1. Reno is notorious for giving bad gifts. On Rude's birthday, Tseng got him three new pairs of sunglasses, Elena baked a lovely strawberry cake and Reno bought socks. Sure they were cute with the little flying chocobos and all... but really. Socks.

Reno says it's practical. Elena says he's cheap. (Rude privately agrees)

2. Elena was a tad depressed over the fact that an ugly, fat perverted idiot picked some skinny ninja brat over her.

3. Reno made sure to step on Corneo's hand extra hard. You don't mess with a Turk. Even though said Turk might be a bit of a babbling airhead.

4. Once, after killing a family of three (a mom, dad, son) Reno spots another little boy hiding under the bed. For a split second he is willing to pretend he hadn't seen him-- until he catches his reflection on a mirror, sees that annoying blue suit-- and quickly aims and shoots.

5. Both Reno and Elena know that Rude has a crush on Tifa, and they tease him mercilessly from the way he goes easy on her in battle, to the fact that he has memorized the file on her. They will probably continue to tease him until the end of time.

6. Back some time ago, Reno used to hit on Elena while she was still a secretary at Shinra Inc. When she worked her way up and eventually became a Turk, he pushed her around a lot. Yelled and critized and rubbed her face in all the nasty parts being a Turk meant until he was pretty sure she went home crying most nights.

7. The funny thing was, Elena never gave up like Reno thought she would. He shoved her to the ground and she would get right back up again; dusting herself off and straightening out all the wrinkles in her uniform in the process. It was that, more than anything, that got her his respect.

8. When Rude and Reno meet for the first time, the former barely said a word which prompted the latter to call him "Rude" in the first place. Needless to say, the nickname stuck and Reno, for the life of him, can never remember Rude's real name.

9. It's Stuart.


10. Fortunately for Elena, Reno's nickname for her does not stick.

11. It's motormouth.

12. Tseng truly thought he was going to die in the Temple of Ancients. But then he remembered he had that dinner with Elena to go to and he manages to stagger to his feet.

13. You don't ever want a bored Reno on your hands. Last time that happened, Rude's ass was stuck in his chair for twelve hours and Elena was seen sporting green hair. The incident sparked a pranking war in which Elena and Rude teamed up against Reno.

14. It finally ended when someone got all three with a brilliant combination of exploding pens, itching powder and lots and lots of honey.

15. Rude thinks it was Tseng. He swears he heard the man emit a faint yet sinister chuckle when Rude delivered a report to him the day before.

16. After Reno drops the plate on Sector 7, he goes to a bar and gets drunk silly even though he really should've been recovering from his injuries.

17. The first time Elena saw Tseng, she dropped the stack of papers she was holding because Holy fuck this guy is gorgeous. She was still a lowly secretary back then and as she scrambled to pick all the papers up, he bent down to help. Then he nodded at her briskly and walked off before she could thank him.

18. The first time Reno saw Tseng, he made a stupid wisecrack and suddenly found himself making out with the ground with a gun pressed to the back of his head. All he could think was, Holy fuck this guy is dangerous.

19. The first time Rude saw Tseng, he thought his boss looked sort of like a girl.

He wisely keeps this to himself.

20. On the night Shinra falls, they are no longer Turks but RenoRudeElena. Meteor is hanging over their head and for the first time, they can taste the possibility of death lingering in the air. But they do not mind very much because at least they'll end the way they began.