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A Happy Hunny

Sipping his morning tea Mori looked up questioningly when one of the servants of the Haninozuka main house servants entered his family's dining area. "Does Mitsukuni require my presence?" Getting to his feet Mori prepared to go immediately to his cousin's side if need be.

"No, it is not that. There is a Haruhi Fujioka at the main gates, Sir. He is requesting permission to enter the grounds to speak with you. Your orders, Sir?"

"Let him in." Curious as to what would have her coming to his house on a school day Mori couldn't imagine why she just didn't wait until school to ask. According to his regular schedule there was only a half an hour before it was time to pick up Mitsukuni and head for Ouran.

Mori didn't have long to wait before Haruhi was escorted into the room looking more than a little nervous and uncomfortable. Definitely unusual, as Haruhi was usually really good at keeping her thoughts and feelings under wraps. It took a lot to shake her.

Waiting until the servant left the room Haruhi gave Mori a weak smile. "Sorry for coming here like this…but I didn't want Tamaki sempai or the twins interrupting us."

Nodding in understanding Mori motioned her to take a seat.

Shaking her head Haruhi took a deep breath. "Thanks but…I'd rather stand. I..uh..there's something I have to tell you. Something I probably should have explained a while back. You've probably been noticing that Tamaki..well he's been acting weird towards you lately, right?"

Did she know what Tamaki had been acting so strangely, Mori wondered as he nodded in agreement to her question.

"Well the reason he's been doing that is…well in a weak moment I…basically he's trying to play matchmaker between us. That's why he keeps throwing us together and trying to come up with ridiculous plans to get us closer. I've told him to stop but he won't listen. You know how he is when he's obsessed." Blushing a bright pink, Haruhi had to work hard to lift her gaze to meet his eyes. "I'm really sorry."

"It's not your fault." Well at least he knew now why Tamaki had asked him to look after his 'beloved daughter' for him in the event of his untimely demise. Tamaki had also recently given him a gift of the large, blown up picture Tamaki had created by blowing up Haruhi's middle school id photo. It also explained why his club president seemed abnormally interested in his private life, and about his feelings towards love and marriage.

She'd like to pretend that it wasn't, but Haruhi knew better. And the sooner she told him and got turned down the sooner Tamaki would lay off on the both of them. Hopefully.

"Actually…it is my fault. I…I…told Tamaki that I liked you. In his twisted way he was doing this to help me." Her cheeks quite red now, Haruhi couldn't meet his gazer any longer and gave the wood floors beneath them her full attention. "I know you don't feel the same about me…but if you'll just tell Tamaki that I'm sure he'll stop….after he gets over the insult as my 'father'."

Minutes ticked by without a response, finally prompting her to look up and into Mori's bright pink face. Her own jaw dropping the two just gapped at each other like idiots.

"This is where ya kiss her, silly." Hunny informed his cousin from the doorway, a big smirk on his face as the two people in question went as red as tomatoes. "Took you guys long enough." He added as he turned to leave. Whistling a merry tune under his breath Hunny left them to their stuttered confessions and headed out to let the driver know they'd be having an extra passenger today.

Meanwhile, to break the silence, Haruhi figured she should again reiterate her willingness to stay just friends. "Uhmmm…I'll explain to Hunny..and Tamaki that we're just friends..so you don't have to. I want us to stay friends either way. I'm sure..I'll get over this, really." Her color back to just pink Haruhi turned on her heels with the intent to beat a hasty retreat.


Slowly turning around Haruhi met his unreadable gaze. "Yes?"

"Mitsukuni…I can't stop looking after him."

Not sure she was understanding him Haruhi's brows furrowed as she considered the possibility that it was his concern for Hunny that might possibly stop him from going out with any girl, including her. "I know that you and Hunny sempai are a package deal. I don't mind. I like Hunny."

Something coming into his eyes Mori took the steps necessary to reach her, his right hand coming up to take her smaller hand in his. Staring into her eyes Mori gave her the smallest of smile. "I like you too."

Staring up at him Haruhi said the first thing that came to mind. "Thank God Tamaki's so messed up that I had to do this."

Nodding his head in agreement, Mori could only hope Tamaki and Kyoya would work things out too.


Watching Kyoya's chest rise and fall with every breath Tamaki couldn't look away, even though he knew it was sheer foolishness to just sit there gapping at his friend. Someone had placed Kyoya's alarm clock by them, so he could plainly see it was due to go off in the next couple of minutes anyway. If his best friend was true to form it would ring a solid minute before Kyoya was aware enough to turn it off, and then another ten minutes before Kyoya would actually be functioning enough to get up to go shower, thus forcing himself to be awake enough to get dressed and out for breakfast. There really was no point in trying to wake him up; Kyoya certainly wouldn't thank him for it. In fact, it would probably be the opposite if he woke him up even one minute before it was necessary, Tamaki thought wearily. Kyoya loved sleep even more than screwing people over with his brilliantly devious plans. Yes, he'd leave Kyoya alone until something else woke him up and thus incurred his wrath.

A morning person by nature, Tamaki got up and started with his usual morning stretches, working out the kinks until the alarm went off near him with an overly shrill cry designed to wake everyone living or dead. Unable to bear it Tamaki turned it off after half the usual minute, panicking when he realized that that prevented Kyoya from waking up properly since it hadn't gone off long enough to irritate him into waking. Studying the clock Tamaki wasn't even sure how to reset it, it was that complicated looking. Uh oh.

Biting his lower lip Tamaki got on his knees beside Kyoya and started poking Kyoya's chest, hoping for some reaction to the annoyance. Nothing. Frowning, Tamaki got back to his feet and grabbing Kyoya by his arms, started to drag him out from under the kotatsu. Kyoya didn't even stir. What was he, Rip Van Winkle reincarnated, Tamaki fumed, dropping Kyoya's arms so that they fell back onto the floor. He was still breathing, right? A little concerned Tamaki knelt back down, leaning forward until he could feel Kyoya's warm, even breaths on his face. Yup, Sleeping Beauty was still alive and kicking. Or he would be kicking, once he woke up and found himself on the floor.

The things he was willing to do for a friend.


At a loss for what else he could do, since Kyoya would kill him if he dragged him into the shower, Tamaki debated calling someone else to give him a hand. The servants had to be pros by now at getting their youngest master up in the morning for school. Well, maybe he should keep trying, someone was bound to come get them shortly anyway, Tamaki decided, not wanting to bother the staff that was already severely abused and overworked by Kyoya's father and mother.

"Kyoya? Hey, Kyoya? Can you hear me?" Placing his lips right against Kyoya's ear Tamaki started off with his normal voice and soon was raising the octave to the point where if he kept it up he would be in danger of losing his voice. Or at the very least, yelling himself hoarse.

Groaning in his sleep in reaction to all the noise Tamaki was making Kyoya's other response was to lift his hands and place them over his ears, effectively blocking Tamaki's voice while he slept on. This was a man who was used to circumventing the attempts of other to rouse him before he was good and ready.

"Hey, that's not fair!" Crossing his arms in front of him Tamaki glared, knowing he wasn't strong enough to force Kyoya's hands from his head. He'd need Mori or both the twins to accomplish that task. That time they'd kidnapped him and taken Kyoya to the commoners' mall, Kyoya hadn't woken up once even though they'd dressed him, dragged him out of bed and left him to fend for himself in a building packed with people. Kyoya was the stubbornest person Tamaki knew. There was no point in trying to reason with him, or make him feel guilty about putting out people out. Like that had ever stopped Kyoya from doing what he wanted before?

Staring down at his best friend Tamaki had an idea. It was a stupid idea of course, but his stupidest ideas were often his best ones. Giving a loud, audible gulp, Tamaki's eyes automatically went to Kyoya's lips. Waking someone with a kiss was the oldest fairytale cliché in the storybook genre. Of course things were often a cliché because they did indeed work that way. But no, it was a stupid idea. An incredibly stupid idea. And even if he did try it Kyoya definitely wouldn't wake up. The Second Coming wouldn't wake him up until Kyoya was good and ready to let it. And Kyoya was asleep, kissing him now would be sexual harassment, a trespass upon Kyoya's person that would make him the pervert the twins teased him to be. Kyoya would kill him. Or would he? Kyoya was in love with him, or at least thought he was. Kyoya had kissed him, had shown him quite clearly that his feelings towards him were definitely not platonic. Maybe..maybe it would be okay. Maybe this was something he needed to do, to understand just how he really felt about all this stuff between them now. Reaching out a hand Tamaki slowly traced the dip and curves of Kyoya harsh, firm lips. Did he dare?

Slowly, as if pulled by some unseen force, Tamaki leaned down, closed his eyes, and before he thought better of it brushed his lips ever so gently against Kyoya's. Eyes opening on contact Tamaki's blue eyes met Kyoya's dark ones in a gaze neither could look away from. And when Kyoya's hands came up to cup his head, Tamaki didn't make a sound of complaint as Kyoya drew his head back down for a repeat of his 'True Love's Kiss'.

The End.