eventually get enough control to divest Yoruichi of her garments. Yoruichi laughs a deep, husky sound, as they fall back together, bouncing when they hit mattress. The laughter soon transforms into desperate moans though when he begins his work.

Who would have ever thought the nerdy researcher Urahara Kisuke would be the one to "find out" the secret known as Shihouin Yoruichi.

He wakes the following morning with the scent of her fogging his senses, and there is still a moon in the sky. There also seem to be two suns, but Urahara realizes soon enough that the suns are really her large, golden eyes that sparkle as they stare at him from behind strands of violet.

There is silence between them, an unspoken conversation that says hundreds of things – things that are forbidden, things that are so painfully true that they might as well be lies – but it lasts only a minute. Then Yoruichi is sitting up and stretching in her cat-like fashion, back arching, fingers reaching, legs curling. Urahara can feel something stirring within him again, and he reaches out to brush tangled, thick hair away from a perfect shoulder, and then replaces his fingers with his lips.

Yoruichi mumbles something inaudible, and he smiles. "Sometimes slow is good," he tells her, coal-dark eyes sparkling mischievously.

"Mmm…" Yoruichi turns in his arms and revels in the languid way he kisses her, fingers stroking across her neck almost absently. A simmer begins, a fire in its first stages, but they part before they can be enflamed. "This could be trouble."

He pulls her back to the bed, and she grins down at him. "I can keep a secret," Urahara promises.

The End