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(With Numbuh's 1 2 and 4)

"So guys arent you glad to just have guy time?" Numbuh 2 asked

"Yeah its nice to finally relax" Numbuh 1 told his friend

"Yeah Girls make things so complicated or maybe its not girls maybe its Numbuh 2" Numbuh 4 told him

"What? How is your problems my fault?" Numbuh 2 said as he and his friends started playing the game

"Because...JUMP YIPPER!...I want to...LEFT NO RIGHT!...Tell Kuki I like her...GET IN THE CRUDDY PLANE!" Numbuh 4 yelled

"So Hows that My...COME ON FLY THROUGH THE RINGS!...Fault?" Numbuh 2 asked him

"Because everytime I try to tell her you...COME ON YIPPER KICK THAT GUYS BUTT!...Inturupt me and I cant tell her" Numbuh 4 told him

"Well if you wanna tell her...HEY NUMBUH 1 DONT HAVE YOUR YIPPER CUT MINE OFF! ...Then Tell Numbuh 3 its obvious she likes you" Numbuh 2 told him


"Fine ya know what? I think I will go and tell her right now!...AND I WIN! FISRT PLACE OH YEAH!" Numbuh 4 told his friends as he left

"So just us?" Numbuh 2 asked Numbuh 1

"Yeah Just gimmie a Sec I'm gonna get a soda and Numbuh 2 dont you think you should call Numbuh 86?" Numbuh 1 asked

"OH CRUD I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING!" Numbuh 2 yelled as he ran to a quiet place -
(With Numbuh 3 and 5)

"Isnt this Nice Numbuh 5?" Numbuh 3 asked her friend

"Yeah it is..." Numbuh 5 told her friend

"Whats Wrong?" Numbuh 3 asked numbuh 5

"I'm worried about Numbuh1 and Losing him" Numbuh 5 told her

"Why?" Numbuh 3 asked

"What if he decides to go back with Lizzie and doesent want me anymore?" Numbuh 5 asked

"Thats NEVER gonna happen he likes you WAY to much dont let Lizzie ruin your life!" Numbuh 3 told her

"I guess your right" Numbuh 5 said

"Urm...Hey Girls" Numbuh 4 said as he walked in

"Numbuh 4? why are you in the steam room?" Numbuh 5 asked him

"Cause I gotta tell Kuki something now can I get a few minutes with her?" Numbuh 4 asked

"Sure Numbuh 5 is gonna go find Numbuh 1" Numbuh 5 told him

"Alright see ya Numbuh 5" Numbuh 3 told her friend -
(Back with Numbuh 2 and 1)

"So did you get in contact with your girlfriend?" Numbuh 1 asked his friend

"No she's not answering her phone at the moonbase shes ALWAYS at the moonbase" Numbuh 2 told him

"Cellphone?" Numbuh 1 asked his friend

"She doesent have one" Numbuh 2 told Numbuh 1

"Oh well I'm sure she'll call you" Numbuh 1 told him

"Yeah I guess...Urm Numbuh 1 do you see what I see?" Numbuh 2 asked Numbuh 1

"Some kids Stealing Quarters?" Numbuh 1 asked

"No Look behind you" Numbuh 2 told him as Numbuh 1 looked around

"Hiya Nigie Hi Hoagie" Lizzie said smiling at them

"Hi Lizzie" Numbuh 2 said being really annoyed

"Yeah Hi Lizzie..." Numbuh 1 said equally annoyed

"Isnt it odd were both here on Vacation?" Lizzie asked

"Not really we came here to get away from you attacking my girlfriend" Numbuh 1 told her

"Yeah and I HIGHLY doubt its a coincidence your here" Numbuh 2 told her

"Hehehehehehehe you guys are sooooooooooooooooooooo silly" Lizzie told them

"And your soooooooooooo annoying" Numbuh 2 muttered

"Excuse me?" Lizzie asked him

"Nothing" Numbuh 2 said

"Thats what I thought you said now Nigie can I talk to you alone?" Lizzie asked him

"Sure I guess but make it quick I have other things to do" Numbuh 1 told her

"I'm gonna grab some food see ya numbuh 1" Numbuh 2 told him

"Yeah see ya" Numbuh 1 said as Numbuh 2 left

"So anyways Nigie I was thinking wouldent it be soooooooo great if you and I got back together and you dumped Abby?" Lizzie asked

"Not happening" Numbuh 1 told her

"I mean come on I know when you said you wanted to break up you REALLY dident mean it!" Lizzie told him

"Yes I did" Numbuh 1 told her

"Well Urm...Is there hope for us getting back together?" Lizzie asked

"No" Numbuh 1 replied

"Married?" Lizzie asked

"Dont count on it" Numbuh 1 told her as Lizzie saw Numbuh 5 walk in the door

"Well I guess you made up your mind and your sure?" Lizzie asked knowing Abby was approaching

"Yes I'm positive" Numbuh 1 told her

"Alright then if your sure" Lizzie said as she kissed him on the lips

"Numbuh 1 what are you doing?" Numbuh 5 asked him

"Oh Urm well...Lizzie...YOU SET ME UP!" Numbuh 1 yelled at Lizzie

"I dont know what your talking about you invited me here remember?" Lizzie asked

"Numbuh 5 I can explain" Numbuh 1 told her

"Dont Bother Numbuh 1 were over" Numbuh 5 told him as she walked away

"Well see ya Nigie I'm here all week" Lizzie said as she walked away -
(With Numbuh 2 on the phone)

"Hello? Numbuh 362 this is Numbuh 2" Numbuh 2 said on the phone

"Hey Numbuh 2 whats up?" Numbuh 362 asked

"Do you know where Numbuh 86 is? she's not answering her phone" Numbuh 2 told her

"Nope sorry the last time I talked to her was 2 hours ago she took a pod and said she had somewhere to go" Numbuh 362 said

"Any idea where?" Numbuh 2 asked

"Nope sorry" Numbuh 362 said

"Thats ok tell her to call me when she gets back?" Numbuh 2 asked

"I will" Numbuh 362 said

"Well Bye" Numbuh 2 told her

"Bye Numbuh 2" Numbuh 362 said