"A New Edition"

Summary: This is the sequel to "Most Eligible Bachelor." I'm not going to try to recap a lot of "Bachelor," so I suggest reading it first. Seth and Summer are trying to make sense of their lives on opposite coasts…Can they make it work?

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the O.C. characters or past storylines or anything like that…Those are all property of Mr. Joshua "I'm a Genius" Schwartz.

Chapter One: A Multi-phase Plan

Summer Roberts had had a long and miserable week at work. Well, sort of miserable. As miserable as anything Cosmo could be, which wasn't half bad. As the new assistant Style editor, she had a lot of responsibilities during New York's fashion week. Basically, any designer who was anyone was debuting their fall fashion lines to the public, and Summer had to make sure that there was a reporter covering each event, that they were given their identification and backstage passes, while attending each event herself to ensure the accuracy of the reporting.

Though the week had rewarded her with several one-of-a-kind designer pieces and major props from her editor-in-chief Charley, she wanted nothing more than to come home to her apartment, cuddle on the couch with Blanche for the weekend and watch cheesy 80s teen-angst movies.

As she ascended the stairs to her apartment, Summer inhaled the aroma of what she thought was…hmm, eggplant parmesan and realized how completely starved she felt. As she reached her apartment door, she rustled around in her red leather bag for her keys and fumbled with the lock until the door finally opened.

"Honey, I'm home," she said dryly, but smiled, as she entered the apartment and dropped her bags to scoop up her tiny white dog that, as always, was anxiously awaiting her arrival.

"It's about time," Seth said, as he appeared in the kitchen doorframe, holding two glasses of wine.

"Cohen," she almost whispered, as she met his dimply grin and practically tackled him into the kitchen.

"Whoa, simmer down, I'm here all week," he laughed as he put the glasses down before enveloping Summer into a warm embrace.

"All week?" she said, quizzically, still surprised that he was even in her apartment.

"Summer, I know it's been a month and a half since the talks of our multi-phase plan, but when I say multi-phase plan, I mean multi-phase plan," Seth joked, bending to catch her mouth for the first time.

She did remember their desperate talk that had occurred over a month ago at the entrance of JFK airport, but with the busyness that work had laid upon her in recent weeks, she had barely any time to pay tribute to her relationship with Seth. And no time at all to construct a "multi-phase plan," as Seth so loved to call it.

"Now, my dear," Seth said, breaking the kiss, "take these," he handed her the wine glasses, "and go sit at the dining room table and I'll have dinner out to you in," he glanced at his watch, "approximately three minutes."

Summer took the glasses, smiled at him, and shook her head, "Sometimes, you are too much, Cohen."

As the two sat eating dinner, they caught each other up on the day-to-day problems that work had left them both with, as they always did when they got together. Seth didn't have quite as intensive of a workload as Summer, but it had seemed that way, as he had written two issues of Atomic County in the last week so that he could take a week off to be with Summer.

As dinner wrapped up and Seth broke open their second bottle of wine, Summer decided she wanted the plan to be unveiled, so she brought it up to Seth.

"Well, Summer, Phase A, or is it 1? I haven't decided if we are going to be using letters or numbers for this plan—"

"Cohen?" she asked, raising an eyebrow at him.

"Right, ok, so Phase A or 1, it's your preference, starts this week. I am going to see about the possibilities of moving O.S. to Manhattan. At the same time, it would be nice if you, my darling Summer, could look for a new place for us," Seth finished, looking up to meet a frowning Summer.

"It sounds ok, but why do we need a new place? I mean, this apartment is plenty big enough for the both of us, right?" she asked.

Seth looked around with a fearful look on his face. He wanted to say it in a way that wouldn't hurt Summer, but in a way that he was honest, so she could understand what he needed. "Ok, here's the thing: I take up a lot of room. I'm going to need an office that I can work in from home. If you don't want my playstation in the main family room, which I assume you won't, I would probably also need a small room for gaming."

Noticing Summer's frown, he went to kneel in front of her and took her hand. "Look, Sum, I love your place, I do, but I was kind of hoping we could get a brand new place to be our first place together." Summer slightly smiled, so he continued. "Money is not an object here, and I really want the best, not just for me, but more than anything, for you. Can you see where I'm coming from?" Seth asked, hopefully

Summer sat for a minute looking deep into his eyes, her eyebrows furrowed together in concentration. After a moment, her expression lightened to a smile and she spoke. "Our place?"

Seth couldn't help but smile, dimples and all. "Yeah, you know. I just want it to be, like, the material symbol of us getting back together and starting our new life together. I thought it would be, I don't know, sweet." Just as the last word escaped his lips, Summer covered his mouth with her own, and what started off as light, sweet kisses, quickly escalated until the two lay on the dining room floor, covered in sweat and naked.

Summer lazily ran her hands over Seth's bare chest and he drew the same lazy circles on her bare back. After almost an hour of laying naked in each other's arms, Seth asked, "So, ready to watch the Blade trilogy, Sum?"

Summer laughed. "It depends. If you're ready to watch the Molly Ringwald trilogy first, Cohen."

Seth sat for a minute, racking his brain. "What IS the Molly Ringwald trilogy?"

"Well, there's Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, and The Breakfast Club," Summer answered, matter-of-factly.

"I guess," Seth sighed, rising and covering himself with his boxers before offering Summer a hand to help her up.

The two took about a half an hour to clean up dinner and don their pajamas. Seth popped some popcorn and divided it into two bowls. He poured two Dr. Peppers into glasses and brought the tray of snacks into the sitting room. Summer sat, awaiting him on the leather couch, hair strewn messily about her head and lazy grin on her face.

Seth sat the tray down and sat next to Summer on the couch for a second, running his hand over her cheek. "I love you like this," he said softly. At Summer's quizzical expression he continued. "When you're just you, no makeup, no jillion dollar designer clothes, no hair style that takes longer than a full length feature film to perfect. You're just Summer, and you're the most stunningly beautiful woman that I have ever seen."

Summer smiled softly and then got a mischievous glint in her eyes. She raised her hand to touch Seth's cheek. "I love you like this, too." A beat. "Just the same cheesy Cohen."

Seth's mock hurt expression only caused Summer to erupt into peels of laughter, and he eventually couldn't hold it in any longer and joined her. After a moment, Seth rose, giving Summer a quick kiss, and put in Sixteen Candles, the first of the trilogy.

Before the movie started, Summer realized that she had only heard phase 1 (or A or whatever) of Cohen's master plan. "Cohen, what are the other phases of your plan?" she questioned, seeming slightly concerned.

"Well, Phase B—yes, I've decided to go with the letters—involves you applying for a transfer to Cosmo's west coast office," Summer slightly frowned, "but it's better than Phase C, because that's where we both move to Chicago, or the middle if you will, and look for new jobs," Summer frowned more at this suggestion, "and finally, I guess I would just have to sell my comic empire, and live here with you, if all else failed."

Summer's eyes went wide at Seth's last declaration. "You would actually do that?"

Seth nodded and took a sip of his Dr. Pepper before speaking, "Summer, I've made a complete ass of myself multiple times for you, taken a 16 hour round trip flight to spend 2 hours with you, sacrificed friends for you," Seth paused. "And however cheesy or not that this may sound, I would do it all again to be with you."

Summer gave Seth a long hard look followed by a long, slow, passionate kiss. She pulled back so that their foreheads touched, and she could feel his breath on her face. "I love you, Seth," she breathed.

"I love you, too, Summer," he said sincerely. As they realized the movie was about to start, they cuddled into their usual spooning position.

Right as the opening credits came on the screen, Summer offered a final thought. "Let's just hope that Phases A and B work, right Cohen?"

"Right," he whispered with wide eyes, as he kissed her hair and focused his gaze on the screen.

Author's Note: So I know it's not much, but it's a start. For all of you who want Seth and Summer to be together perfectly right away, I think it does an injustice to the couple that is Sethummer to have it that way. We all know that they have had their issues, and I think, in writing this, it's important that they still have their issues, because it's what makes them so fun to watch. I hate to say it, but this will be one of those stories that takes a long while for Seth and Summer to have their perfect happy ending. As always though, please review, let me know what you think. Peace.