Title: In a mirror Darkly

Date written: started 16/06/06

Author: TanteCarla

Summary: Idea that popped into my head after watching the 'Enterprise' episode (which has the same title) What if there was and alternate universe where witches where goody-goodies and faeries were the bad-asses. Mainly Stormy/Flora focused. Fem-slash, StormyxFlora.

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Alfea: School for faeries. Young girls from all over the magical dimension came here to learn control their magical powers. Many people see faeries as pure beings, kind and giving. Boy where they wrong…

It was an early class this morning. Bloom rested her chin on the hand while she was typing random messages in the mobile phone. Her red hair pulled back in a very bushy ponytail. On the table next to her was Tecna, working on her latest invention: herself. She was using her own body to experiment with cyborg technology. Where once was an arm of flesh and blood was now something mechanic that had to pose as an arm. Sometimes there even came zooming or clicking noises from it and it really freaked Bloom out.

She looked after her, Musa was lying face-flat on her table with her headphones on. Bloom thought she was sleeping. Stella wasn't there, she must still be in bed with her latest prey. At that moment Flora walked in the classroom, her braids bouncing at her back, late as ever. The teacher threw a remark at her but she simply lifted her finger at him. With that she had earned herself detention but it didn't bother the flower faerie, she never attended those anyway.

She took her seat behind Tecna, her leather skirt softly squeaking while it made contact with the wooden chair.

"Late as ever" Tecna remarked not looking up from her work.

"I don't need your comments bitch" Flora lit a cigarette and blew the smoke at Tecna's direction.

"Do you mind? That's bad for my circuits" She said annoyed.

"Awww" Flora said mockingly "Is our little Borg Queen allergic?"

In a swift movement Tecna had turned backwards and the tip of her screwdriver was only an inch from Flora throat. Flora didn't blink and blew another puff of smoke at Tecna. At this the cyborg-to-be got up angrily and made way towards the exit. The teacher tried to call her back but in vain. Bloom turned and leaned into Flora.

"Do you always have to fight?"

"I can't stand her," Flora said calmly. She leaned forward and brought her face close to Bloom's "You shouldn't worry that much… gives you wrinkles" She softly brushed her fingertips at Blooms cheek. Without saying more Bloom turned back. She lied herself on her table to nap. Last night's battle with the witches from Cloud Tower had been really tiring but rewarding, especially when they had fled. She smiled to herself when she dozed of…

The sun was shining brightly at Cloud Tower, school for witches. Icy had left the infirmary and went outside, in search of her sisters. They had the morning off and they mostly spent it outside. Darcy and Stormy were of course in their favorite spot under the oak tree. She seated herself next to them and leaned into the bark of the oak. Stormy moved closer towards her.

"How's you arm?"

"Better" Icy smiled at her. Honestly, it still hurt. Yesterday evening they ran into the faeries of Alfea again and of course they wanted a fight. They hadn't had a moment off peace and quiet since those five came to school.

"Good" Stormy leaned into her sister and laid her head on her shoulder. The soft curls from her sister's ponytail tickled Icy's cheek and she brushed some hairs away.

"Why do you think they are always after us?" Stormy asked.

"Don't know" Icy rested her head on her sister's. Stormy waited for more but soon realized her sister wasn't gonna say anything so she returned her focus on the lesson they had after lunch. Darcy had listened to her sister's conversation and returned to her nap letting her mind trail.

The girls were sitting in their dorm minding her own business. Well, all but Tecna who had left after another disagreement with Flora. She was now working in her room.

Flora looked around at the others. She was so bored. She stood up and made to the door. "I'm outta here guys… gonna find me some witches to make them cry."

"Cry in what way?" Musa asked. She knew well enough what Flora meant. Flora winked at her while she left the dorm.

After half an hour off witch-hunting she got bored but she didn't give up. The witches were hanging out as usually in Magix. When they saw her coming they quickly moved into an other direction. Meanwhile Flora continued her personal little contest while they past. Ugly, ugly, boring, to girly, already slept with,… hello hello. Her eye fell on one particular witch in the distance. It was Stormy who had quickly come to the city to do some late shopping.

Flora smirked, one of the three. She moved closer quickly but not to close. She kept following her prey until they were in a quieter street or alley so she could make her move.

Stormy had to hurry or the store would close. She decided to take a shortcut. She had jogged halfway until she heard a voice call to her. "Hi there cutie" She turned and saw Flora coming towards her. She nervously looked around to see where the others were but apparently Flora was alone. Stormy backed away when the faerie kept coming closer, until she was with her back against the wall. Flora placed her hand against the wall next to Stormy's head and leaned in close.

"What do you want with me?" She asked nervously, her voice trembling.

For a moment Flora didn't say anything, her fingered softly moved up and down Stormy's sides. "Don't be so nervous" She finally said. "What's your name, again?"

"S… Stormy"

"Stormy" Flora repeated. "Wanna hang out a bit?"

"I… really have to go… the store closes and…"

"I don't take no for an answer" Flora stopped her caressing and grabbed hold of Stormy's chin. "You… are really cute you know…"

Stormy couldn't respond, she was to shocked with the situation.

"Let's go someplace more quiet" Flora said, she moved her hand under Stormy's shirt and started making circles around the witch's navel. Flora leaned in to bring their lips together. Stormy trembled in anticipation and parted her lips absent-mindedly. She could feel Flora's breath trickle her face but before their lips touched Flora moved back again. She grabbed hold of Stormy's hand and pulled her along.


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