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The Team had just gotten back from a mission,Everyone was stressed because all the villians started attacking them at once.Numbuh 2 went to work on a project,Numbuh 4 went to punch stuff 0.o,Numbuh 3 went to play with her rainbow monkeys,numbuh 5 went to her room and Numbuh 1 went to go to sleep in his room. when numbuh 1 got to his bedroom lizzie was there.

"Hiya nigie! whats new?"

"Lizzie can you go please? i had a really tough day"

"But Nigel we have a date tonight!"

"Lizzie we never had a date tonight!"

"Well we can make one!"

"Lizzie can we talk?"

"Sure nigel"

"Well lately i have been on alot of missions lately and you keep showing up its not safe!"

"Thats why i met you in your room!"

"Lizzie! what did my team and myself tell you about coming in without asking!"

"Im sorry it wont happen again"

"Your right because Lizzie it wont my team needs me and i just dont have time for a gilfriend now lizzie im sorry but its over"

"Nigel uno how could you do this to me!" Lizzie said while crying as she left


It was now around 11pm numbuhs 2,3,4, had already went to bed (Or to there rooms to do there own thing...) so numbuh 1 and 5 were sitting on the couch (Love seat to be exact )

"Numbuh 5"

"What numbuh 1?"

"Today i broke up with lizzie"

"Good you can do better then her numbuh 5 knows it and you do to!"

"Im kind of happy about it yet im kind of upset because what will i do now with all my free time?"

"Work and hang out with your friends" Numbuh 5 said with a yawn

"Tired? are you?"

"Yeah i guess numbuh 5 is going to bed"

"Um...Numbuh 5? can i ask you a question kinda more a favor?"

"Its kinda late and i need someone to talk to will you let me sleep in your room on the floor?"

"Yeah numbuh 1 you can"


Ok guys thats chapter 1 I swear to you nothing happened that night!