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The Day Kyoya Snapped

It was a lovely day out but Tamaki paid it no notice. Laying dejected on the couch he sprawled there while Kyoya sat across from him, reading some book. Looking very miserable Tamaki sent his best friend his most miserable look, only to be ignored. Pouting Tamaki slumped even more into depression, his eyes burning a hole through Kyoya's book until finally Kyoya lowered the book, his dark eyes demanding to know what he wanted so that he could go back to his book. "Haruhi was so mean to me today." Tamaki began, his voice laced with pathos and misery. "Do you know what she said to me?"

"I really couldn't care less."

"You're supposed to! You're my best friend!" Tamaki raged, giving Kyoya such a hurt look that the man actually felt guilty, if only for a moment. Now determined to tell Kyoya about it Tamaki sat up on the chair. "I waited outside her classroom to walk her to her next class and she yelled at me, Kyoya! She said that I was a scatterbrained twit who needed to realize that she didn't want or need my help. She said I was the sort who needed to be helped to class, not the other way around! She let Hikaru carry her bag for her too!"

"Since they share many of the same classes it makes sense for the twins to be there." Knowing it was pointless to point this out Kyoya none the less found himself trying to reason with his scatterbrained president. He really did pity Haruhi sometimes. She just wasn't equipped to deal with Tamaki the way he was. Not that Tamaki realized that. Tamaki didn't realize a lot of things, Kyoya thought darkly, even though not a hint of emotion showed on his calm face. No, Tamaki usually missed what was right in front of his face until it was too damn late.

"They get to spend so much time with her, it's not fair!" Tamaki whined, resting his elbows on his knees as he rested his chin on his hands. "I'm her daddy, I'm supposed to look after her! Not them."

"She's a year younger than you are. You aren't her father." Already in a bad mood Kyoya was not in the mood to play Tamaki's little game of them as Haruhi's parents. It was stupid and childish, not to mention ludicrous.

"Why are you being so mean to me?" Jumping to his feet Tamaki crossed his arms in front of him and glared at his best friend. "You're my best friend and you're supposed to care when I'm upset. You're supposed to comfort me and make me feel better! Just because you're an emotionless robot half the time doesn't mean you can get away with not being a real friend when I need you."

Slowly setting his book down beside him Kyoya got to his feet as well, Tamaki actually taking a step back at the look in Kyoya's eyes. They were their usual pitch black but there was something in them, something that hinted that maybe, just maybe, Kyoya did have temper that he was actually going to show. Since he could scare the hell out of people while acting perfectly civil no one would have blamed Tamaki for taking that step back.

Eyes locking onto Tamaki's Kyoya spoke carefully, as if he had to control every syllable or explode. "Just because I'm not a raging drama queen like you doesn't make me an emotionless robot, you self centered twit. Do you honestly think I care what Haruhi said to you today? You ask for it! You constantly follow her around like a lost puppy dog when it's perfectly obvious to everyone that she's not interested in you. She's never going to be interested in you. She makes that clear to you every day but you're so wrapped up in your self and that huge ego of yours that you can't even see that. As it is I'm amazed she hasn't taken out a restraining order against you. You are not her father, I am not now, nor will I ever be, her mother. We are her friends and that's all we are ever going to be to her. So suck it up and quit acting like a five year old who didn't get enough presents for their birthday!"

Shocked dumb, all he could do was stand there, staring at Kyoya like he'd never seen him before. He had never seen this side of Kyoya before and he sure as hell didn't like it either. "How..how can you say that?"

"Easy, it's the truth. The sooner you accept it the sooner we can all get on with our lives." Kyoya answered, never breaking eye contact. He could see that what he'd said had hurt his friend but it had to be said. He was the only one who was probably tough enough, close enough to the idiot to say it.

Tears rolling down his cheeks Tamaki slowly turned around and started to run out of the room only to come to a stop just as he was a few feet away from the door. Standing still as a statue he suddenly turned and with long strides marched back until he was practically standing toe to toe with Kyoya. He was a little taller but Kyoya was bulkier so they were about even as they stared into each other's eyes. Tears drying on his cheeks there was fire in the chairman's son's eyes. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't leave this room and never speak to you again."

Staring back at Tamaki Kyoya couldn't think of a single way to answer that. Oh there were a couple of responses that sprung to mind, none of which he could ever say. Thankfully, he'd been an emotionless robot long enough to have learned to give away nothing he wasn't prepared to give up.

When Kyoya didn't answer Tamaki leaned forward and grabbing the labels of Kyoya jacket hauled him closer, the fire only burning brighter. "Damn you, answer me! Why the hell did you say that? Just because you don't have any emotion doesn't mean that gives you the right to trample on other peoples!"

Well that did it. Kyoya literally felt something snap inside him. Grabbing Tamaki's labels in turn Tamaki saw, for the first time, hot, raging emotion in his friend's eyes. "What the hell do you know? What the hell do you know about anything!" Kyoya yelled, his fury plain. "You don't know anything. I make your life easier, hell I run your life here at school and you know that's fact! I constantly put up with your stupid ideas, I let you waste valuable time and money and I listen to you moan and complain about Haruhi. I keep YOUR damn club afloat, put up with your constant prima donna attitude and I never get so much as a thank you. You call me your best friend but you don't even know me! You don't know what my favorite color is or my favorite food. You don't know how I feel about my family or any of our friends for Christ sakes. You all treat me more like a parent than a friend and I never complain. I will put up with that but don't ever reduce me to nothing more then some stupid science fiction fantasy! I have emotions and feelings just like everyone else. The difference is that you can get away with expressing them while I have to keep them bottled up. My God, you don't even know, after three friggin years." Letting go of Tamaki's labels, taking advantage of the fact that Tamaki had let go of his in shock Kyoya walked over to the window, holding himself military straight as he stared out the window. Oh God, he thought to himself. Oh God, what have I done?

"What do you mean...after three years?" Tamaki finally asked, not moving a muscle. It was like he'd been frozen to the spot, he thought dimly, unable to even turn his head to look at Kyoya. He felt like he'd been worked over and everything Kyoya had said was whirling around his brain like cars on a highway during rush hour.

"Forget it. Forget everything I said." Fighting the urge to collapse or at the least brace himself against the wall Kyoya kept standing through sheer will. All he had left was pride. He'd snapped and now it would cost him everything, just like he'd always known it would. Nothing good ever came from letting your emotions get the best of you. One of his father's favorite mottos, Kyoya thought bitterly.

"No, I won't forget it." Finally finding the ability to move Tamaki walked over to Kyoya, standing directly behind him. Hesitantly laying a hand on Kyoya tense shoulder Tamaki felt the muscles bunch under his fingers. his best friend was in pain, that was all he could think. The earlier fight and harsh words were forgotten in the face of Kyoya's pain. If Kyoya was in pain than he was too. "What did you mean? What don't I know? You're right, you know. I miss a lot of things because I can be a big idiot sometimes. Tell me, please. Whatever it is...it's obviously important to you."

"I can't ever tell you." Was his harsh reply, hiding his face from Tamaki as he stared blindly out the window.

"I think you need to tell me."

"You don't want to hear it." Kyoya finally said as he turned around to face Tamaki, his dark eyes hiding his emotions though there was obvious strain in his face and body. Now that he'd let some of his emotion out the rest was straining to break free as well. He couldn't let that happen. He couldn't lose what small happiness he had being Tamaki's best friend. That was one of the few good things, happy things he had in his life and if he confessed, if he told Tamaki..he'd lose it all. Then there'd be nothing left but a lifeless clone of his father. A fate worse than death.

"I'm asking you, as your best friend, to tell me. Whatever it is, we'll still be friends. Nothing you tell me is going to change that." Setting hands on either side of Kyoya's shoulders Tamaki tried to look as encouraging as possible. Whatever Kyoya was holding in was killing his friend, hurting him, and that had to stop. It was obviously eating away at Kyoya and Tamaki had no intention of just standing around and letting that happen. "Tell me. I won't ever tell anyone else but I can see it, see how important this something is to you. What is it I don't know? I know we met three years ago, I know we've been friends ever since we were introduced that day in the principal's office. Tell me what I don't know."

A hint of misery coming into his eyes Kyoya looked away, weakening in his resolve. "You don't know, you don't understand, Tamaki. If I tell you...everythign changes."

"Only if we let it. Who knows, maybe it will make us closer. I'd like that you know. To get to know you better." His blue eyes going soft they silently urged Kyoya to look back into them. "You truly are the best friend I've ever had. I can't imagine calling anyone else that but you. We may be polar opposites but we fit, don't we?"

"Yeah...we do." Was his response, almost a whisper.

"So tell me then. Please."

Slowly turning his head Kyoya stared into those blue eyes, filled with understanding and compassion. Tamaki would keep asking, it was just the way his friend was. When it came to his friends Tamaki wasn't the type to just let things go and he would stay on this, enlisting the help of the others. It was his own fault that this was happening, that it had come to this. So he was going to be a man and accept it. He was going to face the facts and accept the cost. Tamaki's friendship. Straightening Kyoya took a deep breath before answering. "I love you."

"Well yeah, we're best friends. I love you too..." It was slow to dawn but Tamaki wasn't nearly as dim as he often appeared to be. Struck dumb he stared at Kyoya uncertainly, his eyes begging for an explanation, a confirmation of just what sort of love Kyoya was talking about here.

Actions spoke louder than words. Knowing that this was his only chance, that it was all over anyway Kyoya did something he'd promised himself he'd never do. Never truly believed would ever happen except in his dreams. He grabbed Tamaki by the waist and pulling his best friend close he leaned forward to place his lips against Tamaki's. It was a soft, loving kiss that conveyed all the emotion and feelings Kyoya had kept bottled up for so long. Kyoya allowed himself that one moment, that moment to feel Tamaki's lips against his own, to feel that heat and warmth, that sense of belonging that he never got outside of Tamaki's company. Then he withdrew, his hands dropping to his sides as he took a step back. "Now you see...why I'm an emotionless robot around you. I have to be." Brushing past Tamaki Kyoya left the room without another word. There was nothing more to be said.

Standing there Tamaki slowly walked back over to the couch, by sheer luck hitting the couch as he sat down in a daze. Leaning forward he put his face in his hands, slumping in defeat. Kyoya had been absolutely right, Tamaki thought dimly and without irony. He'd never seen that coming. Oh God.

When it was time for Host Club to begin everyone walked in, stopping at the doorway as they stared at Tamaki in acute shock. Tamaki, who hadn't been up to going to the rest of his classes had remained in the Host Club room, sitting on the couch as he tried to figure out how the hell this had all happened. He was now sitting in one of the over stuffed chairs and none of them had ever seen him with that look on his face. Something was seriously wrong.

"Tamaki?" Haruhi said slowly, knowing him well enough by now to know when Tamaki was seriously upset about something important. "Are you okay?"

"At the moment..I don't think I'll ever be okay again." Tamaki replied ruefully, after a long pause so that the others had wondered if he'd even heard her.

"Maybe someone should go find Kyoya." Kaoru whispered to his twin, neither liking the looks of this at all.

"Yeah but why isn't he here in the first place? Kyoya's always the first person here. For that matter the customers will be here any moment." Hikaru answered back, looking just a tad worried now.

Mori walked over to one of the tables and everyone watched in surprise as he took out a piece of paper and a pen. Writing something in big print he then got a piece of tape and attaching it to the paper walked back over to them, opening the door to stick it on the front. Everyone turned to read the announcement that Host Club was canceled for the day due to a special meeting. Once that was posted Mori took a seat across from Tamaki. "I canceled the club for today." Mori said softly.

Meanwhile Hunny had raced over to Tamaki's chest and returning with their president's bear quickly held it out to him. "Here, Tamaki. Are you sick? Where's Kyoya?"

"Kyoya." Tamaki repeated, like it was a word he'd never heard before. Clutching his bear to his chest he couldn't remember ever feeling this way before. It was like someone had come out of nowhere and run him through from behind. "He's not here. I...I don't think he's coming back."

Well there was another shock for everyone to overcome as they all took seats to crowd around Tamaki. There were sounds of their guests arriving, making a lot of noise about the unexpected cancellation but everyone ignored them. Not making a sound until the crowd dispersed they soon returned their attention back to their depressed leader. Haruhi, breaking one of her personal rules actually took his hand. In the state he was in he wouldn't even notice, much less take it the wrong way the way he usually would. "Why not? Did you two have a fight?"

"I don't know what to do." Tamaki whispered, staring down at their joined hands. It didn't even make him a little happy, he thought dimly to himself. Haruhi had willingly taken his hand and all he could think about was Kyoya. Losing Kyoya. God, who knew a heart could hurt this much? He'd thought Haruhi's constant put downs and indifference had hurt but this, this was a million times worse. He needed Kyoya, but Kyoya wasn't here. He might have lost his best friend forever. A best friend who loved him. Who loved him THAT way. And that kiss...that kiss.

"Do you want us to go find him so that you can talk to him?" Hunny wanted to know, at a loss as to what to do. It hurt him to see Tamaki like this. What had happened and why did Tamaki look as though someone he loved had just died? Could the fight have possibly been that bad? He couldn't imagine it. Tamaki and Kyoya were just too close to fight like that. Plus Kyoya was hopelessly in love with Tamaki so there was no way he'd leave Tamaki, especially in this condition. Unless...eyes going wide Hunny turned to look over at Mori who shared his opinion on how Kyoya felt about Tamaki. Could Kyoya have finally said something? Could that have caused this?

"No...let him be."

"We can't help if we don't know what's wrong, Tamaki." Haruhi pointed out as gently as she could manage. He was more frail than she'd ever seen him and couldn't bring herself to yell at him as she normally would have.

"Kyoya...Kyoya and I had a fight."

"Okay, what was the fight about? Did you go and blow a lot of money on something he hadn't approved of?" Haruhi asked, that usually being the rare time Kyoya actually verbally nailed Tamaki to the wall. There were few things Kyoya hated like a blown budget, even when the budget could more than afford it.

"I made him mad."

"Yes, we've established that." Haruhi replied with just a hint of sarcasm. She couldn't help it, she wanted answers and he was beating around the bush like always. "Now tell us what you fought about. What did you do to make him so angry with you?"

"I...I didn't take no for an answer."