The League of Villains

Welcome to my latest story! I got this idea from a two-parter episode of Jimmy Neutron. \I would also like to warn you that this chapter contains some Kreig bashing. So if you like him then I recommend not reading this. This chapter also contains a ton of spoilers. OK let's start!

Disclaimer: I don't own one piece. If I did, then smoker would not be called chaser in the English dub! I hate that!


Somewhere on a mysterious island...

There was a small room with a large meeting table that stretches from one side of the room to the other. Sitting at the table where a group of pirates.

"Who are you?" asked a Shark Fishman.

"You don't know who I am?" said one that looked like a clown "Is it possible to be that stupid?"

"WHO ARE YOU CALLING STUPID!" said the Fishman.

"People, people, settle down" said a woman wearing a brown trench coat and an oni mask "I have invited you all here to discuss matters, not to squabble! I have invited you all here because we all have one thing in common: We have all been foiled by Monkey D. Luffy and want revenge! I want everyone to introduce themselves and why they want revenge!"

"The name's Buggy" said Buggy the clown "I am flashily feared and known throughout the East Blue and Grand Line by everyone. EXCEPT YOU! YOU STUPID SHARK!"

"Shut up clown!" said the Fishman "You don't think I can't kill you?"

"Anyway, everything was great until that straw-hat kid came along" said Buggy "And now I'm just a joke!"

"Your a clown, wouldn't being a joke be a good thing?" asked a butler with claw gloves.

"SHUT UP!" screamed Buggy.

"You can call me Arlong" said the Fishman "Unlike the clown I'm feared throughout the East Blue! I used to have the best navigator in the world, and because I owned her town, she kept giving me money to buy its freedom!"

"What did Luffy do to spoil it?" said the woman.

"He came along with his other human friends and destroyed my HQ Arlong Park, my reputation and my dignity!" said Arlong "And not only that, the human took my navigator, or 'freed her' as he put it"

"I am Captain Kuro" said the butler with claws "That stupid straw-hat pirate got in my way and caused me to lose something very close to my heart"

"What's that?" asked the masked woman.

"Money from a rich blond" said Kuro.

"That bastard!" said Buggy. "Indeed" said Kuro as he lifted his glasses up with his palm.

"I am the Admiral Don Kreig!" said the purple-haired pirate with gold armor "And I-"

"Oh we don't care about you" said the woman "You can leave"

"But I-" but before Don Kreig could finish, a trap door opened up beneath him. "Nooooo!" screamed Kreig as he fell to his doom.

"Hello" said a rather skinny man "I am Wapol, the former king of Drum Island. My life was great as king! Now I'm nothing!"

"What are you talking about?" asked Buggy "You're the CEO of one of the greatest toy factories in the Grand Line!"

"Yeah, but I like to wear crowns! And you can't wear one unless you're royal otherwise you look like insane!" said Wapol

"I am Foxy the Silver Fox" said a man with an unusual nose and hair "But my friends call me the Sexy Fox! So... you can all call me Foxy"

"We wouldn't call you sexy even if we were paid to do it" said Kuro.

"SHUT UP!" shouted Foxy "Anyway, I was famous as been the master of the Davy Black Fight all over the Grand Line. I had 902 wins and not a single loss. In fact, I had won so many crew members that the World Goverment became afraid of my numbers and gave me a 24,000,000 beli bounty!"

"Amazing" said the masked woman.

"Of course it is" said Foxy "But Luffy and his crew came along and beat me. I almost had him, but then he cheated by using using a mirror on me. I lost my flag and my over-confident personality. I'm nothing without the ability to be cocky" Then Foxy began to cry.

"What about you? Why do you hate Luffy?" asked Wapol. She removed her mask to reveal her face. The five pirates gasped to see a face covered in scars and burn marks.

"What the hell did that flashy bastard do to you?" asked Buggy.

"You'll find out in due time" said the woman as she put the mask back on "But first things first. How do we get our revenge?"

"I know!" said Wapol "We'll give him cancer!"

"Wow! That is a good idea!" said Buggy.

"I got an even better idea!" said Kuro to Wapol and Buggy "What we do is weld your mouths shut!" "

I have an idea" said Arlong "What we should do is destroy the thing he loves most in the world"

"But what does he love the most in the world?" asked Foxy.

"I don't know!" said Arlong "You guys figure it out!"

"I already know what he loves most in the world" said the masked woman "That is... his nakama"

To be continued...


And thus begins another piece of crap from the mind of Lord Stingdingdingdingdingworth! I hope you like it so far. See ya!