Summary: Harry's little sister makes a birthday wish for her family to save her from the Dursley's, when it comes true. Do the Potters, Sirius, Remus and Peter of 1981 of October 2 stay in 1985 or let the future run its course?


Chapter 1:

August 2, 1985

Today was a special day, Harry Potter knew that. His sister was turning four on this day and he bought her a cupcake (Mrs. Figg gave him money to spend on his sister) and added a candle on it. She looked at it and made a wish that would forever change the world she knew.

"I wish that mummy and daddy and uncles Siri and Remy and Cousin Mia were here with us celebrating." She didn't know anyone with those names, but she felt as though she did know them.

October 2, 1981

The Potter family of Godric's Hollow was shocked when they received the news that Voldemort might find them. They decided the only chance was casting a spell on them, until they heard a crash.

"What the hell!" James Potter shouted, before everyone in the house: his wife Lily with their two month old daughter Ambrosia and their 13 month old son Harry, his best friend Sirius Black and his husband (his other best friend) Remus along with their 13 month old daughter Mia and their mutual friend Peter Pettigrew. The last thing they remembered when they woke up in the living room was the crash…

September 2, 1985

"Get out of here, girl!" Vernon Dursley barked. The little four year old girl named Ambrosia Potter walked out of the house and to school. Today was her first day. She looked around at the park and shrugged. She'd never seen one before so this was the first.

"School is school." Harry said. "It's edu-somet'ing or other."

"Know that." She said gently. "Wish mummy and daddy were here."

"I know, flower girl." He said, teasingly. She glared. It was a nick name he dubbed on her for her fourth birthday. The reason: she liked flowers and that was their dead mother's name meaning, Lily-flower.

"Don't call me that!" she said angrily, hitting him on the arm. He backed away, laughing.

"You shouldn't be at school!" The teacher said, as she noticed Ambrosia. Ambrosia shook her head softly.

"I was told to come." She murmured. The teacher, Ms. Holton, kicked her out of the school altogether. She then walked to a tree and sat, reading a book until Dudley came over and took her book.

"Give it back, please." She said quietly.

"Ooh, why should I give wittle baby Ambrosia her book?" He taunted while the others laughed at her. Tears were in her eyes and then he did it: he ripped the pages out of the book-Fairy Tales. She heard a man.

"Hey! What did you do that to her book for?" He looked at them, shocked and angry. Dudley smirked and said, "Get out of here! This is my business, not yours." Dudley then left, making Ambrosia pick up the pages of the book that scattered the ground. The man helped her out.

"Here, he shouldn't have done that," the man said gently. "He's a big bully. Don't cry," he added as she felt the tears fall from her eyes. He stood up and handed her the papers and she was about to leave when she fell down, and the only thing she remembered was darkness…

September 2, 1985

Sirius Black had taken the girl in his arms and ran to Godric's Hollow. When he reached his destination, he saw a hysterical Lily, looking for some people.

"We can't find all three kids," James said softly. When he noticed the girl, he added, "Who's she?"

"I don't know," Sirius admitted, thoroughly shocked that he didn't take her to a doctor. "I just seem so protective of her…it's like I know her or something." He looked at the girl in his arms, and then it hit him.

"Turn the TV on." He ordered. As they got inside, James turned the TV on and it confirmed his suspicions.

"Today is September 2, 1985…" the TV announcer said. Everyone looked at the television and then at the girl in his arms.

"If we are in the future…" Lily started, when James finished for her. "That means that our children are five and four years old." They heard a noise and looked at the girl. She had let a small cry of pain out, but that was it. That's when something else hit: "Ambrosia!" James said, softly but excitedly. He stared at her with that realization: Lily's looks and his eyes. When she opened her eyes- her hazel eyes, they realized that James was right. It was Ambrosia. She looked around and said in the softest voice they could have imagined.

"Yes? Did I do bad?"

"No, honey, you didn't." Remus said to her kindly. When Sirius laid her down on the couch, she sat up and winced. She was in tons of pain. Lily noticed it.

"Are you all right?" she asked. Ambrosia nodded.

"I fine." She lied as she sat up, still wincing as though the pain was killing her.

"You're hurt." Remus said sternly to her. "I'm going to-" he was stopped by Lily.

"Come here, honey. I'll take good care of you." She scooped up the girl in her arms and walked up the stairs with her, still in her arms. When they reached a door, she walked into the unused room and locked the door.

"Lift up your shirt." She ordered. Ambrosia did. Lily's eyes were flashing angry as she took in the bruises and obvious lack of malnutrition. When Ambrosia had her shirt back on, she said, "Do I go back?"

"No. Not ever." She said in a whisper to her. Ambrosia smiled.

"You my new mommy? Mine left me." She whispered. Lily's eyes were wide.

"What happened to your mommy?" she asked, fearing an answer. But then, she wanted to know what lie Petunia said to her son and daughter. The girl looked skeptical.

"Mommy and daddy died in a car crash," little Ambrosia murmured in Lily's chest. "Auntie Marge says t'at t'ey drunk when it happened." Lily kept a growl in her throat, wanting to rip Marge Dursley and Petunia Dursley to shreds. She picked Ambrosia up and whispered, "Shhh, baby, I'll be your mommy." She then gave the girl a smiled. "That nice man downstairs, the one wearing glasses; do you want him to be your daddy?"

"He nice. He my new daddy." She said, giggling. Lily grinned and knew that James would be happy that his daughter wants him to be her "new" daddy.

"Come on, honey," she whispered into the girl's dark red hair gently. "Mummy's going to get you something to eat."

"Okay." Ambrosia held Lily's hand and walked downstairs with her. When they reached the last step, she said, "Can daddy get Harry?"

Lily smiled. "Ask him." She murmured. Ambrosia did let Lily's hand go and she walked over to James who picked her up.

"Daddy, can you get Harry from school?" she asked.

"Only if my best girl wants to come with me." He said, kissing her nose.

"Okay!" when he put her down, Ambrosia skipped into the kitchen. Remus looked and started laughing.

"She's adorable," he said through boughs of laughter. "She's very adorable, but not close at all to my Mia."

"Ha ha Lupin or is Black?" James asked. Remus stuck out his tongue. Sirius and James laughed. Peter had disappeared off to some place.

"Very mature of you, Lupin Black," James taunted as he walked into the kitchen. Ambrosia looked and said, "Can we go now? He comes home at two everyday?"

"Of course we'll go." He kissed her forehead. She giggled.

"Go wait in the car," Lily told her. When Ambrosia did leave she turned to James. "We need to talk to Dumbledore about this situation."

"All right honey. You contact him after I leave and have him get the message to come here as fast as he can." He murmured before kissing her senseless and passionately. When they did break apart, Ambrosia said, "Parents are gross," as she skipped merrily to the car. James grinned and followed her out, without the skipping part. Lily sighed.

September 2, 1985

Harry just walked out of his class. He had on baggy clothes and he waited for the bus to come. That's when he saw a dark blue sports car. When it came to a halt in front of him, the window was rolled down and Ambrosia's head was sticking out of it.

"Our new daddy's here!" she squealed happily. "Come on!" Harry ran and opened the back door. When he was seated, he closed the door before Dudley could see him. Harry quickly put his seat belt on and asked, "Are you really gonna be our new daddy?"

"Yes Harry." The man said. Harry grinned.

"What's your name?"

"James." That was all that he said. Harry looked and asked, "Are we gonna go home or to the Dursleys'?"

"Home with me and your new mum." Their new daddy said. Harry grinned.

"No Dudley."

"No Dudley at all." He grinned at that. He stared at Ambrosia who was in the front seat next to the man and since no one knows that he and Ambrosia have a mind link, said to her through the link, What does he look like, Amber?

He looks a lot like you but with hazel eyes. My eyes.


Really. Harry looked at him and smirked. I look like a mini version of him. What are the odds of that?

Zero to a million. Maybe he's a relative of daddy's.

Highly doubt that. Maybe that is daddy?

Impossible. Auntie would've told us, wouldn't she?

I don't know. Ambrosia looked at her "new" daddy and smiled.

"Can we get ice cream?" she asked.

"Whatever you want, pumpkin." He replied while ruffling her hair. She giggled.

Harry smirked.

"Any flavor?" he asked. Daddy nodded.

"Any flavor of ice cream you want."