R.E.V. nudged me in the side and pointed to Hotshot, our team leader and friend, "Hey Crosswise ya got any idea what's up with Hotshot? He's been down in the dumps lately huh? He spends all his free time sulking in his quarters…" I look over at Hotshot, knowing what my friend means, and knowing what's wrong.

there's something we've wanted to tell you for a long time now

we're sorry

we're sorry we are loyal to our cause

we're sorry we have morals

we're sorry you'll never understand

we're sorry we met you

Iornhide looks at me standing above him, interrupting his conversation with Mirage. I'm silent a moment, then point to Hotshot, "R.E.V. wants to know about what's wrong with him." I'm glad for my facemask, it's hiding my quivering lip-component.

for years you walked all over us, made us think you cared about us

you suckered us in

with those fake innocent optics

"Don't you think that's kind of a personal thing?" Iornhide asks me, I nod but I also know, to be as close-knit as we are, we shouldn't hide things from each other, especially not something like this.

we can't believe how dumb you are-

to think we'll ever need the likes of you

you tell us to contact you if we need you

what a load of slag

that's almost laughable

why would we need someone who is as selfish as you?

W.A.R.S. rushed over to see what we we're talking about, putting a hand on my shoulder, "Hey guys, what's going on?" I can't help but hang my head, this is a bad situation, not matter the outcome.

if anyone's ever going to need anyone

you'll need us

but you won't get any help

you don't deserve it

you never deserved it

Mirage looks at me and whispers, "It's about his femme back home isn't it?" I only nod, it's true, and I've got to tell the team the truth.

you cut us lose over a cliff

because you didn't like what we were telling you

those of us who thought you cared enough to listen

so we aren't letting you walk all over us again

"His femme betrayed the Autobots, and before she told him, she became the enemy, not only helping them, but apparently…. Striking relationships up with the males." My own voice hurts me right now, but I know it's best for us all to know.

when you come crying back to us like the spineless loser you are

we'll blow your circuits out you traitor

this is war

second, third, fourth or fifth chances aren't awarded to your kind

or are you to stupid to notice?

"Gentlemen!" Hotshot's voice has a tinge of something that none of us have heard since he fell into this depression, "What do you say we have some target practice?" All of us can't help but smile, we have our leader back, at least a little- but more importantly, we have our friend back.

I don't own transformers, not even the spy changers.

This poem-story-thing was brought about because of a certain former-friend of mine who abandoned the people who disagreed with the stupid things she was doing to hurt herself and the rest of us- especially a certain someone she hurt more than the rest of us- poor guy, she cheated on him- with two guys at the same time at one point, I had actually hoped he'd ditch her before she started believing that stupid "I love you" crap from a man-whore.

All well, at least she isn't my problem anymore- I guess there is a god then… hum… All hail Primus!

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