Angela: Here we go. Dragonlady222 requested a Mariku, and she gets a Mariku. And, well. Yeah. Here you go DL222.

As usualy, disclaimers apply. And I'm still doing requests.

I sat silently on the bed, watching him. It wasn't as if I had a choice. But even though I didn't, I still enjoyed it. He doesn't realize that even when it's against my will, I love it. I live inside my head now. What's in there and what isn't, I can't tell anymore. I'm no longer capable of seperating truth from fantasies. I tried once to do it. I couldn't. I can't escape my prison, mental and pyshical. If I fell apart, only he would know. No one else would. Only he rememebrs I am here. No one else knows who I am. Truthfully, he doesn't either, but he's the closest.

My Yami, my Other Half, my lover. He loves me, I know he does.

Doesn't he? He said so, he did. He tells me he loves me every night.

I love him too. He doesn't know it, but I love him too.

I love my Mariku...


That's right, my precious Malik. You love your Mariku. And only he loves you.

Angela: There you go. Was done when I was listening to both I love this Bar and Let Me Go, both which I don't own. Except on my IPod. And I don't own that anymore either since I lost it at the zoo months ago. But yeah. It's short and to the (nonexistant!)point, but it was the best I could do really. I hope you like it DL. If it's not good enough I can rewrite it.