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Mascara and Luffa ran at each other, each with a look of absolute determination on her face. Before they collided Luffa jumped into the air and came down towards her opponent. Mascara jumped to the side and Luffa's fist plowed into the grass. Mascara countered with a kick that caught Luffa in the shoulder. She was knocked back, but quickly recovered and jumped up for more. The crowd was going wild.

Meanwhile, Razor was pushing her way nimbly through the mob of people in the stands. She was having a hard time believing Jatsuma had set all of this up. He had just spent the whole day running and hiding from those two, so why would he suddenly decide to encourage them? No, he was probably being held captive somewhere until the winner of this battle was decided.

"WHOO! Hey girls! We don't mind if you use some wrestling moves! No need to hold back!" Jatsuma shouted from only one row ahead of Razor. Because the crowd was so thick she hadn't seen him until she was right there. She also noticed his recliner, crown, and newly acquired friends.

"So who are you rooting for, Jatsuma?" Yukio broke from his cat-calling momentarily. Jatsuma looked confused. "I hadn't thought about it at all. I was just enjoying the situation I'm in."

"I hear you, buddy." Yukio grinned down at the girls as Luffa grabbed Mascara's arm and threw her across the field.

Jatsuma smirked and folded his arms behind his head. "I mean, can't say that I blame them."

Yukio laughed. Razor cricked her fingers so stiffly that they made loud cracking noises. She gritted her teeth with anger and tuned and stomped back the way she had come, knocking people aside as she went. ARGH! THAT ASS! I can't believe I thought he might be in trouble! She thought furiously.

Jatsuma nearly choked on his soda when he felt the angry aura radiating behind him. He turned in time to catch a glimpse of Razor disappearing into the crowd, identifying her by the red sash around her waist. "Razor?"

"Huh? What'd you say?" Yukio asked.

"Uh, I'll be right back!" Jatsuma quickly scrambled his way past the boys taking up their row and pushed his way after Razor.

"Hey! Where are you going? You're going to miss everything!" Yukio yelled after him, but after a moment he settled back into his seat. "Oh well, his loss."

That was when Yukio noticed Lotion was standing in front of the group of boys looking resolute. And since he was on the front row that meant she was right in front of him. "Where is he?" She spat.

"Hey girl! Move! I can't see through you!" Yukio snapped.

Lotion's eye twitched. "You should all be ashamed of yourselves! Encouraging this smut! Start acting like adults!"

"Would you just get a move on, grandma?" He said snidely. The other boys laughed loudly in agreement.

Lotion just glared at them and picked up a megaphone. "GROW UP! YOU DUMB PERVERTS!" She screamed into it, amplifying her voice ten fold.

Yukio covered his ears until the ringing subsided. "Oh please! Do you really think you can intimidate us?" He looked back confidently and saw the other boys cowering in fear. "Grow a spine! She's just some nerd girl!"

Lotion looked pleased.


"Razor! Wait up!" Jatsuma was gaining on her by the time they were nearly to the top of the stands. Razor glared over her shoulder and grunted. She broke out of the crowd at the top most standing area behind the bleachers. Jatsuma jumped up next to her. "I didn't know you were going to be here!" He said as though he were meeting an old friend. Razor glared daggers at him and he quickly backed away.

"You- You-!" She was so angry that she could barely form a sentence. "You set all of this up, you ass!"

"What? I did not! I know the commentator said that but-" Jatsuma tried to defend himself.

"Shut up!" Razor snapped. "Every time I start to think maybe you're not as bad as I first thought you were, you go and remind me what a bonehead you really are!"

"But I didn't set up this fight!" Jatsuma insisted angrily.

"Well I didn't see you objecting to it either! You're egotistical! You're dishonorable! I don't want your help with anything EVER! You got that? LEAVE ME ALONE!" Razor turned sharply on her heel and marched away in a huff.

It was a moment before Jatsuma started after her again with glare on his face. "Well! Excuse me! I thought we were friends now!"

"HA! That's a laugh!" Razor growled.

"I'm serious! I mean, you told me about your past because you wanted me to trust you, right?"

"I don't give a damn what you think! As far as I'm concerned you can just forget everything about me!"

"Come on, Bon bon." Jatsuma ruffled the hair on top of Razor's head. "Most guys don't get upset by this sort of thing. Don't be so dramatic."

Razor's eye twitched and she clinched her fists. "But unlike you," She turned and punched him up into the sky. "I AM A MAN OF HONOR!"

Jatsuma flew up and came down nearby, landing on his feet after spinning twice in the air. She sure is moody like a girl. He thought angrily. "Listen, Razor! Hey!" He shouted after her when he saw that she had taken off running. "Get back here! I'm trying to talk to you!"


Mascara and Luffa's fight had been going on for about five minutes now. The crowd was just as rowdy and loud as ever, cheering as Luffa's punch caught Mascara in the gut. The sun was setting quickly and the lights in the stadium flashed on as the orange horizon shifted to gray.

Daichi folded his arms and looked down at the raging fight disapprovingly. "I don't see what the big deal is about two girls fighting."

"You're just saying that because Lotion doesn't like the fight." Iikiba said as he stared down at the field, unblinking. Makoto smacked him in the back of the head. "OW!"

"I am 'this' close to taking you home!" She growled angrily.

"You're not the boss of me!" He spat.

Daichi rolled his eyes. "Seriously. A girl has another girl in a headlock. What's the fascination?"

"Most teenage boys are more perverted than you." Yuri yawned. "I'm just here to see how Jatsuma handles the winner. That aught to be most interesting."

Daichi sighed in irritation and scratched the side of his head. "Yuri, you're considered the prettiest girl in school, right? Have you ever thought of using your powers for good instead of evil? You could probably put a stop to this if you wanted to. People would listen to you."

"Hmh. I hadn't considered it." She sat up straight, almost half interested. "What do I get out of it?"

"Part of being good is that you don't get anything out of it." Daichi explained.

"Well, what good is that?" Yuri said as she slouched back again. One of her fan boys held up a pillow for her to lean back on. Akane had to move her legs to the side to make room for him in the row, though she didn't seem too happy about it.

"Geez, you're selfish." Daichi muttered under his breath. Suddenly a horrible cold shiver shot down his spine, along with all the people in a five-foot radius.

"Hmph. You've gotten awfully bold." Yuri huffed. Another cold shiver shot down Daichi's spine and he scooted as far down the bench as he could, knocking into Makoto. Yuri stood up elegantly and made her way up the steps. Her fan boys followed after her, giving Daichi cold glares as they went by.

"Oooh. She's mad." Iikiba said. "Her revenge will be swift. Look before you sit and never eat anything without checking it first!" He advised.

Daichi whimpered.


"Ooh! That was a close one for Luffa! That headlock nearly brought her to her knees!" One of the commentators shouted into his microphone.

"Let's hope she can hold up the fight for a while yet!" The other commentator laughed into his own microphone. Then he reached down pressed the large blue button that switched off the microphones. "Whoo! I need a bathroom break!" He quickly stood up and ran out the door.

"I told you to go before we started!" His friend followed after him, leaving the commentary box empty.

A moment later Razor slipped into the room, hoping to lose Jatsuma. She closed the door behind her and leaned her back against it. With a sigh, she slid down to sit on the floor. "I think I lost him."

"Hey!" Jatsuma's voice shouted from the other side of the door. "I saw you go in there, Razor! Would you stop being stupid and just hear me out?" He pounded on the door and turned the knob. It opened a crack but Razor pressed against the door to keep him from getting in.

"Leave me alone!" She growled angrily.

"Would you just open this door so I can talk to you?" He snapped.

The door swung open violently and Razor stood there staring him down like a hawk. It had happened so suddenly Jatsuma suddenly felt very meek. "WELL?" She asked. "You wanted to talk to me so much, what do you have to say then?"

"Uh…….." Jatsuma's mind went blank. How AM I going to defend myself? He raised a hand as through he were about to speak, but stopped. Razor's glare intensified. "F- First of all, you're overreacting! You can't expect people to be perfect!"

"THAT"S your excuse?" Razor shouted. "It may not mean much to you, but honor means a lot to the Amazon! Why do you think Luffa and Mascara are out there fighting over you? Because you're attractive? PFFH!"

Jatsuma's eye twitched furiously. "So you're mad because I'm dishonorable?" He asked defensively.

"YES!" She screamed. "That and… and I thought maybe you were a good person. But I was wrong!" She turned and stomped away, heading towards the door on the other side of the commentary box.

Jatsuma quickly stepped after her and grabbed her wrist. "Oh no you don't'! You're not getting to me with these stupid guilt trips of yours!"

Razor scowled and grabbed his forearm in both hands. "I didn't know you could even feel guilt!" She threw him into the control panel, knocking aside the chairs the commentators were sitting in and denting one of the microphones.

Jatsuma pulled himself up, rubbing his head. His hand fell on top of a large blue button as he stood. It blinked and lit up.


Luffa evaded Mascara's punch as the click of the speakers starting back up sounded over the stadium. Daichi was looking around wearily, expecting Yuri's untimely revenge any second. Iikiba was yelling at Makoto for not letting him have curly fries.


A hush fell over the stadium. "Akane, please tell me that is not Jatsuma's voice." Ranma said in exasperation, tuning to look back at the commentary box along with nearly everyone in the stands.

Mascara and Luffa stopped fighting, also recognizing Jatsuma's voice. "Jatsuma? What's he doing?" Mascara asked.

"Maybe he's making some kind of announcement." Luffa suggested, trying to make him out in the glass window in the front of the commentary box. It looked like there were two people in there so the other must have been Razor.



Jatsuma gritted his teeth in frustration. Yeah, you're a boy all right. He thought sarcastically. "Listen Razor! You opened up to me! You told me about your past and everything! So... I don't know. I feel like I should help you get in touch with your feminine side!" He stood his ground.

Razor snorted irritably. "I don't have a feminine side! I'm supposed to be manly and date girls, specifically Makoto! That's the way it's always been!"

"Well what's so wrong with dating guys?" Jatsuma spat. No sooner were the words out of his mouth that he wished he hadn't said them.

Razor's angry face fell and her eyes widened in surprise. Jatsuma frantically searched his brain for something to say. "I- I- I'm not talking about a specific guy or anything! Just in general! Not me!"

Her eyes stayed wide and her mouth dropped open as though she were in shock. It was then that Jatsuma noticed that Razor wasn't looking at him, but past him. He turned around and quickly developed the same expression.

The front window to the commentary box was filled with the faces of family, friends and people from school. Unfortunately, Yukio was the first one to voice what he was thinking. "Oh my God!" He shouted with his mouth hanging open. "Jatsuma's gay!"

The stadium quickly broke into loud talking. In a matter of thirty seconds the whole stadium had heard what had happened and what Yukio had said.

"Jatsuma! You're gay?" Ranma pressed his face against the glass. Jatsuma just stood with his mouth hanging wide open. Ranma's eyes started to water as tears steamed down his face. "My son's gay!"

"I AM NOT!" Jatsuma screeched, suddenly regaining his senses.

Razor's horrified face turned bright red and become contorted with fury. She was trapped in a corner. If she didn't do something they would all figure out her secret.

Jatsuma turned just in time to have the front of his shirt caught in Razor's deadlock grasp. "Eh?" Jatsuma stammered.

"YOU! YOU PERVERT!" She punched her other hand up into Jatsuma's jaw and sent him flying threw the roof.

"There he goes." Someone commented as Jatsuma flew straight up into the sky.

"Razor really hit him hard, huh? I guess I'd be upset if another guy was hitting on me too." Another student said.

"No way." Makoto looked in at Razor, who was still standing there breathing heavily. "Jatsuma can't be… There's just no way."

"To think, all this time he was hitting on cute girls just to cover up his own insecurities." Iikiba said with a slight laugh in his voice.

Daichi crossed his arms. "Oh, come on! Jatsuma is not gay! This has to be some kind of misunderstanding!"

"Oh yeah? Like what? What else could it possibly be?" Iikiba asked. Makoto looked troubled.

A group of teenage girls nearby had been reduced to tears and wails of despair. As it had turned out their prince would never be interested in them. Mascara and Luffa hadn't moved from their place on the field an inch. They were both frozen in place by shocked confusion.

Ryoga scratched his head and blinked. "God, I never would have guessed. Jatsuma always seemed so frivolous. A lot like Ranma. But I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree."

"What's THAT supposed to mean?" Ranma snapped with sudden ferocity. Tears were still streaming down his face.

"Nothing. Just that you've hit on your fair share of men over the years."

Akane made her way next to them. "That true." She huffed.

"BE THAT AS IT MAY!" Ranma shouted. "I wouldn't mind so much if Jatsuma wasn't my last hope to inherit the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts!"

"I just don't believe it." Soun said as Genma panda held up a sign that read the same. "I don't believe… that this is the end of the Saotome School! How has it come to this?" He cried onto Genma's shoulder, the panda patting him on the back.

Just then Jatsuma fell from the sky and landed on top of his two grandfathers. "STOP BEING STUPID!" He shouted in a fury.

All eyes latched onto him with curiosity. A strange hush fell over the stadium. "Look! You guys are all taking this the wrong way!" He shouted to everyone.

"I agree." A voice came over the speakers. Everyone turned to see Yuri standing high in the stands with a wireless microphone his her hands. "What is wrong with all of you? Have you not learned that discrimination is wrong? After all, didn't we come to see girl on girl 'action' tonight? I say we should be supporting Jatsuma instead of tearing him down! If he was born this way, who are we to judge?" She concluded. Her fan boys clapped and whipped away tears of admiration.

Jatsuma's mouth hit the floor. "NO! Don't listen to Yuri! Ask Razor! ShhHe'll tell you I wasn't hitting on him!" But when Jatsuma looked at the commentary box he saw that Razor was gone.

"Don't be upset, Jatsuma. You don't need to hide who you are." Yuri said into her microphone.

"YOU SHUT UP!" Jatsuma pointed up at her. He felt someone hugging his arm and turned to see one of the girls from his classroom clinging to him.

"This explains why you didn't call me back!" She cried. "But I forgive you!" With tears streaming down her face she ran into the crowd. Jatsuma stood there dumbfounded.

That was when he noticed Mascara and Luffa pushing their way though the crowd towards him. They'll believe me! Jatsuma though with a smile. He took a step towards them before he saw that they looked furious.

"What was THAT about?" Luffa asked with a hushed anger, her eyes narrowed menacingly.

"Wha-?" Jatsuma raised an eyebrow.

"I can't believe you!" Mascara pouted. "You were just stringing us along, huh? You never had any intention of marrying either of us did you?"

"Do you find this funny?" Luffa pushed Jatsuma in the chest. "Because I'm not laughing!" She took another threatening step forward.

Jatsuma's eye twitched. "Wha- Why are you mad at ME?"

"Don't play dumb!" Luffa snapped. "You raise our hopes and then try pretending to be gay just to get out of it! You're such a child!" She turned to stomp away, Mascara followed after her. "MEN!" They cursed as they left.

Jatsuma tried to understand what had happened.

"I guess I should start calling you Princess now!" Yukio snickered, surprising Jatsuma. "I suppose I should have guessed. You never did settle on a steady girlfriend."

Jatsuma gritted his teeth and rounded on Yukio. "This is serious!"

"So am I. Everyone heard you. It's not like you can hide that." He turned and walked away. "Good luck with your new boyfriend! Razor looked thrilled!" Yukio snorted with laughter.

Jatsuma watched him go with his fists clinched in frustration. "I'M NOT GAY!"

Meanwhile, Yuri had walked down the stands with her fan boys close behind. She cleared a path between the people by sending a shiver down the spine of anyone in her way. When she was down in front of Iikiba, Daichi and Makoto she took the microphone she had been using and dropped it at Daichi's feet. "Happy?" She stalked off.

Daichi looked at the microphone at his feet, flabbergasted.

"Was that her idea of being good?" Makoto asked.


Person after person kept confronting Jatsuma in the stadium before the Saotomes could get away. Some had sympathy, others made fun of him. Of course, there was also support. One guy even hit on him. He was glad that he was able to convince his family that he wasn't gay without having to explain too much about Razor.

I'll have to deal with Razor later. He sighed as looked up at the sky. Their walk home was taking a little longer because Akane and Makoto had insisted on getting Ryoga and Iikiba home so they wouldn't get lost. Yuri had her fan boys and she seemed to want to leave her dramatic departure from Daichi at just that for the night.

"Hey, Jatsuma?" Daichi asked as he walked along the road next to his brother. The rest of the family had pulled ahead because Ranma and Akane were fighting about something or other.

"Hm?" Jatsuma took his tired eyes off the sky to look at Daichi.

"I was wondering. What exactly were you and Razor talking about up the commentary box anyway? I can see how Yukio thought you were hitting on Razor. I can't think of any other explanation myself."

A lump caught in Jatsuma's throat. "What? You think I'm gay after all?"

"No, I just get the feeling that you're not telling us everything." He persisted. Jatsuma remained uneasily silent and looked at his feet. If he made up a story then Daichi would know. He was Jatsuma's brother and best fiend after all. He tried frantically to think of some way to change the subject.

"I just want to say. If you are gay, I'm here for you, man." Daichi said as seriously as he could manage. But he couldn't keep a smile off his face.

"Ha ha." Jatsuma glowered. "You're hilarious." He said sarcastically.

Daichi smiled and walked on ahead. Jatsuma watched him with a concerned expression growing on his face. "You are joking, right? You don't really think I'm gay."

Daichi didn't answer and Jatsuma ran after him and the rest of his family. Ranma, Akane, Soun, Makoto and panda Genma had stopped in front of the Tendo dojo and looked back to wait and see what was taking them so long. "You are kidding! Right?" He whined.

Across the street up in a tree in the neighbor's yard, Razor was waiting. She kept herself concealed in the leaves as she watched them. She noticed that Ranma and Akane seemed a little distraught, but okay. She even noticed Akane took Ranma's hand on the way inside. Genma suggested ordering out dinner, which she only knew because she could read his sign. Soun and Makoto nodded fervently. Daichi tripped on the threshold.

At first you would think they were really crazy. She thought. But they're actually okay in their own way.

"Forget the takeout! Quit messing with me!" Jatsuma shouted at them. "What kind of family are you anyway?" He complained as the door was closed behind him.

Razor sighed quietly. "Idiot."