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It was a beautiful afternoon at Ouran Academy. A perfect day for lovers, couples. That's what Souh Tamaki thought as he walked down one of the many tree-lined paths at the school. Too bad he didn't have a lover or even a girlfriend, he mused momentarily feeling sorry for himself. As he walked down the lane with the cherry blossoms cascading down, he noticed someone in a clearing.

''Haruhi!'',he exclaimed ,delighted at seeing his crush,Fujioka Haruhi.She looked up from her book, a look of surprise and annoyance quickly replaced by a look of recognition and relief .''Hello Senpai.'' she said politely. He plopped down next to her.Tamaki wasn't in the mood to recite amateur poetry or to woo Haruhi.He was in a strangely serious mood. He turned to Haruhi asking,' What do you really think of me?''. Surprised, she looked confused for a minute, then said,' I think you are vain, obnoxious, flamboyant, and prone to bouts of depression.''

He looked angry, shocked, humiliated, and most of all sad.''Well, if that's what you think of me,'', he said stiffly, standing up and walking away,' I guess I'll leave.'' ''Senpai'', she called. He stopped but did not turn around.' And I also think you are kind, caring, and quite innocent under all of that.' she said, turning back to her book.Tamaki waited a moment, and then came back.

""Do you like me?' asked Tamaki timidly.' Yes'' said Haruhi.He sat surprised for a minute, then grabbed her, burying his face in her neck.'' Serez-vous la mienne?''he asked. She smiled, recognizing the bit of French she knew. She said tenderly,' Yes, I will be yours.''

Je t'aime.

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Serez-vous la mienne? means Will you be mine?

Je t'aime means I love you

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