I dreamed that I was running in the forest. I was still in ThunderClan, I dreamed.

I was at Snake Rocks watched the sun go down. My white fur sparkled and my blue eyes sparkled in satisfaction. I had just hunted and caught much prey. Then I felt a sudden pain.

It was like a fiery bee sting. Then I turned around and saw it. A large green snake recoiled. The fangs glittered menacingly and I knew that I had been bitten.

"It's all a dream..." I said to myself. "Nothing happened."

But when my eyes flew open, I felt the bite and I didn't know why.

I looked across the barn and Barley and Ravenpaw were sleeping. My eyes traveled down and the snake was there, but it wasn't big and green. It was tiny and black. My head swam with memories as I fell to the floor again with a thud. I saw Tigerclaw and I moaned, "Why did you leave me?"

Ravenpaw's ears flicked and then he saw me, waking up Barley. They were yelling at each other fervently and I closed my clouded eyes again.

I saw the hawk taking me away. Brackenfur was clinging to the hawk as I was carried away.

"Snowkit!" My mother screeched.

Then I saw Tigerclaw training me.

Brackenfur's dead body was placed in front of me which I had killed.

Was I...dying?

I suddenly snapped out of my daze and I saw a magnificent blue she-cat walk up to me. She was strong and her blue eyes were like sapphires. Her muzzle was streaked with silver.

Stars surrounded me as I awkwardly walked across the clouds.

"B-Bluestar?" I asked softly.

The she-cat smiled.

"Welcome to StarClan."