Stormy stood in front of Flora's apartment building, clutching her umbrella tightly. Rain had been pouring like crazy for days as if the weather matched her mood. Sure rain, wind, storms… where her power but she used it as minimal as possible since she liked the sun better.

Maybe it's some sort of passive use of powers? She shook the thought off, that wasn't why she was here.

Earlier this day Bloom had caught her while she was headed to Magix and pleaded if she would check Flora out. Apparently the faerie hadn't showed herself for days and Bloom was getting worried.

Stormy thought that she was playing an act but… accepted nonetheless.

And now she was here, standing, waiting, thinking… She had been staring to Flora's window for almost half an hour now and had seen no sight of life.

But she decided to check anyway, since she promised Bloom.

Slowly she walked the steps her breath aching in her chest with every step she took.

She finally reached the familiar door and knocked it carefully. As she expected no answer. Stormy felt the top of the doorframe for the key but it was not there.

She tried the handle and to her surprise the door creaked open. She quietly slipped in, half expecting to find her former lover in the arms of another girl.

"F-Flora" she carefully called out. She looked around the room unable to see much. The curtains where tightly shut. Stormy gave herself time to let her eyes adjust to the darkness. Only then did she saw a form on the bed. She took one step closer.

"Flora it's me…" A sudden chill came over Stormy as she once more stepped closer to the bed, hoping for a reaction. A sickening dripping sound sent chills up her spine. "F-Flora" She called out one more time her voice was trembling.

She laid her hand on Flora shoulders and reality struck like a bullet impact. The cold breathless figure of Flora, the blood dripping from her wrists. The razor blades that mockingly gleamed on the bedside table.

Stormy stepped back almost stumbling against the cupboard. She clasped her mouth and shook her head violently, hoping that this was a bad dream. But it wasn't. Part of her wanted to run away but the other part won.

She climbed on the bed and cradled her faerie in her arms, hoping she would open her eyes. "Flora! Flora wake up!" she choked between violent sobbing "Just open your eyes"

In the hallway, just outside the half open door, an audience of other renters was forming, trying to catch a glimpse of what was happening and muttering quick words to the others…


Bloom stood at her only friend's grave while a priest mumbled some prayers. She looked around at the other bystanders.

Not many people showed up. In fact she was the only one and off course Stormy accompanied by Darcy for support.

Bloom felt saddened how little people cared for the person in the coffin. And even more saddened that there were no parents to attend. She knew Flora's parents were alive, so why didn't they come to say goodbye?

She looked sideways at Stormy who was sobbing uncontrollably and Darcy had her arm wrapped around her sister to give that little bit of support.

Bloom watched how the coffin was lowered in the hole that was created and thought of the last time she saw her friend alive.

"You've done what?" Bloom snapped to Flora. "But why?"

"Look, she was unhappy…" Flora stammered, for the first time in her life she felt tears running down her cheeks. "I just had to let her go"


"No but… she's back with her family now… where she belongs… she deserves better then me…" Flora wiped the tears from her face, smearing her make up in the process.

Bloom stepped forward to comfort her friend but Flora stepped away. "I've said some horrible things" she choked. "But I had to" She looked hardly at Bloom "otherwise she'd come back…"

"You've let the best thing that ever happened to you get away?" Bloom managed to say.

Flora nodded. "Yeah I have" With that she turned and walked away, out the gates of the school, never to return.

The End