When You Say Nothing At All

A sharp click-clacking of heels echoed off the stone walls of the empty hallway. Pale golden sunlight danced through a window ahead. Minerva McGonagall was beginning her usual early start of the day. Portraits along the wall awoke and greeted the Deputy Headmistress as she glided past them. She gave a nod with an occasional "Good morning," and "Yes, beautiful day, isn't it?". Something stirred in the shadows beside the door of a deserted classroom, but Minerva ignored the sound and continued walking.

Someone emerged from the shadows and caught Minerva from behind. One hand was placed over her mouth as she attempted to scream while the other pushed her into the deserted classroom. Her initial reaction was to transform, but everything was happening in a blur. Her kidnapper closed the door and whirled her around. Minerva heaved a sigh of relief when she found herself face-to-face with Albus Dumbledore. She opened her mouth to protest, but he placed a finger over her lips to silence her.

Minerva tilted her head against the door as Albus caressed her neck with gentle kisses. He took her hands and pressed her more firmly against the door. She was thankful, because she had already felt her knees become weak. Albus's fingers found and released the pins from her tight bun, causing her hair to cascade around her shoulders. He smiled warmly and stared into her eyes. Minerva smiled back and placed soft, quick kisses upon his lips.

She felt her blood rush through her in the way that only Albus could make it. She closed her eyes and ran her fingers through his hair as he nuzzled his nose against her ear. Minerva wrapped her arms around his neck, and she giggled silently as he spun around in a circle with her still in his arms. Her breathing deepened and the beating of her heart intensified.

Minerva caught her breath and buried her head in Albus's chest. He rested his chin against her soft hair. She smiled to herself as she felt his heart racing. She closed her eyes again and inhaled deeply. What a wonderful day it had begun to be...

Albus tilted her head backwards by pushing up on her chin. He kissed her and smoothed her cheeks with his thumbs. Minerva loved everything about this man, and he felt the same way. She was sure of it.

She melted into his tender, passionate kisses once more. The room seemed to spin into ecstasy. Had Albus not been holding her, she felt she surely would have fallen to the floor. Minerva's cheeks were hot with emotion.

The sound of footsteps, laughter, and conversation could be heard just outside the door. The students were beginning to make their way to the Great Hall for breakfast. Minerva sighed and looked up into his eyes. Albus nodded in understanding. He kissed her hand. She waited until the hallway was silent before she opened the door. Duty before pleasure.

Minerva tied her hair back in its original bun and smoothed her robes. Albus would wait a few minutes after she had left to leave the room. As she opened the door, the light from outside poured over her, revealing her entirely.

Albus smiled. Ah, even after all these years, that golden band on Minerva's finger still becomes her.