For everyone who doesn't know, this is the fourth story in the Generation Fic series. It's about the next generation of Ranma ½ characters. This story in particular is a continuation of story three, 'Amazonian Compromise'. So you may have to go back and read at least that to understand everything.

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Luffa tapped her foot impatiently and shot a glare at the door she was waiting next to. The hiss of a running shower could be heard from the other side and steam was rising from the edges where the door met the wall. Luffa was wearing a fuzzy purple bathrobe that matched her unwashed hair. One of the really bad things about living in the back of a restaurant was that there was only one decent bathroom. This was especially bad since there were three teenage girls trying to use it every morning.

"Are you trying to drown yourself in there? C'mon Mascara! I need to get ready for school!" Luffa hammered angrily on the door. The hiss the shower continued. "I'm serious! I'm getting sick and tired of you using all the hot water every morning! I know you can hear me!"

"Luffa! Cool it!" Luffa's twin sister Lotion walked down the hall towards her. She already had her school uniform on, complete with blue sweater vest and brown plaid skirt. As far as Luffa was concerned it was a fashion disaster.

"Every morning it's the same thing!" Luffa snapped at Lotion. "She takes the shower before my alarm goes off and I have to wait like forty minutes to get in! Then there's only cold water! And she's not even going to school!" She stomped her foot. "When's she supposed to leave anyway?"

"Luffa, you know Mascara is here because of that stupid Amazon marriage law." Lotion sighed, showing her usual distaste for the Amazon's traditions. "Until the Council makes a decision and she marries either Iikiba or Jatsuma, I don't think she intends to go anywhere."

"Hmph." Luffa crossed her arms and scowled.

"Come on, Luffa." Lotion said with a slight smile. "It's not so bad. Mascara's really very nice if you'd give her a chance. It's like having another sister."

Luffa's eyes flashed. "Yeah! A backstabbing sister who steals your boyfriend! And kicks you out of your room so you have to move back in with your twin! AND USES ALL THE HOT WATER!" She screamed towards the door.

Lotion rolled her eyes. "You and Jatsuma broke up before Mascara showed up, you know. Plus, she does a lot of the work around the restaurant that usually gets pushed on us."

"Stop defending her!" Luffa snapped.

Right then the bathroom door opened with a cloud of steam and Mascara stepped out wearing a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around her head. She was humming happily but stopped when she saw Luffa and Lotion. "Good morning! Did you sleep well?"

"Do you have to be so damn cheerful?" Luffa grumbled as she pushed past Mascara and closed the bathroom door behind her.

Mascara glared after her. "I try to be nice, but Luffa just hates me."

"She's kind of irate." Lotion said. "But she'll get over it… eventually."


Cologne watched over Mousse like a hawk as he prepared the first dish of the day, their breakfast. "Add more salt." Cologne instructed.

"I know how to make miso soup." Mousse said with a slight tone of annoyance. Cologne smacked his hand with her staff. "YOW!"

"Don't sass your elders, Mousse." She huffed.

"I'm forty years old Cologne! Don't treat me like a kid!" Mousse yelled. At that moment Shampoo walked into the kitchen. "Shampoo! My hand's hurt!" He whined as he ran to her. Cologne put a finger to her temple.

Shampoo sighed. "Let me see." She took his hand to get a better look at it. Other than being a little red, it looked fine.

But instead of letting Shampoo continue to examine his hand, he took hold of her hand and kneeled down on one knee. "Shampoo, you're so good to me. You look lovely today." He complimented her.

Shampoo narrowed her eyes and pulled her hand away from his. "No."

Mousse blinked "Bu- But I haven't even said anything yet!" He protested.

"You were thinking it." Shampoo stalked off looking irritated.

Mousse's eye twitched. "You are so stubborn! We're practically married anyway! We have two teenage daughters and we've lived together for nearly twenty-four years! Why not just make it official?"

"How many times does Shampoo have to say no!" Shampoo snapped angrily.

"Why must you torment me? You… you serpent woman!"

"WHAT YOU SAY?" She rounded on her would-be husband as quick as lightening. Mousse shrank back as Shampoo turned on the faucet and put her thumb under the water to spray it in Mousse's direction. "Hmph." She stomped out of the room leaving the wet duck sitting on the floor.

"Quack!" Mousse cried after her.

Cologne sighed and ran some warm water into a glass. It was always the same deal. Mousse got it in his head every so often to ask Shampoo to marry him. And no matter how many times he was rejected, he always got out of his post-rejection slump and asked her again. Cologne had to hand it to him, he was annoyingly persistent.

So Cologne poured the water on the weeping duck. "Get dressed you ingrate. We open in thirty minutes and you still have to mop the floor after you finish cooking."

"Can't you see I'm in an emotional state?" Mousse yelled, tears still running down his face.

Cologne hit him in the head with her staff. "Be emotional while you work!" With that, she left the room. She didn't want to get cried all over.

Mousse reluctantly stood after pulling his clothes on and went back to the stove to take the pot of soup off the burner, mumbling something that sounded like 'one of these days I'm gonna-' angrily under his breath.

The miso soup smelled delicious. Mousse fancied himself an accomplished chief after his many years of practice. But no matter what he did he couldn't seems to satisfy Shampoo or Cologne's expectations. At least he had the girls.

"Hi Dad, bye Dad." Lotion rushed through the kitchen and out towards the front exit of the Cat Café.

Mousse nearly fell over in dismay at her quick entrance and exit. "W- Wait!" He called.

Lotion stuck her head back in. "What?"

"Don't you want to take your lunch? Or sit down to some breakfast?" He implored.

"Got it right here," She held up her box lunch. "And no time. I'm going to be late." She was about to duck out again went Mousse grabbed hold of his daughter's arm and pulled her into a hug.

"Have a good day, honey." He said with a sniff. "You and Luffa are growing up so fast. I love you!" He hugged her even more tightly.

"Dad, are you in an emotional state?" Lotion asked, already knowing the answer, as she patted him on the back.

"Little bit." Mousse released her and took a deep breath to regain his composure.

Luffa trudged into the kitchen then. She was wearing her usual blue and red cheerleading outfit and an expression that could kill. "Nothing wakes you up like a cold shower." She said scathingly, speaking to no one in particular. "It's been a month already! Couldn't Mascara find somewhere else to stay?"

"You want Mascara to leave?" Mousse asked. "She's been really helpful around the restaurant. I figured you'd like the extra free time. And she's really sweet. We get compliments from the customers about her all the time."

"SHE'S NICE ENOUGH IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT A SPITEFUL WITCH SHE IS!" Luffa screamed as she stomped on through the doorway.

Mousse stuck a finger in his ear to regain some hearing. "That one takes after her mother." He sighed. Lotion laughed a little as she followed after her sister.


"Come on, Luffa! Wait up!" Lotion ran down the street trying to catch up with Luffa.

"Why don't you just hang out with Mascara, traitor!" Luffa answered viciously.

Lotion narrowed her eyes. "Oh, fine. If you want to be a jerk then go right ahead. I'll see you later." She turned onto a side street to take a different route to school.

"Hmph." Luffa huffed angrily. Everyone kept acting like she was being horrible to Mascara. But Jatsuma had gone and defeated Mascara, even though Luffa had tried to get him to defeat her a million times before! So Jatsuma was engaged to Mascara and not her. Was it any wonder that Mascara irritated her? And Jatsuma wasn't any better! He just kept flirting with Mascara!

"I wish there was some way I could get even with Jatsuma!" She yelled in frustration.

Right then, a cold shiver ran down Luffa's spine. "Good morning, Luffa." Yuri greeted the cheerleader from atop her carrier. Her fan boys who were holding up the carrier bowed slightly in greeting.

"Yuri? Uh… hi." Luffa said, taking a step back. She didn't usually talk to or hang around with Yuri Hibiki. The girl creeped her out.

"I just happened to be going by and couldn't help overhearing." Yuri explained in her deceptively sweet voice. "Now I don't mean to be nosy. But perhaps I could make a suggestion?"

"For what?" Luffa asked, desperately wanting to walk on.

"For getting even with Jatsuma of course." Yuri nodded her head. Luffa looked up at her with new interest. "I trust you know about Razor." Yuri continued.

Luffa folded her arms and raised an eyebrow. "Yeah, he's the son of my mom's biggest rival from back in China or something. Mom really hates him."

"She's not the only one." Yuri said with a smirk, her fan boys murmuring in agreement. "Jatsuma hates Razor too."

"He does?" Luffa asked in slight surprise. "Since when?"

"From the moment they met, I understand." Yuri put a hand to her cheek and sighed. "They're always at each other's throats about something or other."

"Well that's fine and dandy, but I don't see what it has to do with my problem." Luffa said.

Yuri smiled at Luffa. "Think about it, Luffa. Jatsuma's engaged to Mascara and that made you jealous, right? So why not put the shoe on the other foot? Get Razor to defeat you. Then you'll have a fiancée of your own and Jatsuma will be the one who's jealous."

"That's-" Luffa started to speak angrily, but her expression quickly changed. "That's BRILLIANT!"

"Of course it is." Yuri shrugged as if it were obvious.

"It's perfect! If Jatsuma hates Razor so much… then Razor being my fiancée would drive him insane with jealousy!" Luffa grinned widely. The more she thought about it the better an idea it seemed. Jatsuma deserved it for treating her so badly! Not only would she get even with him, but she would also win back his love in one fell swoop! "I'll do it!" She declared.

"I'm glad to have been of assistance." Yuri said as Luffa ran on towards school as quickly as she could, without offering any thanks. But Yuri looked satisfied.

One of the fan boys looked up at her. "Um, Yuri? Doesn't Razor want to marry Makoto?"

Yuri shrugged. "I suppose. But this seemed like an appropriate welcome for the new guy. Just to ruff him up a bit." With that, Yuri rose up her arm and pointed the way. "Onward men!"

The fan boys straightened up and marched on towards school with Yuri's carrier in tow. A fan boy turned to one of his comrades. "She really likes to cause trouble, doesn't she?"

The other fan boy sighed dreamily. "Yes, our goddess of chaos."

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