Sunlight glinted. She moved through the brambles. A quiet thrush was perched on a thorn bush. It twittered and spread its wings to take flight. Then a flash of black and ginger, then the bird was dead at a she-cat's paws. She smirked. She snatched it up in her jaws. She trotted back to the ThunderClan camp. She thought about her Clan; decent, loyal, trust-worthy... Then she thought about her name. Her name...not very scary.

It was...she shook her head. Firepaw...her name was Firepaw. Her green eyes glittered. Firepaw's fur was black with ginger stripes. It was sleek and shiny like a raven's wing. She pranced into camp, setting her prey down on the fresh-kill pile.

Her eyes traveled warmly around the camp. It was home. She closed her eyes, breathing in the warm scent. Suddenly a harsh snarl rose above her thinking,

"What are you doing, Mouse-brain? Trying to remember what your name was?"

Firepaw glared, turning around. It was her friend, Sunpaw.

"Yeah!" She said sarcastically. Sunpaw was a light brown tabby but large yellow splotches on her pelt in random places. Her tail was golden.

"Hey! Have you been hunting again?" Her friend studied her.

"Yeah...Brambleclaw doesn't have time to train me since he's deputy..." She shifted to the side.

Sunpaw rolled her eyes, "Don't worry! Firestar is so sure that Graystripe will come back. Then you will be trained!"

Firepaw snorted, choosing a mouse from the fresh-kill pile. She then sat down with Sunpaw by the apprentice den.

"When is Sorreltail going to train you next time? You saw the borders today and then tomorrow-"

Sunpaw sighed, "Then tomorrow we are showed how to hunt...I'm 7 moons old! I know how to do everything!"

A sudden voice said behind then from the apprentice den.

"Except keep your mouth shut." It was Brightpaw. Firepaw purred as her friend padded out of the apprentice den, "Here, finish my mouse. It's too stringy."

Brightpaw gave a "mrow" of laughter.

"No thanks. I want to ask Firestar if I could go on a patrol. Firepaw? Wanna' come? Oh, and Sunpaw...Sorreltail is looking for you! She wants you to catch Firestar some prey."

Sunpaw sighed, getting to her paws and padding across camp.

Firepaw stood up, finishing her mouse reluctantly, and shook the dust from her fur.

"Sure!" The she-cats trotted across the camp clearing and entered the leader's den.

"Firestar?" Firepaw called through the brambles.

The flame-colored tom lifted his gaze, "Yes, Firepaw, Brightpaw?"

"Uh, we were wondering if we could patrol," Firepaw meowed. Brightpaw shot her a warning glance. Firepaw rolled her eyes impatiently, "Please?"

Firestar laughed softly, "Yes, but take a warrior with you!" Firepaw dipped her head quickly when Angelpaw did more slowly. They slipped out of the den.

"Who do you want to bring?"Brightpaw asked. She was so pretty. Her golden fur and beautiful green eyes.

"Um..." Firepaw looked around, "Hey, Rainwhisker!" The dark gray tom looked behind him.

"Hello, Firepaw! And Brightpaw!" He purred, flicking Firepaw on the ear gently with his tail.

"Wanna' come on a patrol with us?" Firepaw asked energetically.

"I have a lot of things to do around here..." He murmured, "But I guess I could spare a little extra time!"

"Thanks, Rainwhisker!" Brightpaw purred.

As Rainwhisker padded to the camp entrance, Brightpaw purred, "Isn't he wonderful?"

Firepaw narrowed her eyes playfully but they walked after him.

A patrol...Her first one. Firepaw breathed with excitement and even Brightpaw was bristling with joy.

They nudged each other as they strode through the forest, sounds and scents washed over them.