Zypher: Well, here's the long awaited sequel to Wish I Had an Angel. Burst of ideas came to me to start out this new story so I hope you all will enjoy it.

Summary: After the Vampire King dealt with those that harmed him, Yugi is finally living a life of luxury, love and protection. But soon it will all come to an end as the Upper Angels found out about his betrayal to his assignment and not saving her and they were determined to bring him back. Yugi didn't want to go back and Yami was willing to risk his life to keep Yugi with him. Not only did they have to deal with the dangers of the uppers but also an invisible force of an old acquaintance that's trying to break them apart.

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Fallen Angel, Rekindled Soul

Chapter 1

It was a few months after Yami found Yugi and saved him from the clutches of Anzu and brought him back to the vampire kingdom. He was happily living in peace with Yami, learning more about the vampires and their customs along with the three loyal monsters of Yami's. But unfortuantely, to the advisors and other servants only, he had to act like one of the servants but everyone knew he was a personal servant to Yami and if one touched him the wrong way, heads will roll.

He was now in Yami's room, playing with Living Bone, who he affectionately named Nnar, while Yami was at another meeting. "What should we go do, Nnar?" he questioned. The beast snorted softly and pulled him off the bed, kneeling down so he could climb onto his back which he did. Once Yugi was comfortably settled on his back, he trotted off towards the private gardens which Yugi was given access to. When they got there, Yugi climbed off his back and went to sit beneath a tree, Nnar coming to lie down beside him.

He stroked his head lightly, looking up to the night sky, knowing up farther in the clouds is where his home lied. 'I just hope the uppers won't be mad at me for what I did and disobeyed their order to protect my charge from death.'

Little did he know, he was right. The uppers were furious with the young angel but knew they couldn't do much since they had to keep order in heaven. "We have to do something. We need to make him pure again and bring him out of the clutches of that awful king." One of the uppers spoke.

"But how? Knowing Yami, he will protect Yugi with everything he can to prevent us from taking him back if he learns were are coming back for him." Another said. "And he won't know. We'll send down some scouts to watch Yugi and once he's alone, they'll bring him back."

They agreed with this and soon called for the angels they were planning to send down. Once they were ready for their task, they flew down to the vampire kingdom to try and bring Yugi back.

Yami was soon done with his meeting and went to go look for Yugi. Seeing as he wasn't back in the room, he left for the gardens and smiled as he saw the young angel asleep by the tree, Nnar lying beside him, also asleep. He walked over with silent footsteps and now was kneeling from behind him.

He started to fondly kiss the skin on his neck, letting his fangs graze the tender skin lightly. Yugi moaned softly in his sleep, moving closer to the feeling he felt. Yami smirked and gently slid his fangs into Yugi's neck, placing a hand upon his shoulder as he started to drink some of his sweet, delectable blood.

Above, the angel scouts arrived and were appalled at what they saw. "That evil vampire. He's using Yugi like a slave just for his own gain." One said. "But it looks like Yugi's enjoying that. He must've brainwashed him somehow. We need to save him now." Another whispered, ready to fly down but the first tugged her back. "We can't. If we do, he's going to sick that beast on us." The first said, pointing down to Nnar who was now awake and alert for anything that will disturb the loving moment which didn't look like so to the angels.

The second growled but nodded. "Come on. We best find a place we can hide until the king either leaves or they both head inside." she said as she flew down to another part of the gardens so they wouldn't be seen. Yugi mewled softly in pleasure before opening his eyes and turns to see Yami there.

He smirked softly before removing his fangs and licked the bite mark. "Have a good rest, my little angel?" he questioned. Yugi nodded and looked up to the Vampire king lovingly. "I'm a tad hungry, though. Can we get something to eat?" Yami smiled and nodded, standing up.

Yugi stood up as well and squeaked as Yami whisked him into his arms and took him back into the palace, Nnar following behind them. When they were gone, the three angels came from their hiding spots and snuck into the palace as well, hoping to not be captured easily.

Down in the underworld, Anzu sat, chained like a dog. She was sleeping although in a bad position and a demon walked over, kicking her lightly. She woke with a jolt and glared up at the demon. "What do you want?" she demanded. "You have a new job now. I have a feeling you want revenge for what the vampire did to you and not only that but the angel as well for catching said vampire's attention." The demon spoke. "Yeah, of course I do. Who knew that the vampire king would even glance at that run down angel I had."

The demon smirked and removed the chains before taking her away to another section of the underworld. "Well, we have the perfect job for you. Your little angel's heart was broken and shattered and the flame dying inside of him because of all the hope he lost when he was with you is now being mended and rekindled. You don't want that now, do you?" he said and she shook her head.

"Well, giving you the job as a succubus will break both of them. The little angel because of the vampire's new lust for something else and the vampire because of his little angel running off back to heaven with no idea of the reason." he said and she smirked.

"That will work perfectly. I'm ready to start now." Anzu said with a menacing grin and the demon smirked.

Yugi happily muched on the many sweets he was given, taking sips of the fruit juice that sat beside him. Yami smiled warmly as he sipped from a ruby glass chalice filled with blood, taking a chocolate macaroon once in a while. Yugi looked to the king, smiling brightly. "I hope the meeting wasn't too boring for you." he murmured and Yami smiled.

"No. Usually it would be but with you in my thoughts, it never was." he said with a smile, making Yugi blush. He laughed softly and stood, drinking the last remnants of blood before walking over to Yugi, picking up the smaller angel and sat down in his seat, placing the young angel upon his lap.

He blushed even more but snuggled closer to him, watching as he reached over and took a grape from the plate of fruit that sat there and held it to Yugi's lips. He opened his mouth and Yami dropped the fruit into his mouth. Yugi chewed the fruit, watching with curious amethyst eyes as Yami picked up a plum, thumbing the soft flesh of the fruit lightly before taking a bite, humming in delight as he ate the fruit. Droplets of the sweet nectar from the fruit slid down his chin, catching Yugi's attention greatly and with curiosity, he moved up slightly in Yami's lap, licking away the trail of juice up to his lips.

Yami smirked, having the curious fallen right where he wanted him, and wrapped his free arm around him, pulling him in for a kiss. Yugi mewled into the kiss, closing his eyes in rapture. Yami soon released him from the kiss and smiled. "You don't know what you do to me little one. I'm glad to have found you." he whispered and Yugi nodded, resting his head upon his chest. "I'm glad you found me, too." Yugi said. He chuckled softly before finishing the rest of the plum, placing the pit back on the plate.

"Finish eating, little one, for I wish to spend more time back in our room." he said, kissing his neck lightly and making Yugi give another sound of approval. Yugi ate up until he was full and after calling the servants to take the dishes away, Yami left with the young fallen in his arms, heading back to their room.

"Great. Nice job, Razia. We lost track of them." The second angel said, glaring at the first angel. "Well, sorry, but you know we can't be seen. No matter how much you want to save him, if the king finds us, we're dead and our blood will become another sweet drink for him." Razia said. The second sighed and looked to the silent, half angel male of their little group. "Well, Sereg, what are we going to do now?" she asked.

He looked to them with shimmering gold eyes before speaking his plan. "We need to find a place to hide so that no guards or servants will find us. Afterwards, we will need some servant outfits and blend in with the rest, hoping to find Yugi in the process. When we do, we'll stay by his side until he's left alone and have none of the king's beasts around him so we can take him back." he explained and looked to Win, the second angel.

"And we'll have to do this without him recognizing us or he'll call for the king to save him. Got that, Win?" he questioned and she grumbled but nodded. "Alright then, let's get going before we are spotted loitering around the corridors and with our wings exposed." Razia said and they left to find a palce to hide from the servants and guards.

Yugi sighed happily as he lied in bed with Yami, his head resting upon his bare chest. "I love you so much, Yami. You make me feel complete." Yugi whispered. "I love you more, little one." he purred, running lithe fingers over the delicate spikes of Yugi's hair. "You are like a sweet delicacy that I could never get enough of. So sweet and tangy and exquisite and creamy and so many other things." He kissed the tips of his hair, smiling warmly. "The perfect treat and you belong to me. No other will have you and the sweetness you hold."

Yugi smiled, snuggling closer to the king. "And you, such a tempting being, drawing me in with your words of love and comfort. I love it so much. You help me ever so slowly with rekindling my snuffed out hope and mending my broken heart. You saved me from a fate that could be worse than the most gruesome death to a mortal and gave me so much. And your love," Sighs happily again, closing his eyes in content. "Oh your love, so sinfully fulfilling. I love it so much and always wish for more every night." Yugi said. Yami smirked and hugged him close.

"And I will fulfill that wish every night. I will fulfill any wish you have, little angel of mine, and keep you happy as long as you do the same for me." Yami said, sitting up and bringing Yugi closer to kiss sweet lips. Yugi moaned in bliss, wrapping his arms around Yami's neck. "Love me again, my king. My glorious king." he whispered as their lips parted. Yami complied to the wish wholeheartedly, kissing supple lips with love and passion as he lied Yugi back down on the bed once more.

As they shared another moment of love, they didn't see the hidden spirit hovering above them, glaring in disgust at the love they shared. 'But it will all end soon once I arouse the king's lust for another.' The spirit thought with glee, happy to know that soon, she will be breaking two souls.

Zypher: And that's the end of the first chapter. Oh what will they do? They have angels coming after Yugi and Anzu trying to break them apart? Well, if you want to find out, you'll have to wait for the next chapter. Hoped you enjoyed my newest story.


Sereg - Blood (Yes, odd name for an angel but he's part angel/part demon that was shunned because of his heritage and was cast out of the demon world. The angels accepted him wholeheartedly because of his knowledge of the demon kind which could help them in battle if that was to ever happen between them and the demons and the fact that he was still part of them)

Nnar - Bone