I am Snowkit. I was taken from my mother by a hawk. My life was always on the run. Rouges, dogs, traveling. I was torn. Now this is my story.

I was being carried by a hawk. It dropped me on the ground as a brown flash attacked it from a tree.

I landed on the soft undergrowth but I looked up, stunned.

A tabby cat was attacking the hawk! I watched from the ground as the hawk dropped a fraction every moment. It wasn't coming down easily.

I squeaked. The tabby tom cat had killed the hawk in front of me. His shoulders were broad and he was massive.

He had large black claws. His scent was yucky, and I wrinkled my nose. I was almost 5 moons old, and I knew my scents.

The cat was a rouge. I flattened my ears, my tiny little claws ready to claw the cat but he looked amused. His amber eyes glittered softly. For a fierce-looking cat, he was pretty kind also.

He hunted for me and sat with me. I couldn't hear him, of course, because I was deaf, but I knew that this cat was the cat for me.

He tried to talk to me, but I could only see his muzzle moving. Then he talked more slowly.

I could read his lips, "I..." I nodded. I would hear my first moon as a kit, but then my hearing faded so I knew certain words.

"Tiger..." I saw him. He looked like a tiger! I nodded vigorously.

Then he showed me his claws.

Tiger...claw...Tigerclaw? His name was Tigerclaw! I grinned. I could actually understand him!

Then I did something I never knew I would do; I stood up, purring. I buried my nose into his pelt. Soft, clean.

Tigerclaw looked shocked as I backed away. It looked as if he had his own kits somewhere because he was acting very kind to me, a strange kit who was attacked by a hawk, also deaf.

Tigerclaw said something else but then he blinked understandingly.

He knew I was deaf. He didn't care that I was deaf. Tigerclaw was amazing.

He was my new friend!

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